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  1. Ecmlink Idle issues - help please. - UPDATE - SORT OF SOLVED

    Hi All, I'm hoping you can help me out here. As some of you may know I have been using ECMLink v3 for a few years now and have successfully tuned my car to over 350whp.But I have an issue I cant seem to resolve/understand.I changed the valve cover to a new one with -10an breather ports...
  2. Timing light mystery?

    Hi Guys, I'll explain my situation and hopefully you can shed some light on why this is happening.I have a 91 JDM vr4. I have boost leak tested it many times but only to about 20psi. I have just increased my boost level to ~26psi and thought I better do a boost leak test to above that level...
  3. Source for Power steering racks?

    My power steering rack has sprung an unidentified leak. Local shops have given me a 50/50 call for whether they can get parts for something this old (and an estimated $600 repair price) so I'm wondering about buying new/reman?I will be deleting the 4ws at the same time so might as well get a...
  4. WTB: 7cm Turbine Housing (Turbo Exhaust Housing)

    Hi All, Looking for a Turbine Housing for my B16G. Current one is cracked around the wastegate seat and leaks boost.7cm (070) with all threads intact and no cracking.Thanks.
  5. Rear Crank Seal replacement. Without dropping the oil pan?

    Hi Guys, I'm changing the transmission in my car and the rear main seal is leaking a little bit.Back story is: I put a new clutch in about 2000 miles ago and while the crank seal area was oily I didn't know if it had come from one of the oil leaks above or the crank seal itself, so I just...
  6. WTB: Evo 3 o2 housing

    Evo3 o2 housing. Good condition with all threads intact. Will need to be shipped to New Zealand.
  7. Found some. No longer wanted. WTB: 750-850cc Injectors- Low Impedance

    As per the subject line looking for a plug and play stock replacement injector in the 750-850cc range.
  8. Installing ECMLink into a JDM car.

    It seems that there is a lot of conflicting information published online regarding the installation and use of ECMLink in JDM VR4's. I have read that some wires need to be swapped in the ECU connector to get it to work. I have read that some functions of the software are unusable in a JDM...
  9. ECMLINK Tuning advice.

    Hi Guys, I am new to tuning, but am a good student. I have read all the ECMLINK wiki guides and other popular published tuning tutorials. I have attached a link to logs from my latest round of tuning runs.Dropbox link for log files1 x idle log 1 x 5th gear pull from 2000rpm WOT 1 x 1st...
  10. Stock color for silver JDM wheels. Grace SIlver?

    A long shot but I have a JDM Evo 0 and it came with silver alloy wheels. I just got new centre caps of various colors (Thanks Citymunky) and I would like to paint them to match the wheels without having to paint the wheels.Anyone know the correct color to match them.Fuel?
  11. Stock valve spring "Coil Bind Height"?

    Hi All, Have googled and searched to no avail. Does anyone know at what height the stock Valve spring binds at?
  12. Head Removal Question

    Hi All, Timing belt went on me a few days ago and I'm taking the head off to assess the damage. Tragic story read my other post if you want some background.Have never done it before but am a capable and practical kind of guy. I have it to the point where I'm almost ready to remove the head...
  13. Does this win the "Worst first post ever!" award?

    Hi All, this is my first post. I was determined not to be the guy whose car was on jack stands or in pieces more than it was on the road. However... I recently purshcased a 1991 JDM Evo 0, great original condition with 144,000kms (~90,000Omiles) on the clock. I have spent a lot of time and...