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  1. Building a real WRC style Rally Car

    Paddy, I would check with Forced Performance or Blouch for a restrictor.467, I am using the evo inner axle cups slid onto the 4 bolt dsm axle shaft. Still using the dsm tripod joint and boot, literally just slid on the evo style cups. You have to find someone parting a car that doesn't want...
  2. Building a real WRC style Rally Car

    Here are a few shots of the motor that went into the car. It was originally the motor from my 1st 1G DSM that I rebuilt and then the car was wrecked shortly after. It was also in my green Galant before I sold it, neither car was driven much so the motor is still very fresh. Since it was built...
  3. Building a real WRC style Rally Car

    I do plan to stage rally the car, the plan for this year is to hit local gravel hill climbs. I can run NASA events in the car as a novice and gain experience/coefficients. I have been rally crossing with the SCCA for the past few years and hold the regional championship and am second in the...
  4. Building a real WRC style Rally Car

    Graphics were made by these guys:click
  5. Building a real WRC style Rally Car

    To keep with the WRC theme I decided to paint the car like the old Works team cars.Started out by wet sanding the bodyThen off to get a fresh coat of white paintAnd then painted on the works stripesCopies of the old decals for the bodyThe EVO III rear wing just spoke to me so...
  6. Building a real WRC style Rally Car

    Next up was pulling out some excess wiring and gutting the rear doorsThen started making a panel to block off the rear seat areaHad to pull all the old stuff out of the engine bayRebuilt the pedal box and removed the steering lockNew bushings for everything in...
  7. Building a real WRC style Rally Car

    This is my 3rd Galant VR-4 and I can't count how many DSM's I own/have owned. My first Galant was a nice clean low mileage street car heavily built but still a complete car with a sunroof. I didn't have the heart to tear that car up so I sold it off and looked for a donor chassis to start my...
  8. FS: Last of the Cyclone Upper Manifold Gaskets

    Same here, saw them last night and it was to late already.
  9. FS: AEM EMS Series 2 Plug and Play Standalone ECU New in Box

    Up for sale is a brand new in box AEM EMS series 2 30-6300 box for 1G DSM and Galant VR4. This is the newer version with a USB port to hook up to your computer (not serial like the old series 1 boxes). I could use the money to finish a build and worry about the ECU Later. I have tuned cars...
  10. WTB: JDM Cyclone Manifold Vacuum Actuator

    I am looking for the oem vacuum actuator for the JDM cyclone intake manifold. PM me with what you have. Thanks,Peter
  11. FS: Stock VR-4 Parts Engine, Electrical, Interior Partout

    pm's replied and sent, wiring harness is not for sale, I cut it up for my needs.Peter
  12. WTB: Non-ABS Prop Valve

    I already have the non-abs brake lines for my VR-4 but need a proportioning valve to match. Let me know what you have.Pter
  13. FS: 960 Full partout UPDATED

    Link to your build thread? The one in your sig is for a different car? I am more interested in current pics of the turbo, I am concerned with damage to the compressor wheel, turbine housing cracks, and correct turbine housing being used. I see tons of these for sale with the wrong turbine...
  14. FS: 960 Full partout UPDATED

    Interested in the turbo and the COP, got any pics?Peter
  15. FS: Stock VR-4 Parts Engine, Electrical, Interior Partout

    Selling off a bunch of stock VR-4 parts from a car I am stripping and building into a race car. I am keeping the dash and gauge cluster but just about everything else is going. All prices do not include shipping, let me know if there is something you need that you don't see listed.A pair...
  16. FS: Stock EVO IX MR Springs

    Up for sale is a set of stock Evolution IX MR springs, boxed up and ready to go. Asking $100 shippedPeter
  17. Camber plates

    I was not satisfied with any of the off the shelf camber plate solutions for our cars so this week I built a set of plates. I designed mine to induce as much caster and negative camber as possible. Since our cars are so challenged in this area I found it pointless to make them adjustable as I...
  18. Evo Brembo's with Konig Villains?

    My 17x8 Villains don't clear the 3kgt brakes so I doubt they would clear the brembo's without a spacer.Peter
  19. FS: hx40 8 blade w/ bep housing fp mani and heat shield

    Interested in the FP mani heat shield only, let me know if you are willing to part it out.Peter
  20. FS: Carbon Speaker Gauge Pod

    Up for sale is a carbon fiber gauge pod that fits in the driver side dash speaker hole. It is in great shape with no extra holes or scratches. Looking to get $125 shipped and paypal'd.Peter
  21. FS: EVO 8 MR Suspension Bilsteins

    Shocks are sold, springs are still available.
  22. FS: 1 Oil Catch Can, 2 Boost Controllers, and 5 Blow Off Valves

    Up for sale is an assortment of used items all in working condition:Greddy Oil Catch Can $55Turbosmart MBC $45 Generic MBC $25Turbo XS (real) BOVs $55 eachHyperboost Diverter Valves $55 each (I have used these on audi,vw,porsche projects and they work great)Forge Stealth...
  23. FS: Autronic SMC Standalone ECU SOLD!

    Up for sale is a used Autronic SMC standalone ECU for an EVO 4-6. I bought this for a project car I had and was going to convert it just like an EVO 8 ECU into our cars. I am scrapping the project so this is up for sale. SOLD.Peter
  24. FS: EVO 8 MR Suspension Bilsteins

    still for sale, bump
  25. FS: EVO 8 Turbo with 10.5 Hotside

    I don't recall but the turbo looks to be in great shape, I bought it off a reputable source on evom.
  26. FS: EVO 8 MR Suspension Bilsteins

    I have a set of used MR Bilsteins off an EVO 8, one of the fronts has lost its pressure and needs to be rebuilt. I believe bilstein provides this service for less than $100. Looking to get $300 shipped for the struts. Also have a set of MR springs in great shape $75 shipped.
  27. FS: Wiseco 1400HD Pistons NIB

    still for sale
  28. WTB: Poly Trailing Arm Bushing

    I am looking for a a poly replacement for the front trailing arm bushing where you adjust toe.Peter
  29. Opinions On My Aggressive Wheel Plan: Enkei RPF1 17x9 +45 Rear & 17x8 +45 Front

    I am interested in this as well, I would love to get some 9 inch wide wheels under the Galant without them sticking out all crazy. It should be pretty easy to get more room in the back, all you have to do is grind the pinch weld seam down flush on the trailing arm and you should get another...
  30. FS: Stock Interior Door Cards, Pillar Trim

    I am tearing down my Galant for a race build and have some interior parts for sale. I have all 4 door cards in good shape, I am keeping the window switches for now. I have all the A, B, C pillar trim and roof trim pieces available. I already pitched the carpet and trunk soft panels as they...
  31. FS: EVO 8 Turbo with 10.5 Hotside

    Up for sale is a used EVO 8 turbo with the larger 10.5 hotside. I was going to use it for a project that is no longer so it is up for sale. The turbo looks to be in great shape, asking $400 obo.Peter
  32. evo8 ecu

    Here is a picture of the jumper harness, I used heat shrink on each wire to cover the bare ends. Also I found it easier to tin the wire ends and pins separately so it took less heat to join them.
  33. evo8 ecu

    I did this swap a few months ago and it worked out great. I also had a little trouble finding good info on this project and spent many long nights of sifting through pages of useless info.List of items I used: 2005 EVO 8 ECU Tactrix 1.3 flash cable New OEM EVO 8 Knock sensor 2G Turbo ECU...
  34. FP DSM manifold coating

    I am in for the 2 stage coating at FFWD and will be sending in my O2 housing and turbine housing with the manifold. If we could work a deal that would be cool.Peter
  35. FS: EVO 8 Turbo 10.5 Hot side

    I have an EVO 8 turbo for sale with the 10.5 hot side, it is in great shape. I bought it for a project that I am no longer doing, asking $350 shipped.Peter
  36. FS: New Driver Side Fog Light

    I am open to offers.Peter
  37. FS: GVR4 DSM EVO Suspension and Engine Parts FP3082HTA Koni Bilstein Content

    It has a T3 flange and a 5 bolt outlet I believe.Peter
  38. FS: GVR4 DSM EVO Suspension and Engine Parts FP3082HTA Koni Bilstein Content

    The Koni shocks and 1 set of stock EVO cams are gone, still some good stuff left.Peter
  39. FS: GVR4 DSM EVO Suspension and Engine Parts FP3082HTA Koni Bilstein Content

    They are front and rear set new in box, I will get pics tomorrow at work.Peter
  40. FS: GVR4 DSM EVO Suspension and Engine Parts FP3082HTA Koni Bilstein Content

    I have a bunch of parts for sale and a friend of mine is rebuilding his EVO 8 so he has some stuff as well, his car is at my shop so I can take pics and ship parts ASAP:His:FP3082HTA approx 1k miles with coated turbine housing $1300 shipped Exedy Twin Disc Clutch setup approx 12k miles...
  41. FS: Liquidating Parts; High Quality; SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE *Updated 3/9*

    I am interested in the Wilwood brakes, can you post specs and or part number? Thanks,Peter
  42. FS: Wiseco 1400HD Pistons NIB

    bump, will entertain offers.
  43. FS: Wiseco 1400HD Pistons NIB

    Up for sale is a brand new set of Wiseco 1400HD pistons, .020 over 6 bolt application part number K625M855. They sell for $620 on MAP, I am looking to get $550 shipped OBO.Peter
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