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  1. FS: Galant AMG Corner Brand DEP0

    I don't want to be an asshole, but these are like $20-30 a side on eBay.
  2. Ecu going out? Popping noise from dash

    Did you smell an awful smell around about the same time as the popping noises? I would pull out the ECU and check the caps and IACV drivers anyway. Your IACV could have coolant leaking into it which shorts out the driver resisters and does other damage too. Alternatively it could be capacitor...
  3. piston ring gap is massive?

    Those group measurements are referring to the thickness of the rings. First group is top ring at 1.2mm, second group is second ring at 1.5mm, and then oil control rings are 3.0mm in diameter. However I believe these rings are for the 7 bolt engines, as I am sure the 6 bolt E39A Galant VR-4 rings...
  4. 504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    oh my god I had no idea you were exporting 504 to the UK, does that mean you'll be living in the UK on a more permanent basis then?
  5. FS: OEM active toe bushings and links, free to a good home.

    ^^ he hasn't responded to my PM - and it sounds like you need them more than me so am happy for you to grab them instead.
  6. Gear box replacement?

    C50ph = early KM225 3.545 ratio C51ph = later KM225 3.545 ratio W5M33 = can come in many variants from early style with same shifter cable mounting as KM225 and 3.545 ratio through to Evo III box with 3.909 ratio. You need to make sure the W5M33 is 3.545 ratio and you may need to swap to...
  7. SOLD: 1991 Galant VR4 763/2000, Klamath Falls, Or $4500

    Looks like a clean base GLWS!What number is it?
  8. Radio: OEM options or period correct upgrade

    I LOVE this info thank you very much!My question is with the MB942702/MB942704 radios specifically - can you change the FM frequency tuning interval? In North America the FM tuning steps go 90.1, 90.3, 90.5, 90.7 and so on whereas rest of the world goes 90.0, 90.1, 90.2, 90.3 and so on.Most...
  9. Engine Vibration AFTER timing belt / water pump service - HELP!?!

    I'm guessing it's one of three things:1) The first shop who messed up your timing belt job did something that damaged the belt - wrong bolts in the wrong place, belt tension too loose etc2) Your crank pulley split (this happens due to age and is a common problem) and the excessive vibration...
  10. Has it been done before ? 3000GT V6 TT engine in 91 or 92 Galant VR4

    The factory Getrag 5/6 speed transmission is just too big to fit with the existing subframe. You could probably fit the V6 but retain a W5M33 5 speed from a factory V6 car, though I don't know what car in the US would exist with such a transmission - in Japan, Europe, Australia and NZ the 3000GT...
  11. Help me in Oz!

    You're better off looking at OzVR-4 - this forum caters to the 6th generation 1987-1992 model Galant VR-4.
  12. FS: AMG Galant steering wheel

    He might be meaning the Eterna grille.
  13. Facelift gauges on ore facelift

    You will want the pre-facelift cluster, I believe there are some wiring differences between the two.
  14. 4bolt and five lug question i searched didnt find the ans

    you would use VR-4 coilovers front and rear as the strut length (for the rear) and top hats (for the front) are specific to the Galant but you can always use Galant top hats on DSM front struts and you may be able to adjust DSM rear coilovers to the right height on a VR-4.1G knuckles &...
  15. FS: 149/1000 for sale. Great condition. Sold

    Congrats! The new owner is going to have a great machine!
  16. Front Lower Control Arms

    Quoting 91vr4auto: Hi, does anyone know if there are any differences between the FLCAs for LHD and RHD cars? Need to replace my balljoints, and looking at RockAuto's site it has complete FLCAs starting at $61 each, with new balljoints, and I guess, new bushings. Also, the site lists Mevotech...
  17. all intake rockers popped off

    did you check that the cam timing is still correct? maybe the t-belt was loose due to worn/damaged auto tensioner and the t-belt slipped a few teeth?
  18. Something new (rear seat related)?

    They aren't holes the seat belts are meant to go through, they are pockets where you can curl up the belts and buckles and stow them away in there.