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  1. Tein spring question

    Anyone know what rates came with the Vr4 specific coilovers?
  2. 1/8 bspt fan switch

    On the back of the thermostat housing there’s a temp switch on the galant that’s not on the dsm. The part number is MB439918 but is there another bspt temp switch I can use?I got this part number from rock auto ACDelco® E1878 But can’t tell if it’s a sensor or a switch. Says sensor has...
  3. Main / tender Spring Coilover

    I just installed 180mm 8k/6k F/R springs on my fwd 1g with 5mm of preload. I didn’t measure droop percentage. I like that It handles great, but the comfort is not there. I want to add 6k Swift tender Springs to the front . I can’t find any example of someone doing this.with the 8k (450lbs)...
  4. Strut top bushing

    So I need a shoulder bushing 15mm id 20mm od for the coilover spring top perch I bought but I can only find it in brass. Is that going to work or do I absolutely need steel? It’s a radial bearing upper spring seat for a 2.25” spring . I’m going to be using it with stock style upper strut mounts...
  5. exhaust clearence choice

    I just made a real nice mandrel ss exhaust. When it came back from tig welding it contacts a crossmember it has to go over on my truck. There's really no way to get the pipe through at 3".
  6. Adjustable dual port WG actuators

    I have a s16g installed with a 14b actuator, ported evo3 turbine and o2 housings, then connected to a custom 3" down pipe. I'm able to boost to around 21-22psi without much spiking, however I can't get any over that with the MBC.I have no desire to throw out all those parts I ported and...
  7. Dual pushing fans?

    Has anyone swapped out the factory puller for a second pushing fan with good results? I could swap for a slim fan, but would rather just get it completely out of the way.Do most people ditch the high low resistor when swapping fans or keep it for ease of connection?
  8. FS: Starion parts

    Friend of mine has a whole shed full of stuff he's trying to get rid of. Msg me if there's something your looking for.
  9. What to do when this breaks?

    So the captive nut snapped when trying to remove this bolt.Anyone have an elegant solution. Hopefully not cutting through the floor...
  10. Rear bumper support mod?

    I've seen the aluminum mod, but what have people done to trim down some weight from the stock steel junk? I'm not sure how to attack it. It seems feasible to loose 20lbs and not risk loosing rigidity and support and safety. Please post pictures if you have them. I have my cut off wheel idling!
  11. Front knuckle drill to 14mm

    Is it a bad idea to drill knuckles to 14mm for an evo Mr strut swap? It seems like the easier way especially when using a camber bolt. Then a couple hardened washer to fill the gap.
  12. Radiator fan switch function?

    I'm using a stock rad fan sensor... At least I think it is. First off what's the difference between the fan sensor and the ac sensor?OK, so under normal operations cold its supposed to flow power and hot it breaks the circuit? Or opposite?I'm trying to connect a relay to what I think is...
  13. Fan sensor 1/8" bsp?

    I need a sensor to kick on a fan relay. The only extra port I have on the thermostat housing is the one next to the heater core port on the back. I'm pretty sure its 1/8" bsp, right? Anyone know where I can get a 185* sensor that size? I'd tap it to npt but its already installed and I don't...
  14. No longer fs

    Found parking
  15. Cad file for camber plates?

    Anyone have a file for cad to make camber caster plates? I found a company takes files and laser cuts part for a reasonable price. click
  16. Evo 8 strut bar?

    Those using evo 8 strut mounts; are you using evo 8 strut bars, and if so is it the 3 point type that connects to firewall?
  17. Inline pcv route

    I'm trying to clean up the hoses under my hood.If I were to put a 90 barb on the top port connected to a T on the side of the valve cover and then a bigger barb and hose going to my catch can, what size hoses would be adequate to vent the system property ?
  18. Instrument cluster swap

    Has anyone swapped to a lancer cluster or anything similar? I'd like an updated look for my dash.Correct me if I'm wrong but I would assume most the lights are a single wire. The fuel and coolant sensors are probably similar. The speedo still cable driven on the lancer? What about the vss...
  19. rear wheel stud replacement

    What stuff needs to be removed in order to take the studs off the rear? I have no dust shields on rear breaks if that helps.
  20. Caster adjustments

    I'm wondering if anyone is using DSM camber plates for this purpose.I'd like to get more castor as it seems this reduces the need for static camber while improving tire contact area throughout a turn.I will be using evo struts and swift springs. Plan is to make shims to correct the...