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  1. Need help taking a holset turbo apart .

    I have this Holset HY35 that I'm trying to take apart but the exhaust housing seems to be really stuck on there I tried heating it up but still no luck any tips.
  2. Pics of dsm input shaft

    Looking to see if anybody here has a picture or can take a pic of a dsm input shaft I plan on using the dsm first gear a member here has some transmission parts but doesn't know how it looks like and neither do I so if anybody can help I would appreciate it.
  3. 4G63 Maincap torque sequence need specs

    Ok so does any body have a picture of the torque sequence for the main caps I couldn't find anything beside the amount of torque to tighten them . Just nothing in the sequential order they go in I downloaded the overhaul pdf in the library but didn't find anything.
  4. Wiring harness removal.

    At this point what would it take to remove it I have the ecu disconnected but what else is needed to completely remove it .
  5. WTB: DSM 1st gear and input shaft

    Looking for a dsm 1st gear some input shaft .
  6. Front cross member bushings are theses the right ones?

    Im I suppose to cut and grind this part off thought I'd ask before I cut and hack away or theses arnt the right ones.
  7. Noob question : White line front sway bars

    Did these come with there own bracket or just use the original ones can't seem to remember if they did or not.
  8. WTB: Valve springs and Bolts

    Looking for any aftermarket valve springs and retainer.Also looking for bolts for engine and suspension parts just random bolts if you have a bucket of bolts that's just taken up space let me know ill buy them.
  9. Need help with JayRacing Rear Toe Elimiinator

    Having trouble figuring out on were to adjust it the white dot is were the hole used to be. I watched the video plenty of times but its being fast forward so kind of hard to really see the exact location click
  10. Evo suspension question

    Can I use stock top hats on front evo struts or do I have to use the original evo top hats and drill holes?Rears evo struts seem to go in as the holes match up.Heres a evo strut with stock top hatSame strut but with original top hat
  11. FS: Stock K&N drop in filter almost new

    Well i have a stock drop in K&N air filter seriously this thing is almost new i probably put like 1500mi tops would like 40 shipped plus PayPal fees or 40 as a gift.
  12. Grease and Wax remover alternatives for prepping parts before painting?

    So i've gone to all my auto parts stores and none seem to cary a dedicated grease/wax remover.Closest thing is this are theses fine for prepping?
  13. WTB: 2g aftermarket intake mainfold

    Looking for a 2g aftermarket intake mainfold would perfer a street version let me know what you guys got.
  14. Febest drive shaft center bearing support ..Any body here ever used this before?

    Any body here ever used these driveshaft center support bearings >>>> click I know must you guys will say OEM or nothing but I checked them out there a company out in Germany which is not bad and there a good price thinkin of giving them a try but still not sure.
  15. Are rear ball joints same as the one on front?

    Im on rock auto and I'm going to place a big order so I wanna make sure I get every thing they only show the ones from the font are they the same by any chance?
  16. need help removing a stuck spindle.

    Ok so i tried to get this spindle out I soaked it in wd40 left it sitting there for some time used a torch heated it up hit it on the side still nothing. Other side came right off I'm planning on changing the bearings and seals but I can't seem to get it off I know it's already screwed up so ill...
  17. best way to remove rear ball joints?

    I already tried using a pry bar but no luck as you can see is there another method that you guys use that i dont know about any help appreciated.
  18. East Wood Media/Sandblaster any body have any experience with one?

    Im in the market for a soda blaster/media Blaster heres the one im looking at right now >> click 40 plus shipping or either click if it works good it wouldnt be bad I just need it to strip the paint of the suspension parts.Let me know if any of you guys got real world experince with one of...
  19. Is this the best place put to put jack stands when using all four.

    Is this the best place to have a car lifted up on all four jacks thought I ask since this is the first time ever having a car on all four last thing I want is this falling on me since im going to be under there.
  20. WTB: Edit 2G INTAKE T3 Exhaust Mainfold 1000cc+ Injectors

    Looking for 2G Intake Mainfold and T3 Exhaust Mainfold and 1000cc+ injectors
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