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  1. The End of Another Part (Clutch Master Levers--NLA)

    I am glad I have a 1g and VR4 pedal assembly sitting the garage, both of which I sent to Shep trans to be welded years ago..
  2. FS: Evo seat rail adaptors for gvr4 making a run of them.

    I need to get mine done as well..

    The wife left the house to go shopping it was there, and hour latter it was towed. Got my lawyer working on getting the car repaired and possibly the tow fee refunded they cant prove the car was in the fire lane.

    So I have owned a AWD vehicle for 20+ years now, and it is still amazing that company's don't train drivers to look to see if a car/truck is AWD. No they did not use a flatbed or wheelies to tow the car. The whole front diff and tires lock up and sequel when i try to turn the car , basically it...

    Thanks for the support guys! The car turned up at the tow yard, it seems my Hoa thought it was abandoned. Why? I dont know i drive it everyday..

    So 927 was Stolen yesterday from in front of my house. My wife saw it when she left to go shopping, and when I came out an hour later it was gone. I'm so pissed and disappointed, on the bright side I did not have single after market part on the car, as those pieces are still in storage with the...
  7. New Personal Best with 1837

    I miss my Syclone..
  8. hood vents

    I was looking at the new c7 hood vents, I think that might look good.. click
  9. FS: Evo seat rail adaptors for gvr4 making a run of them.

    I'm in no rush, and thanks for the heads up. I cant wait to get these, I've had the seats or a year now.
  10. FS: Curtis seat brackets

    Curtis get your s**t together man. I kid I kid. Been looking for these mythical brackets for awhile now lol..
  11. FS: Curtis seat brackets

    please let these fall to me. I have the seats already to go in.
  12. FS: Curtis seat brackets

    What number in line am I??
  13. FS: Curtis seat brackets

    Got no response from the guy.
  14. FS: Curtis seat brackets

    Very interested please post price sending pm now.
  15. FS: 92 galant at the junk yard

    damn one showed up in vegas..
  16. FS: Crazy rockauto sale

    DAMN!! Time to get parts on the cheap. Good Looking out!
  17. TRE or Shep

    If you wanted to have the Shep trans rebuild one of their transmission give them a call or email' they may do that but they are out of building new transmission for 1g 2g dsm's.
  18. FS: EVO 399 MAF & HARNESS

    So I have a evo 399 maf and plug and play harness for a VR4 along with the round adapter for the filter. I was going to use this but I found out the person I bought my DSMlink from included the SD setup as well, so I will be going with that. Asking $135 shipping and PP fees included.
  19. FS: Group buy: Cusco camber plates.

    So will these work with the BC Coilovers and what the gains over stock??
  20. FS: #800/2000 Full Part Out

    Im looking for a good working antenna and the fuel sending unit..
  21. FS: Ultra Racing Fender Braces ****SOLD*****

    So its like all the Curtis stuff if you missed it you can get it. I would be down for a set of his frame connectors and evo seat brackets. I may pick these up here, need to get the funds together.
  22. WTB: Curits Brackets

    Like the title say a set of Curtis brackets, so that I can mount the evo seats I have in the galant.
  23. 28/1000 part out BG car

    Fuel sending unit,shifter assembly, power antenna ( as long as its in good working order) interior foot guards (I think that's what they are called) and all window seals ( in good condition)
  24. FS: 960 Full partout UPDATED

    Do you have the weather stripping for all the doors, and if so what's the condition/pics.
  25. FS: 1587/2000 Part-out OBO

    PM sent.
  26. Rarity Among VR4's?

    Mine is rust free and non-sunroof, but is belize green.
  27. FS: 960 Full partout UPDATED

    PM sent sir..
  28. SOLD!! TY

    SOLD!! Pending funds.
  29. SOLD!! TY

    Price drop bump..
  30. SOLD!! TY

    Only thing left is 20g come with new housing and new price.
  31. FS: 1720 part out colorado

    Any chance the fuelsending unit is good/available? ?
  32. SOLD!! TY

    20G still available..
  33. SOLD!! TY

    Two down one to go. Almost to my Holset dream.
  34. SOLD!! TY

  35. SOLD!! TY

    ALL SOLD!!!
  36. holset turbo questions

    After seeing this yesterday, I am now seriously rethinking the direction I want to go with in regards to my turbo set-up... I've been reading all weekend on what to go with hx40 or hx35 stay with the billet 20g I have waiting.. Curse you guys..
  37. Big 16G MHI

    Well you learn something new everyday. Time to readjust the ad.
  38. Big 16G MHI

    How can you tell its a Chinese tbh? Plus there are no cracks on this anywhere. Thanks for commenting. .
  39. Big 16G MHI

    As the title says, I'm selling a completely rebuilt by turbolab big 16g MHI turbo with 7cc housing. It has zero miles on it, no stripped bolts or studs, and is ready to bolt on and go. $500.00 includes shipping+ tracking number and paypal fees.
  40. 1101 rebuild thread. 4/8/13 FMIC up by A/C condenser.

    Its looks like you have two radiators..
  41. Belize green powder coating

    I just want to powder coat some things so that they match the color of the car that's all. I cant seem to find a match and just wanted to know if there is anyone out there that has that same color code for belize green in a powder form.
  42. Fuel sending unit

    Can't wait to see the pics.
  43. Belize green powder coating

    As the title hints at. Is there anyone out there that has the Belize green color for our cars in powder form to use in powder coating??
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