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  1. FS: cyclone, h&r/agx, ecmlink, 91 tails.

    Few parts for sale.JDM cyclone manifold, it doesn't have the factory coil bracket but the transistor one is there. Also doesn't have the factory Mitsubishi vacuum canister, but it has the dodge alternative posted on the forums. Has worked great controlled through link. 150$ obo, went back to...
  2. Pedal Assembly

    Ordered the bushing kit and getting her welded, no longer needed.
  3. Pedal Assembly

    ISO a rebuilt assembly, welded, I have the one pulled out of my car and there's definitely some play. Paypal ready.
  4. Prothane poly motor mount kit

    Still have these by chance?
  5. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    I think sadly, according to post 78 if I remember correctly. He was going to do 10 and 10 only. I need something too 😭
  6. Found

    If you ended up not scooping up one of the right assemblies from the other guy. Let me know, I believe I'm in need of one. Just didn't want to try and scoop on your parts wanted post before you purchased.
  7. Radiator fan

    I'm looking for the passenger side puller fan for a 92. These 110 deg days are pushing my temps up a little too much. And my broken shroud on my fan isn't helping much. Paypal ready, shipped to 95966. Thanks!
  8. Blew a rocker

    Could always steal the parts, people are still paying healthy amounts for bare 2g heads.On the flip side, could swap the 2g head onto your block. Then sell the 1g head as bare. Shocked myself saying that cause I had a 2g head with an Evo 3 intake and it was so very tempting but decided...
  9. WTB: GVR4 Jpipe with thicker flange

    Looking for an aftermarket (taller flange) jpipe for a galant vr4, can include the upper section of pipe leading toward drivers side of bay too to replace the factory one. The factory ones been warped a while and sits real close to my fp manifold. PayPal ready, thanks!
  10. WTB: VR4 near San Diego CA

    No wonder my old evo has montana plates, not a bad idea. Supposedly theres a code in the DMV handbook about cars 30+ years old being able to be wiped of backfees. I've been meaning to dig into it too.
  11. WTB: VR4 near San Diego CA

    That's what I like to hear!! Heck yeah, glad I could help!
  12. WTB: VR4 near San Diego CA

    Call em up, hopefully it's still be around! 🤘
  13. WTB: VR4 near San Diego CA

    Little farther than socal but did see a 91 in thr bay area on Facebook. Iirc had backfees and some type of engine problem, guys number was posted. I can find it if interested at all.

    Not in particular, I'd take a standard one. How much you looking to get? I just would like to get my hands on an AMG but you know how that goes these days.

    On a little bit of a hunt for one of these, its the two piece design. Figured this place may be my last hope, hopefully! Paypal ready if anyone's sitting on one. 95966 is zip code for shipping.TIA!
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