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  1. WTB: Parts for my 76 Galant 4g64t build

    As I'm finally going to try to finish my 76 Galant Coupe, I need several parts lol, more to come probably, but for starters? see below!In Search of: 1000cc Injectors Adjustable cam gears Tial MVR 44MM wastegate AFPR Coil on plug setup BOV Non-turbo waterpipe Possibly a engine...
  2. FS: 1991 Montero RS $300 obo, Oak Harbor, WA

    I'll just list it all together, but should you need parts let me know, because if it doesn't sell as a whole for someone's personal parts car, I will part it the f*** out .It has a tweaked frame from the previous owner, as I confirmed when I swapped in the complete rear end with suspension...
  3. How many PNW GVR4s are up and running?

    We need to have a meet! But I'm also curious as to see how many VR4s are actually moving under their own power.Need more GVR4s at meets like this lol.
  4. Back in a GVR4!

    Picked up 362/1000 from Sluggs and Ryan earlier today. No more sitting and being so lonely, now she is going to get driven a lot!And there's my Red Gen 1 Monty that still needs more TLC
  5. FS: Old School FP Red

    60-1 Compressor wheel, 7cm turbine housing, setup for external wastegate on manifold (flapper welded shut) rebuilt by FP about 5-6yrs ago, hasn't been run since. $500 + shipping + paypal fees.
  6. FS: 1975 Colt Wagon/2nd Gen Galant Wagon $1800 Bellingham, WA

    Getting on out of cars for a bit. Selling my 1975 Dodge Colt Wagon, has all the era correct Mitsubishi Galant badging. Doesn't run, but not a whole lot is needed if the carb setup is bought too. Located in Bellingham, WAOriginally equipped with a 4spd manual with 1.6l 4g32 motor, now has...
  7. FS: '70s Galant 1600 Fender Emblems

    Extra set that I don't need, they do need to be repainted, however still in great shape otherwise. $50
  8. FS: Mikuni PHH44 Dual Sidedrafts SOLD Close thread

    These carbs originally came off a Toyota 1.6l 2-TG motor, all stock haven't touched them to change out the jets or anything, just been acting as living room decorations lol. $280 shipped.
  9. FS: Megasquirt 2 V3 ECU SOLD

  10. ZR-4 mean?

    If VR-4 means Viscous Realtime Four, what does ZR-4 (as in Eterna ZR-4) mean?
  11. FS: GVR4 Rear Seats and a few Misc parts

    I had thought about using these in my Coupe, but they are too wide and so they are up for sale. Prefer local pickup only please, $50. They are good shape, no rips, just a bit dirty from storage. PENDING]Also have a semi disassembled 3 Bolt LSD rear diff just hanging out too (...
  12. Choosing The Right External Wastegate

    I'm in the market for a external wastegate, but what all do I need to take into account for choosing the right wastegate and what are the pros/cons over the different sizes? Asking the wise from my GVR4 familySetup is a 2.3l stroker with a Hahn Super 16g with a T3 10cm hotside, boost range...
  13. WTB: GVR4 Front end Chassis Harness FOUND

    It's the harness that runs along the engine bay to all the lights, fans, fusebox and also has the alternator to battery charging sub harness. Needs to have all connectors intact and the fuse box all in good shape.Would also like a interior fusebox as well if possible.Thanks!Tim
  14. Repairing leaking Fuel Tank

    What is the best way to go about repairing a leaking fuel tank? The tank on my wagon has developed a slow leak now .
  15. WTB: GVR4 E-Brake Assembly

    I need everything that is required to mount the ebrake lever into the car and hook the cables up!As seen in this pic
  16. FS: Evo 8 Intake Manifold SOLD

    Stock Evo 8 Intake Manifold, was going to use this for my Coupe, but due to space restrictions I won't be using it anymore. $75 shipped
  17. FS: AMG Type 1 Wheels "Sawblades" SOLD

    Selling my AMG Sawblades, need to fund the yellow car, $550 Shipped I believe one of the wheels has slight curb rash, it was like that when I got them 3yrs ago. 15x6 +46mm
  18. WTB: GVR4 Water neck FOUND

    Looking for the GVR4 specific Water neck (upper thermostat housing).Thanks,TimEDIT: Found one!
  19. XXX Burgers Meet - Issaquah, WA Jan 28th

    In case no one has anything going on this side of the Cascades of course There is a meet happening at the Triple X Burgers restaurant in Issaquah, WA just off I-90, starting at 12pm to 4pm. I'm bringing my wagon so bring your GVR4s!more info on Stalkerbook