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  1. Active Toe Eliminator Kit Extra Toe Out

    Just wanted to follow up on this thread. So I wound up getting the Volksmetalcraft Active Toe Eliminator Kit. Installed them myself and I was able to bring the car back into alignment. I adjusted one side too much in the wrong direction. But this was not the "best" way to fix this, I believe...
  2. Fight with insurance--We won

    That's cool someone ran into my GVR4 in front of my house and their insurance wanted total mine too. These cars are worthless to the insurance company. They supposedly did $5000 worth of damage to my car. I even showed them several car ads and they wouldn't budge. I pleaded with them told...
  3. FS: Evo K&W variant3's

    How is the ride quality with these? I have the feal coilovers and the ride is too harsh it bottoms out too much. =/
  4. Rear Tubular Subframes, Control Arms, Trailing Arms

    Yeah they're really nice but really pricey. They'll save a lot of weight!
  5. Active Toe Eliminator Kit Extra Toe Out

    Quoting raptorWagon: Which trailing arms? Dsm/gvr4 and 3000gt stuff are very different. The 3kgt arms will widen the rear tracking.I think my car does indeed have 3000GT trailing arms because the previous owner mentioned that the rear track of the car is wider so he actually had the rear...
  6. Active Toe Eliminator Kit Extra Toe Out

    Sorry I never replied. I wound up ordered the ATE kit from Volks Metalcraft and waiting for them to arrive. I inspected the trailing arm again and I can't see an obvious damage. Paul at VMC said I can get 3-4x more adjustment with the ATE kit so I'm hoping that will be enough.Quoting...
  7. Active Toe Eliminator Kit Extra Toe Out

    I don't have the 4WS anymore, the previous owner took it out. This car is a franken DSM, I'm sure it has an eclipse crossmember because I just installed it and trailing arms from an Eclipse or 3000GT, A 4 Bolt LSD, and ingalls camber control arm.
  8. Active Toe Eliminator Kit Extra Toe Out

    My GVR4 got hit in the driverside rear a couple months ago. The wheel got pushed into the body so I replaced the crossmember. I could tell I have too much toe in after I put everything back and got a wheel alignment done the other day confirms there is about 0.5" of excessive toe in. The...
  9. WTB: Rear Crossmember

    Just like title states need a Rear Crossmember for my GVR4 will take 1G DSM AWD crossmember [email protected]
  10. FS: Full HKS T4 Setup

    Wow HKS treasure! External wastegate but dumps back into the exhaust! T4 must have a lot of lag though.
  11. Rear Brake mystery "clip" help

    I just did some rear brake work and it's a little tricky to get in there. If you took the cable out just make sure the cable put back on right there's a notch where the kinda bar end sits on that. I accidentally just let the bar rest in the bracket the wrong way.The clip just slides over...
  12. Front Axle with 5-lug conversion question

    hmm yeah I might do that like you said there's nothing wrong with it yet. From what I hear if it's not doing any clicking it should be ok. I had a bad experience with a MR2 axle I was changing the boot on, the balls fell out of it and it was a major pain in the ass to put back together, but...
  13. HKS spark plug cover

    Whoa that's nice! I suppose if I really wanted one I can get one of those ebay covers and put an HKS sticker on it.
  14. Brake rebuild.

    Is possible to just buy a whole rebuilt caliper for the rear? I bought one for the front when I had a stuck piston.
  15. Front Axle with 5-lug conversion question

    So I was working on the suspension on 1373 and I noticed the inboard cv boot is wet with grease, I didn't find a hole but it must be coming from somewhere but not really bad.My car is kind of a frankenstein car, the previous owner installed 3000GT suspension to do the 5 lug conversion so...
  16. !!SOLD!!FS: 1991 Galant VR4 Nile Black 1736/2000 Pleasanton, CA $4500!!SOLD SOLD

    Dang it's like a twin of my car and it's right next door to me (San Jose). But like you I don't want another money pit. Maybe all the black cars are cursed, because I feel like mine is.
  17. FS: 6-Bolt Block, knife-edged crank, EvoIII 16G setup, Dejon Tool Intakes etc...

    Is that Mitsubishi spark plug cover for sale?
  18. Feeler: Clear headlight protectors

    Do they fit a 91 headlight? or is the 93 different?
  19. FS: 1991 galant vr4.....79k....Bone stock .SOLD

    Wow like stock version of my car
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