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  1. nrvous

    Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

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  2. nrvous

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  6. nrvous

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  7. nrvous

    GVR4 One Lap story

    So famous. I have been talking with them on a different front. Totally glad they brought the article back out.
  8. nrvous

    FS: 92 Kensington Gray 223/1000 non-running Buford, GA $500

    Jason is in route and has been in contact with my sister. If he doesn't take it, I expect he can at least give the world a better insight into the car and payments open up for the next person.
  9. nrvous

    FS: 92 Kensington Gray 223/1000 non-running Buford, GA $500

    Quoting Turbro_Negro: Any rust? I have a friend in GA who could hold onto this until i get back. Very interested if mostly rust free.There is rust. It was a NY and MI car for a while. It escaped before the true fender rot started in, but I haven't put eyes on it myself in so long, it is...
  10. nrvous

    FS: 92 Kensington Gray 223/1000 non-running Buford, GA $500

    Will do. If I were closer, I would haul it back home and give it an assessment or use it for the CHUMPCAR challenge.Stephen
  11. nrvous

    FS: 92 Kensington Gray 223/1000 non-running Buford, GA $500

    I have a non-running Kensington Gray Galant VR-4 in Georgia that needs to go to a home. Car is in Buford, Georgia. It has not run since 2007. Somebody with $500 and a hauler can get it out of there, otherwise it is going to be called to a donation charity or salvage yard. It rolled off a...
  12. nrvous

    Forced Performance Lonestar Shootout May 12th 2013 - Formally DI Palooza

    Really wanted to take the VR-4 from the 8 day road trip of One Lap of America and drive it down to Texas. Reality however is that the car is tired and I am sick of being in a car for 8 days with Tim.Hope you guys have a great event.Stephen
  13. nrvous

    Sept 15 - Rochester BBQ

    I am sorry for the late notice. We are having our Rochester DSM cookout this weekend and wanted to make sure all of our friends on the Galant VR-4 board were included. We only get a handful of people traveling in from outside of the Finger Lakes NY region, but it never hurts to offer it up for...
  14. nrvous

    FACTORY MOD '12-Date changed 9/22/12

    In the calendar for a road trip. Let's see if I can keep the car together, after I put it back together.
  15. nrvous


    I had a great experience with Steve as the buyer. He committed to buying something before it was ready and didn't hesitate to make the transaction happen when it was ready to ship. Would do business again with him.Stephen
  16. nrvous

    20th Annual 2012 DSM/EVO Shootout Aug 17-19 Norwalk, Ohio

    I know we are planning a revival tour style caravan from Rochester. A lot of good friends over there years made from the shootouts.Stephen
  17. nrvous

    WTB: drive shaft center carier/bearing

    The bearings are off the market. They sold this morning. Thank you. Stephen
  18. nrvous

    WTB: drive shaft center carier/bearing

    I have 2 carrier bearings and I believe all of the factory bushings to mount them. $80 you get it all.Stephen
  19. nrvous

    WTB: flywheel

    I have a used 6 bolt Fidanza sitting on a shelf. It went through one clutch failure with a spring bouncing around in there. The result is that the non-clutch mating surface is marred up. I can't seem to measure accurately enough with a set of calipers to make the call on how close it is...
  20. nrvous

    FS: Tial 38mm External Wastegate

    Tial 38mm External Wastegate - $175 Add $5 for shipping. For intensive purposes it is new. It was actually used for a week while Harper sent his in for repair and he needed something to drive his car with. It was on my list of things to do on the VR-4 and has been patiently sitting here for...