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  1. fuel

    FS: Galant AMG Corner Brand DEP0

    I don't want to be an asshole, but these are like $20-30 a side on eBay.
  2. fuel

    Ecu going out? Popping noise from dash

    Did you smell an awful smell around about the same time as the popping noises? I would pull out the ECU and check the caps and IACV drivers anyway. Your IACV could have coolant leaking into it which shorts out the driver resisters and does other damage too. Alternatively it could be capacitor...
  3. fuel

    piston ring gap is massive?

    Those group measurements are referring to the thickness of the rings. First group is top ring at 1.2mm, second group is second ring at 1.5mm, and then oil control rings are 3.0mm in diameter. However I believe these rings are for the 7 bolt engines, as I am sure the 6 bolt E39A Galant VR-4 rings...
  4. fuel

    504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    oh my god I had no idea you were exporting 504 to the UK, does that mean you'll be living in the UK on a more permanent basis then?
  5. fuel

    FS: OEM active toe bushings and links, free to a good home.

    ^^ he hasn't responded to my PM - and it sounds like you need them more than me so am happy for you to grab them instead.
  6. fuel

    Gear box replacement?

    C50ph = early KM225 3.545 ratio C51ph = later KM225 3.545 ratio W5M33 = can come in many variants from early style with same shifter cable mounting as KM225 and 3.545 ratio through to Evo III box with 3.909 ratio. You need to make sure the W5M33 is 3.545 ratio and you may need to swap to...
  7. fuel

    SOLD: 1991 Galant VR4 763/2000, Klamath Falls, Or $4500

    Looks like a clean base GLWS!What number is it?
  8. fuel

    Radio: OEM options or period correct upgrade

    I LOVE this info thank you very much!My question is with the MB942702/MB942704 radios specifically - can you change the FM frequency tuning interval? In North America the FM tuning steps go 90.1, 90.3, 90.5, 90.7 and so on whereas rest of the world goes 90.0, 90.1, 90.2, 90.3 and so on.Most...
  9. fuel

    Engine Vibration AFTER timing belt / water pump service - HELP!?!

    I'm guessing it's one of three things:1) The first shop who messed up your timing belt job did something that damaged the belt - wrong bolts in the wrong place, belt tension too loose etc2) Your crank pulley split (this happens due to age and is a common problem) and the excessive vibration...
  10. fuel

    Has it been done before ? 3000GT V6 TT engine in 91 or 92 Galant VR4

    The factory Getrag 5/6 speed transmission is just too big to fit with the existing subframe. You could probably fit the V6 but retain a W5M33 5 speed from a factory V6 car, though I don't know what car in the US would exist with such a transmission - in Japan, Europe, Australia and NZ the 3000GT...
  11. fuel

    Help me in Oz!

    You're better off looking at OzVR-4 - this forum caters to the 6th generation 1987-1992 model Galant VR-4.
  12. fuel

    FS: AMG Galant steering wheel

    He might be meaning the Eterna grille.
  13. fuel

    Facelift gauges on ore facelift

    You will want the pre-facelift cluster, I believe there are some wiring differences between the two.
  14. fuel

    4bolt and five lug question i searched didnt find the ans

    you would use VR-4 coilovers front and rear as the strut length (for the rear) and top hats (for the front) are specific to the Galant but you can always use Galant top hats on DSM front struts and you may be able to adjust DSM rear coilovers to the right height on a VR-4.1G knuckles &...
  15. fuel

    FS: 149/1000 for sale. Great condition. Sold

    Congrats! The new owner is going to have a great machine!
  16. fuel

    Front Lower Control Arms

    Quoting 91vr4auto: Hi, does anyone know if there are any differences between the FLCAs for LHD and RHD cars? Need to replace my balljoints, and looking at RockAuto's site it has complete FLCAs starting at $61 each, with new balljoints, and I guess, new bushings. Also, the site lists Mevotech...
  17. fuel

    all intake rockers popped off

    did you check that the cam timing is still correct? maybe the t-belt was loose due to worn/damaged auto tensioner and the t-belt slipped a few teeth?
  18. fuel

    Something new (rear seat related)?

    They aren't holes the seat belts are meant to go through, they are pockets where you can curl up the belts and buckles and stow them away in there.
  19. fuel

    Clutch cable

    given it's been sitting around for a while, and due to age I would say it's a faulty clutch slave cylinder, or even the master cylinder.
  20. fuel

    Windshield cowl weatherstripping

    ^^ OK but he's talking about the strip of rubber trip that runs along the top of the windshield cowl (under the wipers). You can even see the strip in your photo - it always ends up being an inch or two short on either side over the years as it shrinks and goes hard.
  21. fuel

    FS: 17x7.5 Rota Slipstreams BRAND NEW in BOX

    assuming they are 4x114.3 PCD? Do you know the centre bore hole size and the offset?also how far are you from Harrison, NY?
  22. fuel

    ABS issues... after installing new coilovers

    it's actually a different system to the ABS fitted to the USDM and facelift JDM models - but I have no idea if it is better or worse. I feel it is worse. Having said that - the ABS in my '91 JDM functions well and I feel it improves braking distances had it not had ABS.
  23. fuel

    New To Site

    What caused it to be totaled if you don't mind me asking?
  24. fuel

    FS: JDM Dash mat $40 shipped ** LAST ONE **

    I'm probably not due to find any more until I go back to New Zealand and Australia this Christmas/New Years break.
  25. fuel

    new owner of 1384/2000

    That's my worst nightmare having a break in! Total unnecessary destruction of property for hardly any gain to the thief.I had my old beater Galant GLX broken into multiple times and it got to a point where I took anything valuable from the car and left it unlocked.
  26. fuel

    TPS lower bolt access

    I just remove the whole throttle body and set the TPS and throttle stop on the bench.
  27. fuel

    FS: OEM Radio/Cassette player/EQ

    I'm interested - I'm actually local in Toronto.
  28. fuel

    Is the E38A a vr4?

    No it just means it is 4G63 powered and AWD without 4WS. E39A is 4G63 with AWD and 4WS. Both E38A and E39A can come non-turbo and therefore not a VR-4.
  29. fuel

    FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    I'm so excited and cannot wait!
  30. fuel

    Have You Left The Game and Come Back??

    I left the 6G game as I had moved on to the 7G and then the 8G etc but of course I came crawling back. Out of all my many Galants I've owned, by VR-4 is the one that has stuck by me for the longest of time. I think I'll be hanging on to it for quite a while yet!
  31. fuel

    1837 Competing in the Super Street Show Car Shootout IV

    Off topic but hot DAAAYYYUUMMMM that is tasty. I've found my new wallpaper.
  32. fuel

    Fuel Pump Question

    oohhh boy... this brings back lots of memories.I used to have an '89 NZDM Galant GLX which is the equivalent of your car, or Japanese E32A.To be honest, it is a lot of work and often not worth the hassle. I actually just ended up selling the car as it was despite the immense emotional...
  33. fuel

    02 Volvo s40 rims

    They can only be from a first gen S40/V40 then.
  34. fuel

    02 Volvo s40 rims

    Are they 4x114.3mm PCD? If so will be a lesser model first gen S40/V40. I think the only other 4 lug Volvos were the 300 / 400 / 480 series which I didn't think made it to the US? They are 4x100mm PCD anyway.
  35. fuel

    02 Volvo s40 rims

    To be honest the Carisma was a big flop. Why they named something with dreary looks and boring performance a 'Carisma', I will never know.The Carisma went on to form the basis of the Proton Waja where one model was even sold with the FTO's 6A12 DOHC V6 engine.
  36. fuel

    02 Volvo s40 rims

    The S40/V40 rims are a perfect fit because they are made for Mitsubishi hubs to begin with. The 1st gen S40/V40 is a Mitsubishi Carisma (European version of the Lancer/Mirage) under the skin.
  37. fuel

    WTB: AC delete duct

    try searching in Europe - they tend to have more lesser spec 6Gs with carb engine, no A/C and crank windows etc.
  38. fuel

    Just bought my first vr4!

    plug the VIN into this link for the manufacture date - click
  39. fuel

    Just bought my first vr4!

    ^^ you're thinking of the post mid-1990 Evolution spec facelift which actually came with a big 16G along with the 510cc injectors, larger intercooler, 3.909 4-bolt rear and close ratio transmission.The one pictured above is the pre-facelift (early '89) which has the same 450cc blue top...
  40. fuel

    FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Put me down for one.
  41. fuel

    New To Site

    ^^ in 40 years time I'll be more concerned about it being 1 of 12 not being on jackstands
  42. fuel

    New To Site

    You mean it was 1 of 16 KG 1992 models that had no CD player and no sunroof? There were 226 total KG cars. click
  43. fuel


    bought steering wheel, exactly as described, came well packaged and fast shipping!
  44. fuel

    4wd,4ws,4is,4abs ?

    4IS is 4 wheel independent suspension.
  45. fuel

    limited plate on the dashboard on the vr4

    Unfortunately the badge number is not assigned to any particular VIN. Someone may have removed your badge before it was exported from the US, or perhaps your car is one of the very few that were never originally badged.
  46. fuel


    Why not just use the JDM facelift corner lamps as they were originally intended to be used for - as turn signals?
  47. fuel

    15's on the Galant

    You can go 205/60 R15 too as an alternative. They used this size on a few performance cars (namely EvoII/III) and some good tyres are still available.
  48. fuel


    good luck with that! they are only low light LED bulbs that glow green at night to show where the corners of the car are for parking.
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