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  1. WTB: dimmer switch

    Still need one citymunky flaked out on me and I had to open a paypal claim since he wasn't responding to my pm and never even shipped my part out.. Need it with no broken tabs or anything please
  2. abs light is on how to fix

    Thanks iceman I will keep you in mind. Well I had a rattle under the car that I needed to fix really quick I didn't see any issues with the connectors or anything but like I said it was just a quick look. I will know more this week.
  3. abs light is on how to fix

    Damn that's some dinosaur way of doing it but will it read via a logger or no? I dont have a analog meter and can get my logger by next week if I cant do it via logger then I'll just go old school I'm sure the dealer would charge for this. Thanks guys
  4. WTB: dimmer switch

    got one thanks guys
  5. abs light is on how to fix

    Actually it came on after I pulled the motor out last year. I just been driving the vette so much the light never bothered me this whole time. Now that I'm driving #86 as a DD I want to get everything fixed. I assume I will see the sensors when I take the wheels off? I assume it will be one of...
  6. abs light is on how to fix

    I like to keep everything running on the car how it came from the factory so no delete for me. I will check with the dealer then. I was just curious with the logger to but dealer will be easier thanks man,,
  7. WTB: dimmer switch

    yes how much shipped to 87124
  8. FS: Vr4 Body Parts

    how much for teh rear tail lamps and center section? Basically all teh lights for the rear shipped to 87124
  9. WTB: dimmer switch

    as the title says shipped to 87124
  10. FS: galant vr4 part out

    dimmer switch shipped to 87124?
  11. FS: Partout 1635/2000

    How much for the dimmer switch you know the one next to the fog lights switch
  12. abs light is on how to fix

    Well since I am driving #86 allot more I want to fix all the little things. I have the abs light on and not sure where to start on fixing this. The fuse on the battery terminal is good. The motor doesn't make any weird noise when the car is shut down. The 3 plugs all look good and there is no...
  13. doing my first clutch replacement...ever

    Don't install the disk backwards. People say you can't somehow I did and it was still easy to bolt down. Flat side goes towards the flywheel just fyi
  14. WTB: Lower thermostat housing

    I have ktmrider hunting one down but figured I would post up also.I need the piece that bolts to the head. You know the one with the sensors. I have the top part. let me know thanks. Don't need the sensors just the bottom housing
  15. FS: FULL PARTOUT 599/1000

    Ill take an alternator for 45 shipped also.
  16. white VR4 Vs Sheps GTR at the shootout

    Some fast cars out there!!!
  17. How to you search on this forum?

    ahhhhhh much better, thanks gents
  18. How to you search on this forum?

    For example I was searching "air intake" in subject only and I'm getting hits or re ":Re: FS: Pair of 93 headlights $125" How do I have it to where I just get intakes only and not peoples responses on other stuff that has no bearing on a intake? I would like to see just the subjects on "air...
  19. Need help on Air Intake Mod

    How are you guys running these with the battery in the way? Searching sucks on this site when I try I get all types of stuff and responses. Wish I could just get the thread itself.
  20. Quiet street muffler

    Sorry boys but not much info. He said he doesn't remember. It was a truck muffler 3" that's all he remembers. Sorry. He sold the car last year I believe. You may be able to search under "Darkstar" on nAOSIC, tuners, talk, or ecmtuning to see what you can find. Sorry I couldn't help more. He's...
  21. Bov??

    Just because he has had more dsm's then someone fingers doesn't mean he knows sh*t. I been with ALOT of woman I mean ALOT and I'm still stupid when it comes to woman and what they want. Maybe he is the same way with 4G63's?
  22. Parting out a GVR4

    I actaully found mine in the garage yesterday so I'm gtg so thanks!!! appreciate you getting back to me though
  23. Quiet street muffler

    Darkstar had a diesel truck muffler on his 1g. 3" with dual tips. Looked stock and was freaking quiet. Pushing about 500+awhp and had a cutout when you actually wanted to hear something. I'll ask what muffler it was but it was quiet.
  24. FS: Partout 91 vr4

    guess he's gone?
  25. Parting out a GVR4

    I need the center piece/coin holders and power mirror switch and the panel they go into that whole section piece. Shipped to 87124. SO coin holder,power mirror switch and the panel it sits in.
  26. Trunk mount bike rack, which one?

    No issues with it crushing the spoiler? Wanted a dual one but what do you think shipping would be to 87124? Foldable one? DO you have a p/n maybe I can look it up at least if I can't find it.
  27. Trunk mount bike rack, which one?

    Well just curious who runs one and what brand? I bought one from Walmart last night ~40 bucks that said it would fit the galant but it doesn't. It starts crushing the spoiler and scratched it up. It would work if I took teh spoiler off but I want one that I can just clip and go. Just curious...
  28. Trailer hitch?

  29. AZ People! Free Hitch setup from Uhaul

    Anyone close to AZ going to take there car over? Surely someone closer them me can go?
  30. Trailer hitch?

    Quoting PreskitVR4: I am super tempted, I thought about it a few months ago, last time this came up. now that 501 is finally a spare, and not D.D. Duty anymore I would volunteer her, I would love to have a hitch anyway for less than an hour drive.You going to take the car over?
  31. opinions on mufflers

    Quoting turbowop: This is what I have on 1051. Stainless 3" in, dual 2.5" out. Oval body tucks up under the car nicely so you can't see it from the side. Sounds good too.That's what I had on my 1g Talon by far the best sounding muffler for a 4g63 IMO. Very deep and throaty and could hear...
  32. Trailer hitch?

    Quoting 4thStroke: This came up not too long ago, I can't recall if anyone ended up dropping their car off, though. It doesn't sound like it.Maybe I should put my tow hitch up for auction since they seem to be in demandclickHow much if you sell it for?
  33. Trailer hitch?

    What's the hold up? Ill even pay for half the gas to get there. We need these made and it's free for you. I would start calling and get the details. Please
  34. Trailer hitch?

    Did this die like most things? Surely SOMEONE in AZ can lend their car for the day I'll even pay for your gas to get there, cmon step up already!!!! I started a post just
  35. FS: Partout 91 vr4

    Which speaker covers? I need the rears
  36. Trailer hitch?

    Do they make one for our vehicles? I did a search and came up with one post of a Dalan 217326 p/n and a how to but can't find that part. It will be used to tow a small trailer. I thought about buying a little truck but the ones I see have less torque/hp then #86 so it would be a waste. Let me...
  37. FS: everything must go 1991 vr4 lots of performance stuff(prices dropped)

    Pics of that FMIC when you can thanks
  38. what seats fit 1999 galant vr4

    What he said...
  39. WTB: wes hess 3065 downpipe

    yeah that's going to be hard to get someone may have one local but not sure. Like Mike said try our site think he posted up for you. I miss him RIP buddy.
  40. WTB: Non-Cruise Control Throttle Cable

    I think I have one let me check when I get home tonight.
  41. #86/2000 is back on the road after a year of sitting

    I hear ya Mike!!! Now I can put the vette down and work on finishing up some little things. Can't wait to get everyone back together and doing work!!! Thanks again
  42. #86/2000 is back on the road after a year of sitting

    Well its been over a year and dealing with work,flood in my house, court, remodeling, and a few other things #86/2000 is back on the road as of today. First and foremost I want to thank everyone who answered questions and gave me a hand. I want to thank. My man Kristen for coming down from AZ...
  43. FS: Last of my galant parts! Get them before the trash does!! Last Day Today!!!

    I got the tensioner locally so I am gtg but if the speaker cover don't sell let me know thanks.
  44. FS: NIB Barrecrafters Ski/Snowboard/Roof Rack

    How does this mount? Was looking for install but they say they are discountinued.
  45. WTB: AC tensioner and bracket

    Got one local so i am gtg. Thanks man
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