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  1. jmelocik

    WTB: Early DSM Leather Shift Knob

    Those of us who own a 1G DSM with one on it call it the Pleasurizer 1000
  2. jmelocik

    WTB: Dsm Link v3, FMIC with piping, FP Manifold, and BBQ turbo

    I've got ECMlink V3 in a GVR4 ECU down here in NC. Brand new package from ECMTuning socketed and recapped by them. text me, 931-216-2454
  3. jmelocik

    FS: evolution 9 ix front seats off my gvr4

    wish you were closer.Josh
  4. jmelocik

    WTB: 91 vr-4 trunk emblem

    does it need to be perfect?Josh
  5. jmelocik

    WTB: Stock bolts and fasteners

    If you're still looking for the bolts PM me, I have some brand new ones here.
  6. jmelocik

    WTB: 1991 Stock Wheels

    Pot has some and I have a set. Either one of us should be able to help you.Josh
  7. jmelocik

    WTB: 1G inner/outer door seals

    I may have some, I'll have to dig through some boxes.Josh
  8. jmelocik

    WTB: Non Turbo Water pipe

    I've got a non-turbo water pipe here, would have been cheap.Josh
  9. jmelocik


    I've also got a stock 23 spline transmission, a 4 spider center diff, an HD gear set (or so I'm told) and several spare trans parts.Josh
  10. jmelocik

    WTB: Driveshaft flange

    I've got one here.
  11. jmelocik

    WTB: Oil pan and Front timing cover

    I have both feel free to message me on here or email me at [email protected]
  12. jmelocik

    WTB: full 1g AwD auto swap or an entire 1g awd auto car.

    I posted on your Facebook post. I have both options.Josh
  13. jmelocik

    FS: GVR4 fuel filler hose New OEM (NC)

    I contacted JNZ and they are no longer in stock.
  14. jmelocik

    FS: GVR4 fuel filler hose New OEM (NC)

    I have a couple of brand new, still in the package, OEM GVR4 fuel filler hose. If someone needs one please PM me. I contacted the local dealership to get one for my GVR4 and found out there was only 4 left in the country so I bought all of them. If you need one please email me at...
  15. jmelocik


    Great buyer!!! Excellent communication and once we struck a deal he came down and picked everything up. I will gladly do business with him again.Josh
  16. jmelocik

    WTB: stock fuel pressure solenoid

    I've got one you can have. Text me. 931-216-2454Josh
  17. jmelocik

    WTB: 1g NT throttle body

    Do you still need one?Josh
  18. jmelocik

    FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    email sent.Josh
  19. jmelocik

    WTB: 6 bolt oil pan

    PM meJosh
  20. jmelocik


  21. jmelocik

    WTB: component of Oil pump housing / front cover.

    I've got three or four of those in my garage. I'm guessing this is off a 6 bolt.Josh
  22. jmelocik

    FS: 1g to 2g/3g/ Evo MAF/MAS adapter harnesses

    I've bought several of the 1G to Evo and 2G to Evo plug and play adapters from him. Like most of us he has a full time job and obligations that sometimes requires him to be other places. I've found that he will always get back to me but seems faster through email. High quality product and...
  23. jmelocik

    WTB: Rear and Front motor mount bracket

    Which bracket number?
  24. jmelocik

    FS: NC 438/2000 $800

    Deposit made! Car is considered sold!Josh
  25. jmelocik

    FS: NC 438/2000 $800

    Still have it. Have a gentleman from about an hour and a half away coming to check it out. Tomorrow.J
  26. jmelocik

    WTB: auto transfer case

    What are you offering for a good one?Josh
  27. jmelocik

    FS: NC 438/2000 $800

    Got someone who is willing to save the car but won't be able to get it for a few weeks. If anyone else is interested let me know. I want to see someone put this car back together and put it back on the road.Josh
  28. jmelocik

    FS: NC 438/2000 $800

    Yes, I have several. Feel free to PM me with contact info and I can send you a bunch.Josh
  29. jmelocik

    FS: NC 438/2000 $800

    I've got to make some space so I'm listing 438/2000 for sale.Belize green, no Eng, trans, tcase, ECU, no fuel tank,has good rear end. Zero miles on KYB AGX struts with Eibach springs, just towing time. 4ws already deleted, ABS already deleted, correct prop valve and hard lines...
  30. jmelocik

    FS: HKS SSQV on stainless short route UICP, pwr/eco switch, IAC, TPS

    Hey brother. Send me a message on Facebook with your Paypal address and I'll grab a blacktop.Josh
  31. jmelocik

    WTB: Head Gasket

    OEM composite head gasket here.Josh
  32. jmelocik

    WTB: 6-bolt stroker crank

    PM sent.Josh
  33. jmelocik

    WTB: factory radio harness connector

    I bought one through that same company on Amazon a while back. Arrived quickly and worked great.Josh
  34. jmelocik

    WTB: stock intercooler with hoses

    I've got the OEM inner cooler but no hoses.Josh
  35. jmelocik

    WTB: 2g - E3 - FP exhaust manifold

    Got the tracking info also. Thanks guys, if anyone needs anything let me know.Josh
  36. jmelocik

    WTB: 2g - E3 - FP exhaust manifold

    Is this for the GVR4 Tim bought and had shipped to NC?Josh
  37. jmelocik

    WTB: Rear Diff Cover

    I've got one. Make me an offer and cover shipping.Josh
  38. jmelocik

    WTB: carpet

    I'm also interested in brand new carpet for my GVR4.Maybe we could get a list together and do a group buy? Josh
  39. jmelocik

    WTB: Fuel Sending Unit

    I've got a 1G fuel sending unit in good useable condition. PM me.Josh
  40. jmelocik

    WTB: Fuel Level Sender

    Shipped out yesterday. Let me know when you get it.Josh
  41. jmelocik

    FS: Service Manual CD

    Payment sent.Josh
  42. jmelocik

    WTB: Fuel Level Sender

    I've got a good one from a 1G with a good fuel pump.Josh
  43. jmelocik

    WTB: Fuel Pump Sending Unit

    1G sending unit available here. PM me for details. Came out of a daily driver that hit a pole coming out of a parking lot.Josh
  44. jmelocik

    FS: 1g to 2g/3g/ Evo MAF/MAS adapter harnesses

    Payment sent for 3 1G to Evo MAS. Thanks again!Josh
  45. jmelocik

    FS: GSC Springs and Titanium retainers

    They are indeed sold. ThanksJosh
  46. jmelocik

    FS: GSC Springs and Titanium retainers

    I've got his home number too! LOL maybe I'll just drive out to his house and say hi. LOL if I know Curtis he begrudgingly already replaced his crushed cell phone with something from the late 90's.Josh
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