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Search results

  1. FS: afco scirocco

    Afco scirocco radiator for sale. Its never been ran but sat out side in the elements. 250 shipped obo
  2. FS: rain gutters for factory roof rack

    Rain gutters for factory Mitsubishi roof rack. 50 shipped
  3. FS: my nile black 1877/2000 up for sale

    Cough cough part out cough..:?
  4. WTB:

    I have a front subframe and I'm located in Los Angeles. I had the front clip sitting g in the back yard for 7 years and I scraped it 3 months ago
  5. WTB: 92+ 5 lug swap with abs

    Like the title says
  6. FS: JDM Dash mat $40 shipped ** LAST ONE **

    I'll take it if it's still available
  7. Now she runs, but lumpy

    do the fiav bypass mod. i would search the junkyards or online for a used isc
  8. axle

    I have one. Shoot me an offer
  9. WTB: GOOD DSM AWD center differential.

    I got one in Los Angeles if your up for a drive
  10. WTB: 450cc fuel injectors & 14b wg + coolant lines.

    i have the injectors 50 shipped if you need them
  11. 1994 Eagle Summit

    Let me know if you'd be willing to let it go. I'll take it off your hands
  12. WTB: 91+ tb w/sensors

    I have both.
  13. FS: Used Galant VR-4 Leather Seats

    How much would shipping be to 90303
  14. 1994 Eagle Summit

    Wow what a steal. Was it running?
  15. WTB: Engine ECU/ front backing plates

    I have an Eprom ecu for sale. I posted it up for 150 obo.
  16. WTB: Rear View Mirror & Dome light

    I have it shoot me an offer
  17. WTB: 1991 VR4 Wing

    I got a vr4 wing. I'm in Los Angeles
  18. WTB: 2g stock intake and tailights

    What year lights are you looking for. I have 3 sets of lights available
  19. FS: my nile black 1877/2000 up for sale

    Sell me your grill
  20. Does anybody know who has 651?

    Ill sell you 652/2000
  21. Jdm shops in SoCal

    Let me know if you want to sell it. I need one fo get my gvr4 running. Its been sitting on jackstands four going on five years now
  22. Jdm shops in SoCal

    What are you douing with your old engine?
  23. how do you delete power steering

    I fixed my leak with a 50 cent crush washer.
  24. FS: parting out 92 stealth tt awd w/88 k miles

    Do you have rear trailing arms?
  25. WTB: clear headlights!

    I have a set without the logo. Shoot me a text and I'll send you pics. I'm hardly on this site these days 424220779
  26. FS: AMG Grille

    I need shipping g cost as well 90303
  27. WTB: 1g AWD Automatic Transmission Swap parts

    I just saw a complete auto awd 1g at a yard near me.
  28. FS: BBS RS137 (5x114.3 16x7)

    I'm interested in them. Can you give me a shipping quote?90303
  29. FS: Galant Vr4 AMG Bodykits >> 3 Pieces AMG Wing <<

    What's the price on the am grill shipped to the states
  30. WTB: transmission near so cal

    As far as I know the only difference is the first gear. I have been known to be wrong before tho.
  31. WTB: transmission near so cal

    I got one out of a 90 gsx. Condition is unknown but it's expected to be good.
  32. I am looking for a 4" intake pipe

    Something like this click
  33. WTB: 4G63 head

    Hey bro I have a friend parting out a gsx. He said the head looks really clean. I can deliver it as well since I'm going up north to San Jose sometime in the next few weeks. Let me get you some pics and a price. Are you in a hurry to buy?
  34. WTB: Parts buyer in SoCal

    What is it? Where is it?
  35. Alternatives for Power Steering Lines

    Russell steel braided hoses and an fittings. Thats what i used on my electric power steering
  36. WTB: 91 tail lights

    I still got them you never shot me a text
  37. FS: Carbon Fiber Hood Group Buy (Feeler)

    i can drop off my stock hood and check in on them to get progress pics if needed
  38. WTB: 91 tail lights

    I have a set.txt me for pics 4242220779
  39. WTB: AC Compressor

    i have one. 45 shipped
  40. .org swag

    I have a silk screen machine at my disposal. What do you guys want on a shirt?
  41. WTB: ABS delete

    I ended up using the steel braided kit from jnztuning. It's was like $90
  42. WTB: Amber bumper markers.

    I have them 20 shipped
  43. WTB: Passenger Window Switch

    I have a spare one
  44. Back Seat

    I think evo 8-9
  45. WTB: gvr4 drivers side turn signal cover

    Do you mean the light?
  46. FS:stock parts

    Have some stuff taking up much needed space in my garage. All prices are negotiable. pm here or shoot me a txt 424 222 0779headlights one has a small chip $60 turn signals good set 20 turn signals not so good set 12 ac compressor 40 1ga TB 20 Gvr4 FMIC 40 intake tubes 40 ea grill 50 1g oil...
  47. WTB: 4g63 cylinder head, wiring harness, and ecu

    I have a 1g non eprom ecu out of a 90 60 shipped
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