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  1. WTB: 1G Auto AWD Transmission

    Which part of PA is he located?
  2. WTB: 1G Auto AWD Transmission

    My know it all brother in law blew his transmission in his Talon last night. Looking to see if anyone knows of a Auto AWD Transmission and possibly Transfer Case around.Looking for it to be some what local to Rochester New York, But if your willing to ship it that's fine also.Thanks for any...
  3. Motavational Poster

    These are a few years old, But just shows how great my friends are and how much they loved the Galant.
  4. 926/1000, 928/1000, 927/2000

    I got a few pictures of 924 from Ernie last night. Its going to be one nice GVR4 when done. His 2G's are clean
  5. New to site / new owner.

    Welcome!Lesson #2 Summit White IS the fastest (not belize green)
  6. 4g63 reliability

    As everyone else has been saying, Very reliable. I traveled all over the east coast with my GVR4. I kept up on maintenance and it never let me down. Only major issue I had i the 4 years of owning her was my clutch exploding due to a failed design and abuse. I sold mine a month or so ago just to...

    Half the day to get the pedal assembly out? Why are you removing the brake master cylinder? Have you pulled the steering column out of the car? After the column is out of the way the assembly pretty much falls out after a few bolts. 4 bolts or so? Its been awhile and only took me about 2 hours...
  8. Not sure about this

    Ive dragged 2 DSMs and 1 GVR4 shell onto a trailer with a come-a-long. VERY useful
  9. SOLD: 1992 Galant VR4(199-623/1000) $3,300 - Bradenton FL

    Down in Cape Coral. The new owner is adding it to his collection of 4G63 powered vehicles. I believe its gone to a good home.
  10. SOLD: 1992 Galant VR4(199-623/1000) $3,300 - Bradenton FL

    SOLD!I ended up with $3,300 for it with 161,5xx.Lock it up please!
  11. A/C?

    I yanked out the AC years ago then Tim Reed sent me his system. Only thing I did was vac down the system (since it was open for some time) for about 45 mins. Switched to the R134A fittings. Mine blows ut @ 48 degrees in 110 degree shop.
  12. SOLD: 1992 Galant VR4(199-623/1000) $3,300 - Bradenton FL

    Yes, I moved back in August. I have helped and been around the STM guys/gal since close to the start.
  13. SOLD: 1992 Galant VR4(199-623/1000) $3,300 - Bradenton FL

    Bump, Just did a pretty big update in the first post.
  14. Stuck inner tie rod?

    Brain fart on my part, I was talking about the outers.If the tool doesn't work, You can try to turn the wheel thus moving the placement of the tie rod. Might be able to grab it with a wrench or a pair of channel locks to break it free. If it wasn't pouring here I would run out and see how...
  15. Stuck inner tie rod?

    Use a pry bar to push down on the tie rod into the knuckle. Will keep the joint itself from spinning. If you don't have an impact, soak the bolt in penetration oil. May need a larger pry bar and a helping hand. Then after the nut is off give the knuckle a few hits to brake the tie rod free. Will...
  16. Down pipe options

    I would like something that would just some what bolt up with out much needed cutting or hacking. An option I was thinking was doing the 1G down pipe then have one of the guys in the body shop weld up a test pipe. I just need to get some flanges. I am going to head to work early tomorrow and at...
  17. Down pipe options

    Looks like the cat itself is just longer on the VR4. Interesting. As for Emissions, I can care less. The cat that was on the car was just a shell.Anyone have pictures of a 2G down pipe set up?
  18. Down pipe options

    My down pipe and "cat" have finally fell apart. Was heading up to Orlando FL and as soon as I took the on ramp from I 75 to I 4 the car got loud. I knew something was up, I pulled over and saw the cat had broken off at the flang to the cat back. Needless to say a quick auto parts search on the...
  19. Just bought a 92 VR-4 i need a lil help

    Quoting jnava: Willing to bet 5 paypal bucks that it has at least an keydiver or another generic eprom tune at least.You covering the pay pal fees?Good point, Check the ECU (behind the passenger kick panel next to the glove box) to see if it has a chip in it.
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