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  1. SSGdave

    Bought a cruise control unit from me.Very nice and understanding, surprised this is the first GG thread! Thx again Dave.
  2. cl1ckclack

    Bought a bunch of parts from me ( exhaust, seat belts, hubs ).Great guy, quick communication, good to have him in the GVR4 fold!
  3. WTB: 2g - E3 - FP exhaust manifold

    Hey folks, need one of the above EM's shipped to Fayetteville, NC, 28306 thx.
  4. Paddy1337

    First GG thread, purchased #464/1000 from me.Drove 120 miles to meet, incredibly patient and understanding. Can't thank him enough for keeping 464 whole, looking forward to seeing the transformation to Rally spec!
  5. HoosierGvr4

    Bought a Logger setup from me.Quick communication and payment, thanks again!
  6. FS NM: Cruise control unit

    Hey folks, due to #464 becoming a rally vehicle I removed some parts ( with the approval of the new owner of course ).SOLD SOLD 2.5" catted CMPE exhaust, version 1. Good shape short of a ding on the DP accordion. Probably 15k miles across three vehicles, 380, 86, 464, with 10k on the cat (...
  7. FS NM: 92 underdash and 89 glovebox

    Getting ready to clean out the garage of GVR4 parts. I will NOT ship outside the CONUS, sorry Canada and International peeps.SOLD - stock 92's. $80 shipped/Paypal - SOLDStock Underdash and 89 glovebox. Glovebox has broken latch but includes the required hook. Pay shipping only...
  8. Kentstatetsi

    Bought my D2 coilovers.Great communication, super quick payment, even included PP fees which wasn't required/requested.Should be a great asset to our MMC group, thanks again Brian!
  9. SOLD FS NM: 92 GVR4 464/1000 $3100 SOLD

    SOLD as of 11/9/13. Thank you very much and Paddy!Hi everyone, time has come to move on with other car toys.To start I'm really moving out of the MMC/DSM game. Family just can't wrap their heads' around my G ride obsession and with my oldest about to hit driving age I can't...
  10. FS: GVR4 specific D2 coilovers, 3k miles SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLDHi everyone, decided to sell the D2 coilovers I got last year. Original FS thread here: clickType RS, model number in the link above.I've got about 3k miles on them. Like them for what they are, transform the handling greatly, just not for my older-guy kidneys...
  11. Jason Castellano or phone 1-786-525-1117

    Apparently this guy is trolling the web responding to WTB ads.Got a few DSM folks on Tooners, lots of Subaru/Nabisco users, and other car makes. Always wants wire transfers or money orders. Beware.Another reason to avoid as much as humanly possible non-secure money transactions. Gripe all...
  12. WTB: 4-bolt axle cups

    Hey folks, looking for 2 4-bolt rear axle cups shipped/PP to 87122 NM thx.
  13. NM: All-Out Call-Out June 1st 2013 ABQ

    Fun event in ABQ: clickPurse is already doing well, payouts should be on target.Spectating will be just as enjoyable as a trip or two down the 1320. Reminder the track is at 5300ft altitude, CO peeps will see little change however you sea level lads will need to retune. E85 and some race...
  14. 1g tranny fit in a GVR4 trunk?

    Heading to PHX later this month for work. When returning I'm bringing a 1g AWD tranny back for a local buddy.Was gonna drive the OBXT however thought Driggsy might like to see 464 again. Anyone know if I can wedge a trans in the trunk?!?
  15. gvr4_kid

    Bought some 93 headlights and corners from me.Great communication, fast payment thru Western Union ( no PP, his choice BTW ). Should be a good addition to the GVR4 community!
  16. Spark plug gap closed

    G has been running great for awhile including a 1000 mile to/from PHX last month.Drove her to work today, all was good. Went to lunch, got on it a touch merging onto the road, then suddenly the engine lost power and was running rough. Pulled over, made sure all connections and hoses were...
  17. FS: 93 headlights SOLD SOLD

    Hey folks, was bopping around the local yard and found a 93 Gaylant. Pulled the headlights for grins.Small amount of peel, all the black is gone from the top, one adjuster is cracked/broken. EDIT, adjuster is fixed/replaced today 10/7/12. Pics are in post #3.Still want $120...
  18. ScreaminE

    Surprised no GG posts yet.Bought a black top CAS from him, as described and packed well. Stayed in good contact throughout the transaction.Thanks again, already installed and timed it!
  19. New shoes for #86

    Got some very nice Enkei NT-03 rims in white from GeorgeBillings. Here are some snaps of them installed:They are the v.1 models ( non -M ) with F1 205/50-16 tires. Love the look plus the 16" rim reduces the sidewall for better handling.Thx again GB!
  20. CO wheels FS, anyone here?

    Thread link: clickInterested but for some reason CL is blocking my ( current ) Japan IP addy. This anyone here?!? If not I would not mind a bit of help contacting them.