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  1. The end (UPDATE - asshole located)

    8500mi. since purchase, not a single issue.Meth coming in a month or two... So long and thanks for all the fish, guys!
  2. WTB: Good Condition or New Sunroof Seal

    I've got an entire sunroof off my totaled car. The bugger is that it's heavy, but I live in Portland. If you want the whole thing (it works fine and doesn't leak), I'll drive it up for you the next time I'm in town. PM me if you are interested and we'll work out the price.
  3. The end (UPDATE - asshole located)

    Quoting idreamidrive: I am sorry for your purchase. Be prepared to have the car in at the dealer about every other month.
  4. WTB: BC coilovers for galant

    I've got a full set of k-sport coil-overs if you are interested.
  5. The end (UPDATE - asshole located)

    Fortunately, the 335d I purchased had $4400 worth of work done 2 months prior including (and I have the receipts) cleaning the intake and EGR systems, the two major concerns.I like to think that through research and patience, I knew what I was getting into and made an informed decision. Time...
  6. The end (UPDATE - asshole located)

    Quoting idreamidrive: I am sorry for your purchase. Be prepared to have the car in at the dealer about every other month.I made it a month!
  7. Boost Gauge install

    I mean this is the best way, but unless you want to pull your mani and tap it (and are comfortable doing so), a distro block is your next best-bet.
  8. Boost Gauge install

    There's a few rules:* T off the Intake * don't touch the vac line to the fuel pump * distribution blocks are your friend * T as close to the gauge as possible (limit the length of the vac line)Unless you are planning to invest in a new intake mani w/ more hose nipples, I would suggest...
  9. EfiniX = Good Guy

    Thank you!And I nearly fell off my chair laughing when I saw the address Evan put on your SD kit
  10. WTB: Tranny

    Sadly, tearing the car down for partout revealed the transmission to be trashed. Won't shift into a few gears (I don't recall which ones).
  11. The end (UPDATE - asshole located)

    No worse than the GalantIn any case, I at least had the good fortune to get one with:Two owners A $4500 major service including intake cleaning 1000 miles ago Most service recordsSure it will be a pain at times, but it also turns out I have an excellent BMW mechanic here in town...
  12. The end (UPDATE - asshole located)

    And on to the new rig...
  13. FS: Euro Grille ( Copy Original ) Hard Fiber

    Not cheap, but if I'm not mistaken, the price does include shipping from Malaysia.
  14. WTB: Washer fluid bottle

    It's not leaking, but it's yellowed a bit for sure. Shoot even an email and he can send you a picture.
  15. The end (UPDATE - asshole located)

    Oh yeah, we're done here. Glad to get as much as I did out of my insurance. Again, keep your receipts and work history!
  16. WTB: Washer fluid bottle

    I've certainly got one if you are still looking.
  17. WTB: 6 bolt 4g63 long block or show me what you got

    My partout.clickInfo on the motorParts workbook - Click here to see what's for salebuilt, running, and ready to go. email [email protected] if you are interested. He's the mechanic that did nearly all the work on the car, so he can fill you in on the details.
  18. WTB: awd rear trailing arm/hub bearing assy, subframe

    I've got a full partout going onclickLikely have what you need. email [email protected] if you are interested
  19. WTB: Tranny

    I live in Portland and I've got one. It will need some work on the 1/2 syncrhos, but that would be reflected in the price. Heck, I can likely deliver, too, since I go to Seattle/Bellevue fairly often.clickreach out to [email protected] if you are interested.
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