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  1. Along Vr4

    FS : Galant Vr4 E38a / E39a 88 -89 Foglamp

    Hai... Have 1 pair galant vr4 foglamp ( plastic ) Sell $220 w/o paypal fees and shipping... Condition can refer picture below...Thanks...Still niceGive also socket
  2. Along Vr4

    Jdm Galant Vr4 Foglamp

    Yes sure Mike... Pm me
  3. Along Vr4

    Jdm Galant Vr4 Foglamp

    Have 6 sets Vr4 jdm foglmap... All nice condition... Grade 7, 8 , 9 / 10.Sell all go 6 sets... 1 set sell $570... All go i sell $520 × 6 w/o paypal fees and shipping costThanks
  4. Along Vr4

    Jdm Hood Vent #SOLD

    Thank you very much 👍
  5. Along Vr4

    FS : Galant Amg 3 Pieces Spoiler ( Fiber Glass ) Prices Drop

    If anyone need detail picture or video.. i can sent it.. just whatsapp me +60124862394... thanks
  6. Along Vr4

    FS : Tuned By AMG Spark Plug

    Hai all here... have 1 Tuned By AMG spark plug for sales... Condition you can see at picture below... sell $150 w/o shipping and paypal fees... if want nice one i also have keep it.. that other prices.... ThanksHave melting here...
  7. Along Vr4

    FS : Galant Amg 3 Pieces Spoiler ( Fiber Glass ) Prices Drop

    Hai there... Have 3 pieces fiber glass AMG spoiler... Copy 99% an original... Center spoiler came with original AMG brake light... That spoiler need repair cause have some crack... Repair by your own self.. Sell as is... $500 w/o shipping and paypal fees... If looking original i also have...
  8. Along Vr4

    Jdm Hood Vent #SOLD

    Thank you... Item already SOLD
  9. Along Vr4

    Jdm Hood Vent #SOLD

    That matel cover... Yes.. but with other sets.... Still at hood... Price not same
  10. Along Vr4

    FS : Vr4 Rs Bumper Vent

    Hai... I have RS front bumper vent cut from Vr4 Rs bumper... Can see detail picture below.... Asking $150 w/o shipping and paypal fees.... Thanks
  11. Along Vr4

    Jdm Hood Vent #SOLD

    Still have.. Ok PM read 👍
  12. Along Vr4

    Jdm Hood Vent #SOLD

    Have Jdm hood vent only... Condition As Is... Need clean it and new spray.... can refer picture below.... Sell $140 w/o shippng and paypal fees... Anything can PM me... Thanks
  13. Along Vr4

    Center JDM Pocket Dashboard

    Hai to all friend over here... Hava center pocket dashboard... Condition used from Japan... Have little crack line can rever picture below... Flip all okSell $200 w/o shipping and paypal feesThanks
  14. Along Vr4

    New Galant AMG owner from DUBAI - UAE

    Nice.... Glad have galant overthere.. you import from Japan?
  15. Along Vr4

    New Galant AMG owner from DUBAI - UAE

    Share your galant picture 😉
  16. Along Vr4

    Wtb : OEM Roof Rack Galant Vr4

    Hai... looking for oem roof rack galant vr4... if some one have hit me up... Thanks
  17. Along Vr4

    WTB: factory fogs

    JDM foglamp?
  18. Along Vr4

    FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Nice 👍
  19. Along Vr4

    Long time not in forum... so im newbies

    Hai im newbies... old account cannot register againt.... hope we can be friend 👍Thanks admins approve mine
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