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  1. WTB: Terms and wether seals

    I am repainting my gvr4 and I might replace the external rubbers around, wether strips, the roof terms both sides, sunroof wether rubbers strip. The black center tail light is broken, dash gauge cluster plastic cover is broken. Front and rear windows terms if still clean. What ever external...
  2. WTB: 1G 5 lug rear hub

    As subject
  3. Idle tuning (Need advice)

    log below. idle + rev log It is being long time since my last post here, I need little help from ECMlink users, Please have a look at my log, I did some adjustments to get reasonable reading. The issue I am suffering is the car cant hold after rev or slow down. Main mod have done to the car...

    Looking for new or very good condition used GVR4 alternator or alternative good upgrade with higher amp.Thanks
  5. Water pump replacement

    Need your help.. Please. Any one knows if replacing water pump required timing belt removal? Or I can simply replace the pump without touching the timing belt. Timing belt looks new and I am planing to do it my self. Don't have enough tools for heavy job.Thanks
  6. SD setup ? Ecmlink v3

    I need help to setup the SD using ecmlink v3+ ecm SD setup sensors and cable.Attached my setting and a log. I couldn't let it idle right. Mods are big 16g, ecm link SD setup,HKS264's, Tial wastegate, Apexi boost controller, 3" exhaust, AEM Adj. fuel regulator. I have done leak test and let...
  7. WTB: Alternator Relocation Kit

    As subject above. I am looking for Alternator Relocation Kit
  8. thermostat sensors plugs?

    As you most know that engine heats depreciate the harness especially at the thermostat housing side. I thought will be better just to buy a good complete harness instead of fixing it. I bought one from a guy named Josh. Unfortunately the new harness has some missing plugs at thermostat side. Any...
  9. WTB: Greddy type S bov

    Looking for clean genune greddy type S bov
  10. WTB: Engine Harness

    As titled I need a complete engine harness. It should be in very good cond.
  11. WTB: AMG 3pcs spoiler/ wing

    As titled any body have one for sale?
  12. Rear brake upgrade

    I have read about upgrading rear brakes for 1g & gvr4. Not much options and the e-brake make it harder. Some did convert to 3k gt, Evo brembo, Cobra or 96 corvette. All required brackets & major work. Also mostly telling the 1g rear brakes are good enough. In my case I realized a gab between...
  13. 18" Rims and 3kgt Brakes.

    I am to buy new rims. I am looking for 18" rims. But I am confused about the offset as I am using 3000gt VR4 Brakes. The current rims are touching the calipers & had to use wheel spacers & longer nuts. I am not happy with the current setup as wheels are not matching the fenders. Any advice what...
  14. WTB: Greddy bov

    Hello'I am looking for a good greddy bov Type S, RS or RZ
  15. Idle issue. Need help

    I got idle issue. I am suspecting the IAC. Any one experienced such issue? When I turned on Ac, rev up Or slow down when driving engine dies,[url= t=_blank]>>>>See how it act
  16. What a good short shifter?

    What a good short shifter? there are some on ebay. JZN little expensive. Any idea where to look for a good one?
  17. Rear diff. Bearings/ Solved

    I am to replace the rear diff bearings. I sow only 3 bearings in the stock diff. while it show 4 bearings at CAPS. Two at the sides & two at the pinion. Rear & front. I find only at the rear of the pinion when I take it off out of the diff. Any one can confirm how many bearings are there?I...
  18. JDM to DSM ECU

    I have seen some where how to convert JDM ecu to DSM to accept the DSM Link. I searched & couldn't find how. Any one know what mod to be done?
  19. Rear diff Removal

    I am to take off the rear diff for pinion & ring change and I need some tips before jacking the car. What to do & what to not?
  20. WTB: Rear diff. JDM 3.909

    As above looking for Rear diff. JDM 3.909. I find that my tranny is JDM and need toreplace my Rear 3 bolt JDM one.Thanks