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  1. PM problems

    Thanks guys, that was the clue I needed -- the preview had an issue. Fixed.
  2. Image upload problem?

    Fixed. Upload window was not in https, updated the link and now browsers like it better.
  3. Image upload problem?

    Are you using a mobile device or computer? Which browser?

    Pull the vacuum lines on the FPR and check to see if there is fuel in it. I've had a stock FPR fail in that manner.
  5. FS: Don't miss this!! - Rust free AZ parts! Multiple ex-rally team's part out

    He does list his phone number for texting...
  6. Was there a reset?

    +1I suck.
  7. display name change?

    Not possible.You got turnt up on Captain and Coke and let Jeremy use your account.
  8. display name change?

    Oh sh*t, I forgot all about those.
  9. GVR4 gas tank rust. - solved.

    This is amazing!
  10. East Coast MOD 2016 Photo Dump

    +1 your Galant was definitely the best one there.
  11. Hacked?

    The long password is just a smoke screen. It's not your actual password.If you're at all suspicious, change all your passwords and this goes for everyone: do not use the same password in more than one place.
  12. VR4 Clothing

    Send me an email at [email protected] if you'd like to discuss. If things go well, I can hook you up with vector art.
  13. Rear defroster

    Might I suggest a Chicago Bears logo...
  14. Search function issues

    Fixed, I think. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. Deleting Post Reminders and Fav Threads

    Sent messages? Like the PMs? We have plenty of storage, don't worry about cleaning up. PMs > 1 yr old get purged every so often.
  16. FS: Partout of GGSX 9/25 PARTOUT OVER SHELL GONE

    I need the exhaust hangar brackets from the underside of the car (the ones that bolt onto the floorpan) Also interested in a washer fluid reservoir and pump.
  17. Email From the Site

    Server maintenance.
  18. Chitown Wrenchathon at Hertz's Jan 24-25

    clickNeeding some parts to get to the finish line. PM me.Lurkers don't be strangers come meet the old dogs, vulture some parts.
  19. WTB: DSM flanged turbo and fuel supply line in Chicago area

    Anyone local to me with a DSM flanged turbo, preferably 50 trim, PM me. Cash in hand.Also looking for fuel supply line (filter to rail) needed to get 77/2000 off JSB this weekend.
  20. Headroom Gained from Racing Buckets

    Quoting turbofonz: Has anyone came up with a way to lower the factory seats?Yes-ish ... I was able to get about 1/2" lower (and fix an annoying pain in the ass... literal) by removing the lower seat cover and extracting one of the metal wires that follows the seam across the seat/is molded...
  21. Rally Video from Australia-Forest Finale

    That made me thirsty.
  22. Deleting Post Reminders and Fav Threads

    This is fixed.
  23. Chitown Wrenchathon at Hertz's Jan 24-25

    Starting Friday afternoon, until running.I'll PM you details.
  24. Chitown Wrenchathon at Hertz's Jan 24-25

    Iceman: weekend before might have some pre-wrenching, but I will likely be busy moving furniture and packing. You'd definitely be a welcome expert, but if the timing and distance don't make sense I won't be mad. You're in Michigan now?Polski: I think we've met, you visited when I live by...
  25. Chitown Wrenchathon at Hertz's Jan 24-25

    I've been JSB for too long and I need to move the car. Come help me put 77/2000 together. Hang out with old farts.Food, drink, free title changes, pick up spare parts for cheap/free.Midwest crew is best crew.
  26. images

  27. Email From the Site

    In an effort to restore reliable email messaging from the site, I've made some changes. (If) you receive email from the board, you may notice that is sent via [email protected] Hopefully this will better pass through the myriad of spam filtering that has recently had its way with our...
  28. FS: 1961 Comet S22 coupe w/ mustang II, disc, 350 v8 - $4200 (Chi)

    Free bump - why are you selling?
  29. GB: Round 3 - GVR4.ORG Silhouette Decals + Other Goodies

    Wait... what? You revived a post for something that happened 2 years ago and are ... wondering why you haven't heard from the seller?
  30. Server Maintenance

    Well, that was more than I bargained for... Updates and stuff went well, but the database got corrupted and was being difficult. Sorry if you lost any posts or PMs in the last 24 hours.
  31. SOLD- 1992 VR-4, Belize Green, #77/1000, $4000, Asheville, NC

    Quoting Turbro_Negro: Oh snap 77. I wonder who has the other 77.If the other even runs...
  32. Can't edit my personal info

    You'll have to be more specific.
  33. Service Interruptions

    We've been running into some maintenance issues with the site which have caused some outages. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience and understanding.
  34. starts normal then sputters and dies, unable to drive.

    Quoting EHmotorsports: then you have been lucky as it takes the coating off of most honeycombs. I know this from experience as a BMW/MINI tech for 8 years and working on cars a total of 15. maybe you are using cali recommended cleaner that takes hardly anything off anyways.If you are talking...
  35. Better way to navigate the board.

    I think what you're describing is a vendor section. We don't technically allow that kind of thing. The idea is that a shop doesn't get favor over an individual member. If we had such a section it would turn into the same thing, those who work at shops or sell parts on the side would just bury...
  36. Issue responding to threads

    One last question: new post or reply?
  37. Issue responding to threads

  38. Server Maintenance Labor Day 9/2/13

    Clear the cookies: click
  39. Server Maintenance Labor Day 9/2/13

    A clearing of cookies should fix that.
  40. Server Maintenance Labor Day 9/2/13

    Quoting Hertz: Migration is mostly complete. There will be some bug-squashing over the next couple hours. Please reply here if you encounter anything strange. PM notifications and site email might not be working yet.I did test them and they worked for me. It might be something else.
  41. Pics I took from Hot Import Nights in Houston TX

    I enjoy the girls' brief coverage. :creep:
  42. Server Maintenance Labor Day 9/2/13

    Migration is mostly complete. There will be some bug-squashing over the next couple hours. Please reply here if you encounter anything strange. PM notifications and site email might not be working yet.
  43. Server Maintenance Labor Day 9/2/13

    Never trust a fart.
  44. Server Maintenance Labor Day 9/2/13

    I will be performing some minor (serious) server maintenance on Monday/Labor Day 9/2/13 starting at approximately 8:00am Central. The site may be interrupted for 10-15 minutes and various side-effects of migrating to a new server will be experienced throughout the day, including: headache...
  45. So I entered 1051 in a street car competition

    Quoting turbowop: My Paypal addy is [email protected]$20 sent
  46. Sideways pictures

    Migration to a new server that has more advanced image manipulation capabilities is coming very soon. May have been this weekend, but our 1.3 TB of hosted images would fit on this here 931 GB disk.
  47. New guy from Mass with a 4G63 Ram 50 and now a GVR4

    Jeremy you made me LOL. RHD or not, you're starting underwater with a VR-4.
  48. Yay me! Being bad during camshaft install.

    Achievement unlocked: POS gremlins, right-click the word Instant Graemlins to access the secret list.
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