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  1. FS: Parting out #1134

    rear crash bumper?
  2. jnava

    Add another good one to the list. Fast ship, good communication, and good product. Thanks Juan.
  3. FS: 1/2" Drive Eastwood torque wrench

    Selling a brand new, never used Eastwood digital torque wrench. Still has the calibration certificate in the case and comes with batteries.Specs listed here: click$70 shipped makes it yours.
  4. FS: '92 tails / SOLD

    I'll take them, pm me pp info.
  5. Replacing ball joints - bad or good?

    For what it's worth I just did mine using Moog brand and they fit perfectly
  6. FS: Garage Sale (HKS, Glowshift, Greddy, Three Speed, and more)

    Engine wiring harness fully intact?
  7. GVR4 on BAT

    Making a trip to Oregon in a week anyhow, told the wife I'll just drive this home
  8. 92 tail light vr4 badge painting

    I'm in the same boat myself. Going to try a few things to make it look good.
  9. New Owner of 1837/2000

    Have you considered getting a flex fuel sensor and running it through ECMlink so you can log it on the fly?
  10. New owner of 161/1000

    Thanks for the information. I'll see if it kicks on tomorrow .
  11. FS: Aluminum Upper Radiator Brackets

    Any of these available?
  12. New owner of 161/1000

    No pics today, but she's alive. ECM Link is in and going, C&M turbo back exhaust is on, and all of the heinous work with removing the 4WS is done. While it doesn't sound like much it's definitely a milestone for me because of how much time it took to get all of that completed.She started up on...
  13. FS: 1991 galant vr4 Chicago hts il 3500

    Maybe I need two
  14. New Owner of 1837/2000

    Quote: This is our 3.5" aluminum drive shaft for the Galant VR-4. This shaft is designed to replace the first 2 shafts of the factory 3-piece system. They are made from 6061-T6 aluminum and 3.5" in diameter, it also includes a custom 7075-T6 aluminum plate to convert the CV back to a u-joint...
  15. New owner of 161/1000

    Well not much work on the turd the last several weeks, just been too busy and I hope to get back at it in the next few days. I got the ECU back from ECM Tuning and she's all repaired, chipped, and ready to go along with a few other small parts. There will be a good amount to update over the next...
  16. Trying to make a decision on an intercooler

    The third link in the OP. Spearco/ Turbonetics the picture is different on that model of the same part number on their home site. Click
  17. Trying to make a decision on an intercooler

    Thanks for all the well thought replies. I'm really intrigued by the option from Turbonetics and that's probably the direction I'll go with. If it doesn't work out I'll likely do something with a 2-216 Spearco core.
  18. Trying to make a decision on an intercooler

    Cost isn't a major issue, but I'm not out to buy the most expensive or biggest one just for the sake of. Would an Evo specific core be an advantage over one of these?
  19. Trying to make a decision on an intercooler

    I've been reading on this topic for probably the last two weeks, and I really don't feel any closer to what I feel would be a reasonable decision. My main concern in choosing a core that is efficient and allows me to keep cold AC and not battle higher coolant temps than necessary instead of just...
  20. New Owner of 1837/2000

    Ouch. Some bad luck lately it seems. You planning to rebuild the whole thing or just repair that U joint?
  21. VR4 Project #1 - Rally cross - 1389/2000

    How difficult was it to rebuild the rear diff?
  22. WTB: 4 Bolt axle cups

    Yeah. I took the bait and just ordered them for 185 with new hardware.
  23. WTB: 4 Bolt axle cups

    Saw that, just kicking the tires if anyone has a used set for less.
  24. WTB: 4 Bolt axle cups

    Looking for a set of 4 bolt axle cups to finish a swap.
  25. New oil pump for fresh rebuild?

    Quote: Some people will tell you different gears can't be installed into a foreign housing, but I've never had an issue. Again, so long as the clearances are in spec, you should be good to go.Interesting. Obviously experience generally trumps most other input, but everything I've read...
  26. 555/1000

    Nice pull. Now I won't feel so bad once I get my turd to the track it has been probably just as long for me. How much boost were you running?
  27. ISC replacement options.

    Looks like some good info, I'll have to digest it after I get off work.
  28. ISC replacement options.

    Good to know. Sometimes parts like this cross reference with other cars and are a good bit cheaper for an OEM part and I was hoping to find an option like that.
  29. ISC replacement options.

    So I sent my ECU to ECM Tuning to get some damage repaired and chipped last week and today I got a response about the damage repairs needed. Seems the ISC driver kursploded from a short, which explains why it was unplugged. The OEM replacement seems to be big money. Has anyone had any luck with...
  30. #418/2000 restore & mod thread.

    Really coming together. I think a lot of the little things that stick out like a sore thumb to you would go unnoticed by most. Regardless, it looks like a million bucks compared to what you started with. I've seen those org stickers on a few cars, does someone sell them?
  31. FS: Garage sale

    direct fit?
  32. Citymunky

    Valve cover came fast and well packed. Thanks again!
  33. Opinions on FMIC kit.

    Good stuff, if you don't mind throw out some pics and updates? Perhaps another starting point will be in order.
  34. Hood louvers - sanity check

    What about doing this? click
  35. Opinions on FMIC kit.

    Any further thoughts on this setup? Price is right, but cold A/C is not something I'm looking to give up.
  36. WTB: Evo 3 hood vents

    you could try this guy. click
  37. JNZ tuning out of business?f*** NO Josh with large breasts is still in Quad D's

    It's not the first or the last time I've left some of my paycheck there. Stuff I ordered today was shipped within 2 hours.
  38. JNZ tuning out of business?f*** NO Josh with large breasts is still in Quad D's

    Good to know, my cables are shot.. so now there are six.
  39. #418/2000 restore & mod thread.

    Not going to lie, that looks way better than I expected. Looking good.
  40. New owner of 161/1000

    That would be nice if I had a welder. Not there yet so I went with some AN adapters with caps. Then hopefully I can take this thing for a cruise.
  41. New owner of 161/1000

    Spent a little time in the garage. Brakes have been bled, clutch has been bled. Also got the battery in the car at the expense of having to start removing the 4ws and nobody was lying when they called that the messiest job ever.
  42. 555/1000

    Nice. Where did the Wilwood brakes come from?
  43. Power steering question.

    Thank you
  44. Power steering question.

    I'm trying to get my JM fab battery tray in and neglected to factor in the power steering lines that go over the trans into the equation. From what I can tell from the FSM and a few posts on here those are the rear steering low pressure lines, or am I wrong? They need to go to get the battery...
  45. New owner of 161/1000

    The lines are from JNZ tuning, everything bolted right in without any fuss, retainer clips and all (which came with the lines). click
  46. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Following this closely. Looks like a nice start to a great project.
  47. New owner of 161/1000

    More stuff huh, what's next?
  48. FS: Evo 9 suspension w/ TEIN springs SOLD

    What kind of ride height are they?
  49. New owner of 161/1000

    Getting there. Brakes are done, not one inch of original line left in the car.
  50. New owner of 161/1000

    Very cool, not far at all. I'd love to see the car sometime.
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