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  1. What timing belt for 4g64/4g63 hybrid

    Thanks all. That is what I remembered, but wasn't sure if there were options.Board scores again!
  2. What timing belt for 4g64/4g63 hybrid

    Hi board,Had a 4g64 block / 4g63 head hybrid motor built a few years back. The shop is no longer in business, but I need to know which timing belt you use for this combo.Thanks in advance,
  3. UPDATED: FS: 1991 Belize Green Vr4 2.4L #1392 Bellevue, WA -- $4500 SOLD!

    Thanks to Randy for flying out from St. Lou, Mo to pickup the car. Should be a fun drive home. 1392 is off on a new adventure...
  4. UPDATED: FS: 1991 Belize Green Vr4 2.4L #1392 Bellevue, WA -- $4500 SOLD!

    I've updated the post with new information.
  5. UPDATED: FS: 1991 Belize Green Vr4 2.4L #1392 Bellevue, WA -- $4500 SOLD!

    I thought the battery might be the case, I have been very busy (hence the lack of response on here) so I haven't checked the battery yet. Pending that the battery is the culprit, the price will be raised for the car running. Again, fastest way to reach me is via email.
  6. UPDATED: FS: 1991 Belize Green Vr4 2.4L #1392 Bellevue, WA -- $4500 SOLD!

    ****I have replaced the battery that was bad with a brand new one and I reset the ECU (the battery had glitched the ECU) and the car is now running again.****For sale is my 1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 (#1392/2000). These cars came to the U.S. in limited production in 1991 (2000) and 1992...
  7. WTB: Driver rear upper control arm

    Mine got crunched in a wreck. Need a replacement. If you have one you would be willing to part with, let me know.Thanks in advance, Greg
  8. Rear bumper skin and side support brackets (found!)

    Hi all,Turbowop kindly sold me 1051's original rear bumper. Now I'll be a part of historyThanks everybody that replied.
  9. Rear bumper skin and side support brackets (found!)

    Got smacked in the drivers rear quarter and need a new bumper skin on my '91. I'll need the side marker and support bracket on that side as well. Car is sitting at the body shop so I need these pretty quickly. Would prefer local (Seattle area) but beggers can't be choosers.Any help...
  10. Whiteline Rear Swaybar Install Tips?

    Just got done doing this. Not easy, but the solution for me was pretty easy. I used the stock location, but had to make a set of heavy washers with one side ground away ("D" shaped). Then I used my vice to squeeze the brackets as much as possible to still fit over the new bushing. Lastly, I...
  11. Road Trips

    Hey QuadStroke,You realize that I picked up your car in Daytona Beach, FL and drove it back (sight unseen) to Bellevue. Two and a half days including dinner with my sister in Topeka. Daytona Beach -> St. Louis -> Denver -> Bellevue. Considering it was only running on three cylinders and the...
  12. whiteline W0624 install help needed

    Hi Andre!That is what I thought. I just didn't want to force fit it and be wrongWrestling with front sway bar removal this morning. Once I figure which way to twist what I'll get rolling again.Thanks for the reply and we'll be talking soon about the exhaust and motor mounts. I've...
  13. whiteline W0624 install help needed

    I have the other bushings for the upper and lower control arms (and yes, one has the offset inner). This is a much bigger bushing for the rear swing arm. I was assuming that it was like the front swing arm, but can't tell how I'm suppose to install it. This is the only installation picture I...
  14. whiteline W0624 install help needed

    Hi all,I joined the JSBC this weekend! No problems, just finally getting around to my Whiteline install.However, I'm feeling pretty stupid as I can't figure out where the W0624 bushing goes in the rear. The bushings don't come with any instructions and the Whiteline website doesn't...
  15. stroker setups

    I used a 4G64 block with 8.5:1 pistons. Mildly ported head with 264 cams. 14B and all stock fuel and air plumbing. In this configuration it makes 200 whp - 210 lb/ft. on 7.5 lbs boost (no boost reg, just hard plumbed) and runs on regular gas. No ping until you heat saturate the stupid stock...
  16. winter tires

    Quoting kartorium: Quoting teamhightower:EDIT: BTW - try to keep as much sidewall as you can. That makes a huge difference. You need the tire to 'mold' to the ground as much as you can, so don't go with short profile tires. Unlike studs where you 'go skinny', with studless you go wide to...
  17. winter tires

    Which Blizzak did you have? They come in (at least) two flavors. One is best for ice and the other best for snow.LM series is best on ice. WS series is best in compact snow. I've run WS-50's on my VR4 in the arctic and they stick like glue. I'm told the LM's are better for black ice...
  18. BOOSTX rear subframe bushing install

    Hey Andre, quit playing around with your car and finish my transmission!!Oh, and it's great to see you finally getting the ride going again (and I do remember 1998). When you get it back on the road, I want a ride.
  19. Alternate speedo gear

    Yeah, the 1g looks like a good match.I know I'm being anal about it. I like to TSD rally the car and the closer the better. Our cars are much better then 5% accuracy, just have to figure out where the needle got pressed on. Anyway, if I didn't rally the car I wouldn't care so much.
  20. Alternate speedo gear

    Nope. This is a chart of the trasmission gear ratios. Not the same as the speedo gears. Searched VFAQ for the speedo gear chart before posting. Heck, I love VFAQFor my other cars, I have charts that list what years had which speedo gear. That way you can change either the final drive...
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