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  1. FS: Not mine, jandjautowrecking Marshallville, OH Parting 91 GVR4 on ebay

    They are a bunch of crooks, and I would not buy one part from them. Yes, the cars are starting to go up in value, and parts are becoming harder to find. However, a front bumper cover for $900 +, and a rear bumper cover at the same price. They must be smoking crack !!! Many parts can still be...
  2. FS: Miscellaneous OEM galant parts

    Looks good POT, at least you got some good parts to sale.
  3. FS: LKQ GREENVILLE NC is showing a Galant VR4 on their yard

    Probably a damn SUBARU owner did it !! I hate scoobies and that dumb bird catcher vent on the hoods. Reminds me of the SVO mustangs (which I used to own a long time ago), What engineering marval puts an intercooler over top a hot engine or turbocharger ???SIDENOTE: My friend (Matt Asbil) in...
  4. FS: LKQ GREENVILLE NC is showing a Galant VR4 on their yard

    What??? Damn! I know POT and another member here were able to pull some parts. Just curious as to if the front & rear suspension, rear end diff+drive train, front CV axles, any ABS stuff was left. It's a long ride to go look, if all the stuff is gone. Thanks
  5. FS: LKQ GREENVILLE NC is showing a Galant VR4 on their yard

    Can you find out what number it is #???/1000. Maybe we can track down who owned the car, and why it ended up in the scrap yard.
  6. FS: LKQ GREENVILLE NC is showing a Galant VR4 on their yard

    If anyone lives in Eastern NC, LQK parts yard is showing a 1992 Kensington gray Galant VR4 on their lot. Just passing it along.
  7. FS: $250 + True shipping cost 1993 clear headlight.

    Same for you GSX, I have a second set, but they are packed up, at my other place in NC. I'll be heading up there in a few weeks, and I'll pull them out of storage, take pictures, etc. They are in very very good condt. No chips or cracks, I think the chrome is in near excellent condt.I figure...
  8. FS: $250 + True shipping cost 1993 clear headlight.

    I've got two sets that are really great condition. Been sittion on these for a year or more. I think shipping to Logan UT is about 30 bux through UPS, But until I box them up and get a weight, I will not know exactly. If these are items you are really intested in, then let me know. I accept...
  9. FS: Galant AMG Corner Brand DEP0

    your not. Its good that you posted where else owners make look. No need on getting taken advantage of for $$$.
  10. WTB: hood

    can pull a white one of a 1992 galant. Same hood as VR4. I have no clue as to shipping to TX?
  11. FS: $250 + True shipping cost 1993 clear headlight.

    They are still available and waiting to ship to whoever wants to upgrade their lights. With a true shipping cost. will provide recipt.
  12. FS: $250 + True shipping cost 1993 clear headlight.

    set of 1993 clear jewel Galant headlights. These are getting nearly impossible to find at 27 yrs old. Glass is perfect, no chips or cracks. The chrome reflectors are in very good condition, aside from a "tiny bit" of heat pealing on the top sides of the reflector, which is not visible under...
  13. legit piston rings?

    sure beats $100+ for total seal.
  14. FS: rs vents

    sent you a PM
  15. piston ring gap is massive?

    Depending on boost levels you plan to run, The higher the boost, the wider the gap. you want about a .20 to .24 gap on top ring. Gap the second ring the same as the top. This is per manley ring install. (their rings are made by total seal) however, they are not true "total seal rings".
  16. WTB: 93 headlights in perfect condition

    I have a set in near perfect condt. Chrome is great. No pealing, no cracks or chips in the clear jewel lens. Of course the paint on the top edge of the glass lens has started to peal due to time, but that can be repainted. The little rubber tube vents are brittle, and may have broken off some...
  17. Output shaft that goes from AWD transmission to transfer case

    Thanks Guys. Trans has been running fine, it's currently out of the car, and Ill be dropping the pan this week and Ill report what I find.
  18. Output shaft that goes from AWD transmission to transfer case

    Ok guys, I have a question about the output shaft that comes out the bottom of the transmission and goes into the transfer case. Is this shaft suppose to just pull out? So what I'm saying, when you drop the transfer case, can you just grab the output shaft and pull it out the transmission?? I...
  19. New owner of 525/2000

    Congratulations on the purchase. I'm sure you will love the car. They are rare, more rare than any EVO stateside.