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  1. slugsgomoo

    Member Cars section - do you want one?

    well, whatever you've done has definitely fixed it :DI don't have https set up for image folders :hsdunno:
  2. slugsgomoo

    Software upgrade complete - password resets required to login

    so... what's up with the "birthday" value in the profile? Mine isn't my joined date, or my real birthday, it appears to just be a random date? The funny thing is, I'm pretty sure it was correct before because I have definitely gotten the forum birthday message spam before:roflwtf:
  3. slugsgomoo

    Member Cars section - do you want one?

    In a lot of old threads, my images are broken, not because of the hosting, but apparently because the site doesn't like the IMG tag anymore I'm assuming this is related to only allowing specific sites?In any case I've always used my own hosting, and there are probably many hundreds of images...
  4. slugsgomoo


    This is the Build Thread for 461/1000. Reply below.
  5. 461/1000

    Street 461/1000

  6. slugsgomoo

    Exhaust Manifold 411(T3 to TD05h/TD05 adapter)

    ^^^what they all saidThis is the kind of part that's great for preparing you to part out the car out of frustration.Unless that's what you're looking for, in which case, go for it.
  7. slugsgomoo

    Anybody know this car or owner?

    Mark, did you ever end up seeing the car? it shows pending on fb now. Too bad the guy didn't post the badge # (or get it in a photo). CF hood, EvoX seats, some decent looking stuff under the hood, it seems promising, plus who doesn't love KG?
  8. slugsgomoo

    Steering rack upgrades.

    the best you'll get for that IMO is probably a quickener (really common on rally cars).I'm in the middle of converting my car to electric PS, though it's just assist on the column, not changing the rack. I'm doing it to be able to clean up the engine bay, as well as adjust how much assist I'm...
  9. slugsgomoo

    oversized piston rings

    It's possible... to be honest I haven't seen an OEM piston in almost 15 years so...
  10. slugsgomoo

    oversized piston rings

    I've run 2g pistons in a 6 bolt in the past, why can't you use a set from them?
  11. slugsgomoo

    Ecu going out? Popping noise from dash

    not the problem here this time, but it can be- if the ISC goes out, it'll torch the 105 driver in the ECU- If your FIAV fails and leaks, it will definitely happen. So either do the blockoff/bypass plate (lame and costs money) or the free method here at DSMTuners and save yourself some pain...
  12. slugsgomoo

    Pics of custom 10an oil return line set up?

    mine's very short, but I ended up with some 45* fittings in there, and I have an HKS manifold so the placement is a bit different. On top of that, I have a -10 welded to the pan, which I like for eliminating at least one leak point.
  13. slugsgomoo

    Need suggestion urgent on power steering

    keep the gvr4 reservoir if you want to keep the 4ws (actually low PS fluid warning) light. Just cap the returns and you're golden. I've got a 1g rack in my car for the ease of 4ws delete myself.
  14. slugsgomoo

    Trying to squeeze an S362 in

    I think the problem is that the JMF manifold was built around the idea that the biggest turbo it would hang would be a 35R...I'm running the HKS manifold and there's enough room to just barely clear the lower motor mount with my T67. Unfortunately I can't go any bigger without a different...
  15. slugsgomoo

    Source for knock sensor

    ugh seeing this makes me consider hoarding some if a good source is found- but even then, how long is the goo shelf stable?
  16. slugsgomoo

    #461... Soon to be a real car again (again)

    Thanks guys. Because I can't leave well enough alone, I just ordered some stuff to convert to electric power steering as well... Hopefully it doesn't drag out the process too much as I want to drive the car this summer, but I can't help myself.
  17. slugsgomoo

    New Owner of 1837/2000

    if you got extra copies, I'd buy one from you. I was never able to find one in print sadly
  18. slugsgomoo

    #461... Soon to be a real car again (again)

    The funny thing is, I probably read the instructions once like 3-4 years ago when I bought it...Jay Racing Billet mains, ARP studs, Kiggly Girdle...Front case is on. Unseen is the GSC race shaft. I know the stub is fine, but I've been wasting enough money that what's a little more?K1...
  19. slugsgomoo

    #461... Soon to be a real car again (again)

    ^^ Mark is correct. The balance bar allows you to choose which cylinder (front or rear) gets more power, so that's the adjustment right there.As for ABS... NO.It's garbage from the factory- it's 1980's dual channel glacial junk that increases stopping distances (my super non-scientific...
  20. slugsgomoo

    #461... Soon to be a real car again (again)

    thanks! definitely hoping it helps make the car a bit more composed. I had a pretty interesting brake experience coming down from ~130 last time I had the car together that kind of cemented the idea in my head. With the factory bias, and the big fronts, it's really easy to lock the fronts with...