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  1. WTB: Mitsubishi Roof Rack

    I have a thule roof rack but I'm looking for a mitsubishi version for galant. Please let me know.
  2. FS: jdm rear bumper black

    price negotiable? i'm in Northern California
  3. FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Thanks for the update!!
  4. FS: '93 HID Headlight Project, Other Headlight Parts

    PM sent for the 93 headlinghts
  5. 1g intercooler in VR4

    Looks nice!! keep us posted
  6. New owner of 866/1000

    great job keeping these legendary cars alive!!
  7. FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    I will buy one thank you
  8. WTB: oem mud flaps

    I sent you my email, did you receive it? I'm still interested.
  9. WTB: oem mud flaps

    Hello just following up about mud flaps
  10. WTB: oem mud flaps

    Hey no problem, just let me know when your available. I'll keep checking in next week
  11. WTB: oem mud flaps

    Just following up, you still have mud flaps?
  12. WTB: oem mud flaps

    Yes I'll pick them up can you Send me a pic of what needs to be fixed to bolt fronts?
  13. WTB: oem mud flaps

    Thanks for info. You have any rear mud flaps for sale?
  14. WTB: oem mud flaps

    Hello everyone. Checking if the community has any left over or unused rear and possibly front mud flaps. Not sure if front even had any mud flaps but thought I'd ask. I'm lookin for Oem style please.Thank you
  15. FS: Evo 8 steering wheel

    Sell just air Bag?
  16. Sold: Rebuilt 1G AWD 22 spline trans Sold. Sacramento, CA

    Do you have the transfer case?
  17. Ac control module

    Thanks so much for the response holeshot, I've tested the circuit connected only and I'm not getting a voltage back from the air thermo sensor. I am seeing 6v+ from the air inlet sensor and the freon temp sensor (freon temp sensor not returning voltage). I think I need to replace compressor...
  18. Ac control module

    Question for the forum. My ac control module behind the glove box reads 1.5v on the air thermo sensor while the electrical diagram shows that this should be a 5v signal. My question does this mean my AC control module is no good? I have an extra control module and both read the same voltage.
  19. WTB: AC control box

    Looking for AC control box behind glove box, needs to be confirmed working please
  20. Sold: GVR4 power steering system - F&R racks/lines/pumps

    looking for a rear dif need the gears to swap over to four bolt and still manage to keep the all wheel steering. let me know your price shipped CA 95823
  21. WTB: OEM VR4 J pipe

    Yes I need this, any one with it please let me know, need for smog
  22. WTB: OEM VR4 J pipe

    Hello, I'm looking for the OEM Galant VR4 Charge J pipe. Its the first pipe off of the turbo with a air nipple and bolts on to turbo with two 12mm bolts. Need this for Smog CA. Anyone have this laying around?
  23. FS: Garage sale

    Is the HKS oil cooler adapter still available? If so please send me paypal with quote shipped to 95823
  24. UPDATE! FS: Pairs of BLE solid lifters to degree your cams.

    You can put me in for a set. Thanks
  25. FS: JDM bumper with crystal clear fogs.....SOLD

    PM sent, I'm local in Sacramento
  26. User Diego Missing

    He sent me an email about three weeks after sending payment letting me know he was going to ship, that was four weeks ago. I sent him the money as a gift on Paypal since he was pretty well known on the forums, I figured it would be okay. Now I cant file a dispute via Paypal. Guess i'll have to...
  27. User Diego Missing

    Hello I sent user Diego a payment for a AC compressor back in May and then he just disappeared off the forum. Does anyone know what happened to the guy? I don't want to put a bad guy post up just yet because I think he's pretty well know on the forum and had been going through some personal...
  28. EVO 8 beehive valve springs

    I'd be interested as well, please keep me posted, retainers and springs
  29. (Resolved) Brick wall around 4000 RPM

    Resolution: Broken coupler clamp. Additional items found, bad TPS and CAS.
  30. FS: Gvr4 AC compressor

    Hey galant brother does the compressor work successfully? r22 our r143?
  31. FS: 1992 Galant VR4 #912/1000 - CA - $3,000 (sunroof) ***SOLD***

    DON"T DO IT!!! My offer still stands if you need someone to put the turbo in and get it running for you I'm down to make it happen. Just drop it off at my place and I'll finish it up after I get off from work. You know its always going to be a love hate relationship but that's part of the fun.
  32. (Resolved) Brick wall around 4000 RPM

    transparentdsm don't think you sound like a dick at all Iit's good advice. I've been daily driving my car for two years with no electrical issues. the fact my ecu burnt up had to do with a random act from the Mitsubishi gods. I am no stranger to...
  33. (Resolved) Brick wall around 4000 RPM

    alright guys I found the root issue with my car broken coupler clamp, which I found while I was replacing front o2. thanks all for your help!! but it does sound like I have other issue with tps and cas, both replaced used from junk yard I have several others...
  34. (Resolved) Brick wall around 4000 RPM

    thanks for all the posts, I really appreciate your suggestions. I have sent Prove_it a log and will be sending him another this afternoon with all Values being logged. I'm running a 2G Mass and I do not have the no lift to shift setting working currently. I have another chip set up that I ran...
  35. (Resolved) Brick wall around 4000 RPM

    I have never posted in the discussion area of the forum, so my apologies if this is in the wrong area.PROBLEM: Car will not drive past 4-4.5 rpm and when boost is built it goes immediately rich, timing doesn't always get retarded. I have ECMLINK v3 and I do not log knock during the time...
  36. WTB: timing cover

    do you have the top timing belt cover for this as well? if so than you have a deal
  37. WTB: timing cover

    broke mine in half now I can't put my car back together. anyone have an extra in half decent shape?
  38. FS: Hood Struts GVR4

    regular black please
  39. FS: Hood Struts GVR4

    I would like one too thanks
  40. WesternMD_VR4

    I didn't see a thread started for WesternMD_VR4 but he was super generous with offering me small part that I need for my interior at no cost!! He paid for the postage, packaging and communicated great through the process.THANKS WesternMD_VR4
  41. FS: HKS SSQV on stainless short route UICP, pwr/eco switch, IAC, TPS

    Do you still have the HKS Pipe from Inter cooler to TB elbow?
  42. FS: #800/2000 Full Part Out

    need the wheel well plastics both passenger and driver side? any mud guards?
  43. FS: BC Coilovers, brand new in box .

    Are these all four corners? Does it include camber plates?
  44. FS: Non OEM Thule roof racks

    100.00 I pay for shipping and paypal fees. Let me know if this works for you
  45. FS: 960 Full partout UPDATED

    thanks for the response
  46. FS: 960 Full partout UPDATED

    Do you have the wheel well plastics for driver and passenger.
  47. FS: 720cc injectors, 6bolt core, bolt on PTE housing, misc forsale...

    is this the ECM link V3 Full or lite?
  48. WTB: 3000GT Mounting Brackets

    Thanks I'm really just looking for the brackets, maybe someone has some they aren't using. Shipping through the Vender is to expensive and not worth the international shipping rate. I think their located in canada
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