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  1. (SOLD)FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 $2200OBO McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania 15136

    VIN # JA3GX56U3MZ008285172,000 miles#1952/2000Belize greenNon-sunroofModifications:Evo 3 16G Hallman MBC set at 14lbs. Boost(hooked up), oil pressure gauge(not hooked up), and an AEM wideband (new, not installed) Full 3" exhaust Tial Blow off valve IRC street...
  2. 30amp ignition fuse blown

    Thanks, it seems very plausible that could be the issue, I loaded the rims in the back and it might have knocked something loose. I'll pull the liner and get a good look at the wiring. I'll post up what I find.
  3. 30amp ignition fuse blown

    Just went to pull the starter relay to check it, the manual says it should be a 4 prong connector but on my car the relay in the position is a six prong. I can't find anything on the web about this. Just wanted to rule out another component.
  4. 30amp ignition fuse blown

    I don't post much on the forum, most of the info I find through searches.Background story... Drove the car about an hour away to pick up rims and tires, it ran great the entire way. I turn it off, my turbo timer runs for 30 secs. Go to start the car and it blows the fuse. I did not do any...
  5. FS: 1025/2000 500obo East Peoria, IL

    hello, My names Ian and I'm trying to sell my vr4. rolling chassis, no engine or trans originally a Colorado car, virtually no rust on the underside or body(can get pictures of it later) body is a bit rough dings and dents as well as clear coat peeling on roof and hood reason for selling...
  6. sensor ground issue

    I have tested another known working MAS and the ECU still throws the codes. Also tested both IAT sensors out of the car and they are giving correct resistance for room temp.Although the wiring around the thermostat housing is brittle I don't think its my problem. The G/B wire from the CTS...
  7. sensor ground issue

    Just to clarify... the KS was unplugged and the connector (KS end) got stuck on something and came off when I took the head off. I did not just rip the head off with things connected.
  8. sensor ground issue

    The two grounds from IM to firewall are connected.
  9. sensor ground issue

    I'm having an issue with my sensor ground. The car is throwing 5 CELs; baro, iat, tps, cts, and knock. The knock sensor plug was ripped off at some point during my head swap, just haven't replaced it yet.Some background for you... I got the car about a year ago, and shortly after did...
  10. car will not go above 3000rpms when in gear

    I just checked the timing and it is definitely off. I'm going to adjust it tomorrow. The timing light is showing the tic mark below the tab on the engine guard. Does this mean I have to advance or retard the timing? I would adjust the CAS toward the firewall ? If you wouldn't mind explaining...
  11. car will not go above 3000rpms when in gear

    No boost leaks. I will check timing in a few and get back to you with what I find.Thanks for the help, Ian
  12. car will not go above 3000rpms when in gear

    Hello, I picked up 1025 about 3 weeks ago. When i first got it there was no boost until about 6000 rpms (manifold was cracked, bad gasket and 5 broken studs). I swapped in a 2g manifold and put on new studs and so forth. While the car was down I put on new spark plugs (bpr6es) with wires. After...
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