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  1. Front mounted intercooler

    1g punishment racing fmic little bit of work but fits nicely.
  2. FS: 16x9 4x114.3

    It was a joke about monthly payments lol
  3. FS: 16x9 4x114.3

    Do you have layaway lol
  4. WTB: tuning services chicago/milwaukee area

    I wouldn't go to boostin. Had 2 friends take cars to them for a tune. Spent thousands of dollars and ended up with cars that ran worse.
  5. WTB: hks 272s

    Looking for a set of hks 272s or something similar
  6. FS: 16x9 4x114.3

    I'm cheap
  7. FS: 16x9 4x114.3

    Soo much want.
  8. FS: 510cc & 550cc Injectors and FMIC

    That's awesome. That throttle elbow flange took the better part of 4 hours.
  9. FS: 510cc & 550cc Injectors and FMIC

    I built them intercooler pipes. I wondered where they ended up.
  10. WTB: GVR4 driveshaft

    $120 shipped I'll have to separate it to fit it in a smaller box.
  11. WTB: Windshield Trim

    I have the drivers side $30 shipped.
  12. WTB: GVR4 driveshaft

    I've got one. I'll get pix when I get home.
  13. WTB: Windshield Trim

    I'll get some pix of what I have when I get home.
  14. Tuning Advice
  15. WTB: Built head, turn signal pigtail.

    Still looking for a head.
  16. WTB: Built head, turn signal pigtail.

    Offers tend to offend. How much you looking to get?
  17. WTB: Built head, turn signal pigtail.

    Looking for something with at a minimum upgraded springs. Also need a pigtail for the drivers side turn signal.
  18. WTB: GVR4 specific gauge pod

    web pagethey will be able to help you
  19. My first gvr4

    That was the most depressing sound ever.
  20. My first gvr4

    From what I can tell they are factory seats that have been redone
  21. My first gvr4

    Should be running sometime tomorrow.
  22. FS: ECMLINK V3 Full for 1g no cable.

    You won't be disappointed
  23. FS: 363/2000 Part Out (Update 8/3/14)

    How much shipped to 61554 for drivers b pillar and the piece that goes from a-c pillar. (Drivers)
  24. clutch/ignition cutout switch

    I'm looking to setup NLTS but both the wires are broke off the back of the plug.
  25. clutch/ignition cutout switch

    Mine is fubar. Does anyone know where to locate a new one. I can't seem to find any on the Internet.
  26. jnava

    another great transaction. can't go wrong dealing with jnava!
  27. FS: AMG sparkplug cover, VC, Misc Injectors

    Quoting 92_talon_awd: 3. Post must contain asking prices, this is not eBay and we don't do auctionsthat all depends on who you are.
  28. WTB: ETS intercooler.

    I am in need of another ETS core or full kit.Let me know what you got.
  29. Showcase: Speed Density Auto-tuning VE map code

    Will the auto tuner be able to transition between e85 and 93 or is it strictly single fuel tuning?
  30. Showcase: Speed Density Auto-tuning VE map code

    Not yet. He just sent it to me last night. I'm not the smartest when it comes to tuning so I'm playing it safe and waiting until he get back in town.He seems to really be interested in it. The last time he tuned my galant,he kept mumbling something about checking out what the swede is doing..
  31. Showcase: Speed Density Auto-tuning VE map code

    Zach Reliford. Goes by the screen name standard. Don't believe he's on here. But he is on
  32. Showcase: Speed Density Auto-tuning VE map code

    Got a copy of SwD from my tuner. He has been talking about it for awhile. Definitely interested in the atuo tuner when it's released.
  33. Showcase: Speed Density Auto-tuning VE map code

    Where can this software be found?
  34. FS: galant specific full A pillar gauge pod

    I'd be interested in one.
  35. WTB: stock 14b cover

    I got one floating around the garage as well.
  36. FS: 1702/2000 Part Out SOLD!!!

    I need the center vent.
  37. FS: 92 VR4 866/1000 not running +more $1500

    Wish I had the money to pick this up. Any chance you will spynace it haha.
  38. MOD 2013 - Normal IL 9/21

    Turbo swapped, full tank of E85 the galant is ready.
  39. FS: 92 galant base in junkyard

    Dash center vent and drivers fender shipped to 61554
  40. FS: Garage cleanout, Help fund my repairs

    Valve cover sold.
  41. FS: Garage cleanout, Help fund my repairs

    Thanks for the offer but I already have a set of used studs.I wwant a new set to go with the new head gasket.
  42. FS: Garage cleanout, Help fund my repairs

    Weekly bump.. help me buy some head studs.
  43. FS: parting out green 91

    How much for the drivers fender to 61554
  44. FS: Garage cleanout, Help fund my repairs

    Intercooler pipes sold. Take the rest of these parts off my hands.
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