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    Selling a set of evo 3 hood vents. $125 shipped.
  2. WTB: Injector plug with pigtail

    Here is a nice used set. click
  3. WTB: Injector plug with pigtail

    These are the ones you want. From a 2g dsm. No retention clips, you just squeeze the sides. I replaced my brittle oem clips with these.
  4. WTB: Injector plug with pigtail

    These are the oem style but they have those stupid retention
  5. WTB: Injector plug with pigtail

    Quoting boostme: 4Pcs Denso Fuel Injector Connector Electrical Plug Pigtail Quick Disconnect Pigtails For Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, ToyotaclickIs it those?No.
  6. 1700/2000

    It's in Portugal. Being rallied. I was hoping someone here used to own it.
  7. 1700/2000

  8. WTB: 4 bolt rear passenger axle

    WTB: 4 bolt rear passenger axle
  9. 1700/2000

    I know where it is.
  10. 1700/2000

    Does anyone have any intel on 1700/2000?
  11. Just signed up - ‘90 JDM Galant VR4

    Quoting AllanL: did the rs have rear wipers?No.
  12. Just signed up - ‘90 JDM Galant VR4

    Rear wiper?
  13. E39A GVR4 Catalytic Converter Sensor?

    Correct, and you don't need it. Are you in md?
  14. Cad file for camber plates?

    Why not buy the cusco camber plates?
  15. Offsets Wheel

    Is anyone running 17 x 9 +37mm ?:!
  16. ABS light on after long storage, new SS brake lines installed

    Let us know if the abs is disabled when the light is on, clean abs hack!
  17. Newb questions on 255 install from old fart

    I mention the re-wire because the wires and connections are probably old/corroded. I bet the ground on top of the fuel pump hanger is little to non-existent. Have seen many high volume pumps suffer because they are not getting the volts they need, especially under boost, because of corrosion and...
  18. ABS light on after long storage, new SS brake lines installed

    Probably air in the abs pump. Try activating the abs on loose gravel and then re-bleed. If it will activate. Not sure if the light being on will disable the abs.
  19. Newb questions on 255 install from old fart

    You need to re-wire the pump for more voltage and give it a better ground while you are in there, also I would have used a supra pump instead. Super quiet. I have a new one if you need it.
  20. H&R springs

    Aiiieee the agx are for a 1g dsm so they will sit funny. I am going to order a set of gvr4 specific kyb's from japan and try them on one of my galants with some h&r's. The new sr specials are available for our platforms >> click
  21. FS: 1991 Galant VR4 -All Original 90K miles SOLD

    So clean. What head unit is that? Is it bluetooth?
  22. My lip

    Interesting. What year? Need the part #.
  23. 02 Volvo s40 rims

    Yes 4 x 114.3. I can't figure out what model they are from. 16" i think.
  24. 02 Volvo s40 rims

    Does anyone know what volvo these are from? They look very rally spec. I have them for sale.
  25. Update on 1915

    Sweet visor, how much was it?
  26. WTB: Rear Wiper Arm JDM VR4

    Quoting Hittman: Any luck G?Found it. Pm me if you still want it.
  27. FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Oh ok, I thought that was the final product. The red are still available.
  28. FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Very cool, it looks good. That red one never came on our platform.
  29. JDM AC Compressor Diagram

    Sweet, was actually looking for jdm evo spec complete service manual in english as well.
  30. WTB: Rear Wiper Arm JDM VR4

    Sorry not yet.
  31. WTB: Rear Wiper Arm JDM VR4

    I may have one. Let me check.
  32. FS: 1989 Mirage Turbo

    So this is an original turbo model not a swap?
  33. FS: Hood Struts GVR4

    Any low pressure for CF hoods?
  34. 848/1000 new project build.

    I've got a nib hub from japan if you are interested.
  35. Original Radio, some questions

    Did you save the oem speakers? If so then check the magnet. Or look on the body of the radio, it usually says recommended ohms there on a label.
  36. Original Radio, some questions

    Should say on the speaker magnet. Have a look.
  37. E85 question

    I've been looking for a small 6" rubber fuel line that is submersible in e85, no luck.
  38. WTB: OEM Radio

    I can take some. What's your email addy? PM's are currently down.
  39. WTB: OEM Radio

    I have a few.
  40. WTB: Hood, front bumper, head lights, and intercooler Illinois/Wisconsin

    I have a set of headlights. Pm's are not working.
  41. FS: Hood Struts GVR4

    Quoting bobdole: Back into stock ready to ship.Update: We are testing low pressure kit. If works I will do a pre-order sale only. Meaning you would have to pay deposit or up front.Thanks Charleslmk.
  42. Strut Tower braces

    Never used them. I believe they are from Malaysia or the Philippines.

    Looking good!
  44. H&R springs

    Yes h&r changed. I forgot what happened. Bought out or changed factories. The newest versions are def different from the OG h&r's for our platform.Tried to pm you but it says you are not a current user.I also have a NIB set of zoom springs from japan. $300. These I can def look up the...

    DSNE39AMZ00169. I can't get it to come up in any of the online databases. Have to try jdm caps?

    Quoting benjamin: no that is dsne39aThat is a strange chassis code, can you post the complete code?
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