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  1. WTB: trunk latch

    I have one of these if you still need it. Let me check on shipping.
  2. FS: 17in Oz Superleggaras

    Turn one over and look at the back for the offset.
  3. WTB: GVR4 3 bolt axles.

    Man, I am so sorry I totally spaced on this. I will try and check this week if I still have these around.
  4. FS: 1991 Galant VR4 18/2000 owner. Post #55.
  5. D2 rally asphalt coilovers

    I see on Christmas the spirit of 1051 made its presence known in your screenshot.Tempting. Spring rates?
  6. Roof Moldings? What can I use to Replace With

    One thing I will say is don't leave the clips in the channel exposed to the sun without the molding covering them. They will become brittle extremely quickly and disintegrate when exposed to UV.From a regular 6G they will be black not painted in color match, but that is correctable.
  7. model

  8. New to the forum? Introduce yourself here.

    That car was sold in Missouri, not MOichigan. ;)
  9. Electrical issues - dash lights / headlights

    Memory is a bit fuzzy, but I seem to remember that the headlights on this vehicle only light with ignition on. All the other lights work anytime, right?For the brake light coming on with the clutch, pull the wiring off the clutch switch and see what happens (you may have to jumper it to start...
  10. Gertrude

    We can't even see her under that snow. You back in MT Roger (from Scotland)?
  11. front end panel

    I had one at some point, Might still. Let me know if yub doesn't have it.
  12. Evo parts

    Nothing really bolt-on too much. Are you thinking of early Evos, such as 1-3?Later Evo models such as 7-9 can donate brakes and suspension but need some modifications to fit and work.
  13. Street 1948/2000 Build thread

    Kevin- good to hear from you! Glad to see you working on it. Your car has always been such a nice package.
  14. Found

    I have a green rear spoiler in Michigan.
  15. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    See post 249 above yours for the most recent info and the email address to send inquiry to.
  16. For sale - 1992 VR4 - #117/1000

    My apologies for making an assumption. :confused:
  17. Galant GSX build (and how to evict rodent squatters)

    It's absolutely wild how destructive mice are when they move in. Good luck with the project in whatever direction you go.
  18. For sale - 1992 VR4 - #117/1000

    Yes, car is grey (H52 color listed on build plate, fyi).
  19. Centre Gauge Pods

    I think some have made their own, but the factory piece came from the GS Galant (IIRC) that had the funky electronic suspension. That pod has something instruments or something in it.
  20. Which rotors for Diamante calipers?

    Steve is right on the piston sizes. You need to look carefully at the casting numbers on the caliper and compare to Centric's info. they actually have pretty good technical info. I ran into this with 2005 Outlander calipers last year when rebuilding a set of them and a set of GVR4 calipers...
  21. Manual Trans rebuild info and bearing specs

    Can you identify why the preload would change by shimming the differential? Sorry, but I have no familiarity with the set up of this transmission.When I rebuilt my manual, the shop book said to put pieces of soft metal (I used solder) when putting the case together. then you measure the...
  22. WTB: ARP Head Stud Kit 6 Bolt 1G ARP # 207-4201

    I have heard this in the Datsun world too. Interesting.
  23. 1G 2G 4G63 DSM Parts - go fast bits, alternator, FPR kits, air filters, etc.

    What sensor does this use?Innovate DB-Blue Gauge + LC-2 Wideband (no sensor) $100.00Thanks.
  24. FS: '92 Kensington Grey GVR4 Partout

    Paul, are you asking for the a-pillar trim for passenger side? I may have one of those.
  25. A/c system

    The AC mounting bracket and tensioner are both different as well. In fact, probably almost everything is different if I recall correctly.
  26. My Galant GSX build

    You're not going to wedge that mustang in that box too?
  27. - WTB/WTT: Galant VR4 -

    Just a comment, not a criticism. It's not "all stock". Wheels, steering wheel, shift knob, stereo, pedal covers are some easily noticeable items that are not stock pieces. Nice car though. I'd be tempted if I didn't already have about 6 project irons in the fire already. :banghead:
  28. Hey. New 6G Owner

    Beautiful. You and the shop have done nice work. I remember how I felt about mine when I had it painted about 15 years ago.
  29. Floor mats

    Those are different than US spec. Not to mention driver's feet are on the wrong side of the car. :d:
  30. WTB - Coilovers for VR4

    Nice. What's on the car now.
  31. WTB: GVR4 3 bolt axles.

    I may still have a set. I will try and check. I am on lifting restriction due to surgery, so I have to see what's in the way. ;)When you mention cups, are you referring to the cups that attach to the our hub axle shaft? I think I have a spare set of those too.
  32. Was a ZR4, now a VR4

    Interesting repair. Let us know how it works.

    I have a stock Mitsubishi Cyclone manifold if Peter has not found his.
  34. WTB outlander caliper brackets

    Sorry, don't have a set to offer, but wanted to comment. I don't understand why the aftermarket company that was making these stopped. It was Febest. I didn't buy a set from them, but used some of their other parts that seemed good quality. They seemed to be available lots of places, but...
  35. Wrong Timing Belt Pulley Installed?

    When I did the timing belts and water pump jobs on three 3.0 Mitsu (one Galant and two Stratus R/T vehicles) engines a few years ago I bought the Aisin parts kits from Rock auto. They seemed great quality. I have had no issues with them.Not sure they are available for 4G63, but I will look...
  36. Well, I boogered up a 35 dollar seal

    The oil pan bolts under the timing belt pulley need to be confirmed for length to not hit the timing belt. Some engines by now may have all short ones or any kind of mix, but make sure those two clear, that's the important aspect.
  37. Factory amplifier for radio

    If it is the Infinity system, it will be under the passenger seat. Otherwise, it will not have one.I have stuff left over from a 2002 Galant V6 my daughter wrecked (not a lot) if there is anything that can help you.
  38. Rear caliper replacement

    The big issue is the parking brake. If it was not used or from a real salty area, the rotating drum can be seized in there. I have not checked myself, but if you are looking to get a rebuild kit, check if it contains the parts for that function. Many probably don't.
  39. Old CAPS I have laying around...

    Also should note if anyone does still use these, I have export versions as well if anyone is interested in the data. I think I even have some JDM versions (which I may not part with yet).
  40. Old CAPS I have laying around...

    Decoration? I have loads of those myself. It will still work, just won't have latest part numbers if they have been superseded.I think those went away about 2008 or so when they went to the new CAPS.
  41. Swift springs on kybs and agx's.

    I assembled coilovers on my AGX maybe 10 years ago. I removed the stock lower spring mount (designed for coil springs with a tail) and used shaft clamps sized to the shock body to hold the threaded sleeve. I bought the threaded sleeves and top retainers from some local stock car parts store...
  42. W5M332WQWK or W5M332NQBM transmission

    OK, you did say that this was from you GVR4. that is definitely a VR4 VIN, so if it matches your car it is original.Jon is a good guy to work with. I have not talked with him in years, but I did maybe three rebuilds with him, Wish now I had kept more than the one for my car. The one i have...
  43. LSD rear in Galant GSX Question

    well in that case, I might have a rear diff for you, but I know for sure I have a ring and pinion set available. I used the VLSD center section and have the rest of the parts left over.
  44. W5M332WQWK or W5M332NQBM transmission

    If you go to the right around the clutch housing of the object in your pictures, there is another flat boss that has a stamped VIN on the NBQM (I can see it's there). Check on the same spot on the WQWK. The VIN stamp was a US requirement, but likely not on the trans not for US market. If...
  45. LSD rear in Galant GSX Question

    I don't know the interchange with GGSX stuff so much, but perhaps the VLSD diff can be put in the original GGSX housing with the original 2.846 ring and pinion?
  46. Fuel and temp gauges not working properly

    Yeah, we don't want it to be any of that Tooners nonsense. :eek::ROFLMAO:
  47. (NO LONGER NEEDED) WTB: 91-92 Galant GSX Transmission or VR4 Transmission and Rear Diff

    If you found a 2g trans, do you need a VR4 rear diff?
  48. Wrong Timing Belt Pulley Installed?

    I think the only bolt I have ever sealed is the bolt used to plug the hole when you do balance shaft removal.Also regarding parts, sometimes Beck Arnley parts are the same as OE.
  49. splicing in pigtails

    Any particular connections you are working on? There are various techniques. I have repaired a few harnesses missing connectors over the years. I even have a few miscellaneous spare items if you need them.
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