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  1. O2 sensor harness repair - how to handle braided shielding...

    If you do try to repair it, make sure you follow the wiring diagram in terms of how the shield is grounded. The shield needs to be grounded to work properly. If I remember right, the shield is tied to 1 of the 2 wire inside, near the ECU. But its been a while since I looked.There are some...
  2. JDM corner plugs

    Just to make sure, I mean a pic of the plug you need, not the pic of the plug on the corner light. I MAY be able to match it with the pic of the connector on the light, and point you to a source. But if its the one I am thinking of, there are a few connectors that are all pretty similar.
  3. JDM corner plugs

    I think those are the same ones someone just emailed me about. If anyone has pictures of the original connector, I could try to point you in the direction of an exact match
  4. Instrument cluster swap

    I can't imagine you would get much support on how to wire up the $25 universal motorcycle cluster.Some signals are fairly easy, like tach signals off of coils. But other ones like the fuel level senders will require some sort of specific calibration, and sometimes some external circuitry...
  5. Fuel injector connectors

    What year GT-R? Must be an older one, because that type of injector connector with the rubber boot extending off the back is a really old design.
  6. Fuel injector connectors

    Quoting G: Can you sell me 6 with pigtails?I don't have pigtails for those available right now, sorry. But I do sell the connectors in sets of 6 for the 3000GT crowd, that is on the website.Quoting FlyingEagle:Mentioned your products just a day or two ago, to a guy trying to get his...
  7. Fuel injector connectors

    Quoting iceman69510:Brad, do you know if they actually use different type pins from 1g--> 2g?They are not the same terminals between the 1G and late 2G style connectors, the connectors are not even from the same manufacturer. Whether or not you can use them, I don't know.Spoolinup...
  8. Fuel injector connectors

    I've got them if you are interested in new ones:clickThese are a good match to the 2G ones found in 97-98. Mitsu only used these for a couple years before going back to the earlier style. I probably would use the earlier style connector if I was doing a harness, but I've had enough people...
  9. Coil on plug build

    The coil on plug coils will not match the stock coils. The stock ECU charges the coils for a set period of time, called dwell. This time will vary with battery voltage and RPM. But the time the ECU charges for needs to match the time the coils need to charge for, to get good energy...
  10. ZR4 Misfire issue

    unplug the power transistor connector and coil pack connectors, make sure everything is dried out in there. I've had a little water get into the back of the power transistor, and it cause some shorts.
  11. Coil on plug build

    They are wired series instead of parallel, because that is the way it should be done.One coil is firing the cylinder under compression, the other coil is firing into the exhaust stroke(waste spark). If you parallel them, then the coil that is firing the waste spark fires first, and will...
  12. Depo Corner Plug/Harness

    I'm pretty sure I know where you can get that connector, don't know if they make a pigtail. Do you have any pics of what the harness plug should look like?
  13. New Owner of 1837/2000

    Quoting GSTwithPSI:Hey, Brad. No CDI.I actually swapped back to a stock coil and wires to try and fix the issue, but the car ran better on the COP. If this doesn't fix the problem, I'll pick up an ARC2.BTW, which model do you recommend for these cars?On the bench, with all good stock...
  14. New Owner of 1837/2000

    Iridiums can help. ButAre you running the COP directly from the PTU? Or do you have a CD ignition somewhere?
  15. Build Thread of 1415/2000

    Looks great!
  16. FS: New underhood connectors, harnesses etc

    I've added a bit larger kits now. This should be a good start for a VR-4
  17. Oem "Heavy" Leather Shift Knob

    I asked JNZ about that a while back. Their cost on it went through the roof a couple of years ago, that is why all of the people who still carry it have it at the higher price now.
  18. FS: New underhood connectors, harnesses etc

    Easier for me to keep track of via email.
  19. FS: New underhood connectors, harnesses etc

    Still adding more connectors to the site.How about interior wiring? I started tracking down some of those connectors as well, since they seem to be tough to find from the normal sources.
  20. Anybody like 4G63 wiring diagrams as much as I do?

    Quoting 4g63mightymax: I was bored the other day and made a video that may be helpful to you guys. It shows how to remove pins from a DSM ECU connector.clickNice, the cutaway will help a lot of people see what is going on there. Have you tried the pico tools for this stuff? Pico made...
  21. Timing ground connector on a GVR4?

    It would be interesting if it is available, but I highly doubt it. If someone had the part number for it though, it'd be neat to check out.FWIW, the dust cover is a NMWP series connector, 2 pin black, with 2 cavity plugs. You can get them here:clickJust make sure when you order it, you...
  22. Mil-Spec engine wiring harness

    Quoting GSTwithPSI: Well, looks like someone finally pulled this off. Looks pretty decent, but the price tag definitely comes with the work. Thoughts? clickWhen he first started posting on Tuners a few months ago, he was advertising parts with the wrong wire seals(round seals that didn't...
  23. Wire harness

    Was it harder to start or running rougher aside from that?Which connectors did you rewire, and where did you get the parts from? Did you rewire the ECT? If that is wrong, that'd probably make it run really rich.
  24. Transmission plugs

    Looks like they are plastic. My first guess of a good source would be McMaster-CarrclickSearch for plastic caps or plastic plugs.
  25. New wire harnesses

    I was never impressed with the quality of Painless. Their engine harnesses are in the same price range. Zip tied only, no wire coverings. They do plenty of low cost or unsealed connections. And I don't know that they do a good job of adjusting wire gauge to match demand. Rywire did sound like...
  26. New wire harnesses

    Quoting iceman69510: John, they are just easier to use. They have squeeze-to-release tabs on the sides, don't require fiddling with the stupid tiny little clips. For those of us who work on these cars too much (raises hand), they are much nicer. I have converted both of my VR4s.Making a...
  27. New wire harnesses

    Quoting GSTwithPSI:@ $650 you'd think they would have used the 2g version.I think the only way this gets done right is if Brad does it himself. I'm assuming he probably supplied half of the connectors for it anyways. I'd pay $650 for a harness that was done right. There's nothing about that...
  28. New wire harnesses

    Quoting iceman69510: Why are they still using wire clip type connectors for the injectors? Should use the 2g type.I recall asking them about the connectors a while back. They do have the metal clips, but they aren't exactly the 1G type. I think they are the Tyco/Bosch type where you press...
  29. New wire harnesses

    Not exactly for a VR-4, and not 100% plug in. But they are making some for a 1G DSM, all new connector, wire etc. With additional wires in the harness for expansion:clickI've talked to several companies that were working on these at different points over the past several years, but they...
  30. FS: New underhood connectors, harnesses etc

    I've added a few things here and there on my site. The biggest thing that I have seen most people asking for, is I have added the quick release injector connectors like on the 2G eclipse and some Chrysler vehicles. I also sell just the terminals and wire seals for those, for those that just need...
  31. Grrr! Broken 2 prong connecter on top of thermostat assembly

    Post a picture of exactly which one you are looking for.
  32. New Owner of 820/1000

    Quoting GSTwithPSI:Brad, yes, the fuse box looks similar to the DSM. Although, it looks the same as the one on 1837 also, so I'm not sure what you're getting at. Are they supposed to be different?I hadn't noticed that underhood on the GVR-4 before. I had been working on sourcing a...
  33. New Owner of 820/1000

    Is that little fuse box hanging off the battery the same as in a 90 DSM?
  34. Rear Trunk Emblems...which were factory anywhere in the world?

    JNZ Tuning has some of the Galant emblem as OEM parts or reproductions
  35. FS: New underhood connectors, harnesses etc

    I do not have them. Where are they used?
  36. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    Ditto on the custom cut ones for other DSMs. I have a 2G, and wouldn't mind one with the Eclipse GSX logo.
  37. GSTwithPSI

    Brett made this transaction hassle free. Paid quickly, no tire kicking questions etc. Thanks!
  38. bradrs

    It got there Monday? That is even faster than I expected. Glad to hear it, and thanks for the feedback.
  39. Cleaning up the wiring harness

    Not trying to troll, just trying to share my experience with all sorts of problems with harnesses and connectors. And there is a lot of potential issues with both assembly, and parts.BTW, I found another pic of the late 2G injector connector, where it did use the same terminal retainer yours...
  40. FS: New underhood connectors, harnesses etc

    Thanks, good to know they are still available from the aftermarket. It is the OEM ones from mitsu that are discontinued. I misunderstood that as being they aren't available from any source. So maybe I should get that 1G O2 sensor connector?
  41. FS: New underhood connectors, harnesses etc

    Quoting iceman69510: Brad,Can you get this one?O2 sensorBTW, answered your pm.I found it recently from KET. The original was a Yazaki connector, but I can't find the original.I was actually talking about picking it up. BUT, recently heard that the 1G O2 sensors...
  42. FS: New underhood connectors, harnesses etc

    Look for a Hozan P706 crimper on Ebay. I got one not too long ago, and they work pretty good. You just have to select the right crimp window for the particular terminal. But its a good universal crimper.
  43. Cleaning up the wiring harness

    Ad posted now.
  44. FS: New underhood connectors, harnesses etc

    I've been tracking down and sourcing underhood replacement connectors for DSMs for several years. And for some common applications I also make plug in harnesses as well. Most of what I get are from the OEM suppliers, and I provide the right wire seals, cavity plugs etc for these.I have for...
  45. Cleaning up the wiring harness

    Quoting GSTwithPSI: My bad for not putting 2 and 2 together.Even G knew I am the guy selling those parts. Just sayin...
  46. Cleaning up the wiring harness

    Yeah, but I wasn't going to post that I had a couple of new pigtails where I had to remove the sheathing available for a lower price in this thread. I don't know what the rules are about selling. Hence the suggestion to email. Not the first time he ignored my advice though.
  47. Cleaning up the wiring harness

    So you didn't try emailing the guy that makes them for JNZ, like I suggested?
  48. FS: Front and Rear LSD Diffs

    Quoting 362Ryan: I am tossing the rear diff in for the price it costs to ship it to sweeten the deal as is.I guess that'll teach me to read this section more than once a week. Never saw this until it was sold. That was a great deal!
  49. Cleaning up the wiring harness

    That one comes with round wire seals. But if you look at the CAS, it comes with oval seals, so that they actually seal. Most of the other places selling a CAS connector have the right seals. Kinda pricey to get a knockoff connector, that isn't even a pigtail like he wanted.
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