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  1. Member Cars section - do you want one?

  2. FS: rs vents

    I bought some vents and have not yet installed them... any way you could map out the proper locations?? I'd like to do this right... many thanx!!
  3. WTB: I might need an ECU

    M good ol' 1991 #492 won't start after years of dependability. So my worst case - I might need another ECU... or someone who does repairs. I haven't gotten into it too deep yet, so this is hopefully just a wild hare.Anybody?? Any info??Many Thanx! Russj
  4. FS: Air/Water intercooler, bosch Cobra pump, and other parts

    Hey.... How much?? BTW, I'm in Atlanta!Thanx Russj
  5. FS: Spearco 221 FMIC kit

    Still available???Russj
  6. FS: Spearco 221 FMIC kit

    Still available?? How much cutting involved to mount this puppy??
  7. FS: Galant Vr4 AMG Bodykits >> 3 Pieces AMG Wing <<

    Hello - curious about the Galant VR4 hoods/vents... pricing?? Thanx Russj