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  1. car not cranking at all :(

    Did you try jumping the terminals at the starter?There should be 3 connections. Jump the constant 12v and the smaller one.
  2. FS: Gauge interest group buy Front air diverter

    Interested pending shipping to Canada
  3. FS: Hood Struts GVR4

    Price for black set shipped to toronto Canada?Thanks
  4. FS: WWF wrestlemania pins ***lot w/pics***

    I have for sale 20x commemorative Wrestlemania pins dating from 1985-2004 They are in mint condition The pins are on a styrofoam pad but do not have the backingsI only have 2 sets so when they're gone, that's it!Priced to sell @ $30 plus shipping
  5. Torquing poly bushings

    Thanks for the replyMakes total sense. I've read about the binding. I'll be sure to torque THOSE ones once the car is settledCheers, from across the pond
  6. Torquing poly bushings

    Hey all, I'm currently rebuilding my rear subframe with all new polyurethane bushings. Question is, do you guys torque to factory spec? Or, under toque because of the "softness" of the bushing?Thanks
  7. WTB: 2000GTX emblem (dodge or eagle) Canadian!!!!!

    Here's my vinJE3BX56R1MZ014475Hope this helps
  8. WTB: jay racing active toe eliminator kit

    Might be a long shotLike title saysShipped to ontario canadaThanks
  9. 4 bolt rear in a ggsx

    ^ that's the planIt's held up fine for now...
  10. 4 bolt rear in a ggsx

    So I guess I'm stuck with the ggsx 3bolt rearUnless I swap the tranny from a 1g turboFml
  11. 4 bolt rear in a ggsx

    I was told I could just swap the ring gear and pinion from a 3 bolt rear and use it on a 4 bolt LSD and housing.Well, you can't!The ring gear from the 3 is waaaaaaay smaller than the 4.Now, I'm stuck with both rear ends in pieces and brand new oem seals in the 4 bolt housingWhat I want...
  12. Front grill clips

    Sorry!All sold!Thanks
  13. Front grill clips

    $8 for 5 shipped!First come, first served
  14. Rear subframe bushings question

    I definitely won't be reusing these lolI actually found some washers at work and they are a perfect match.
  15. Rear subframe bushings question

    Just wondering if I need to keep the large washer type spacer that goes between the body and subframe/mustache bar?I'm installing solid mounts on all 4 cornersThanks in advance
  16. WTB: rear subframe bushings

    Thanks for the replies, guysEnded up getting a set from RTM up here in
  17. rear sway bar end link

    Just ordered a set from rockautoMoog with nipples $20/ea
  18. For those using AFCO rear UCA

    Thanks for the tipAny idea where to get the bushings (spacers)? Other than making them myself?
  19. For those using AFCO rear UCA

    After much research I've decided to ditch the "metal on metal" helm joints. Going to try the QA1 Teflon lined versions.
  20. For those using AFCO rear UCA

    I'm a millwright. I think I have and know how to use more precision tools that you probably do, no offense lolAll I needed was a measurement. That's what I thought these forums were for. For sharing out experience to help others.
  21. For those using AFCO rear UCA

    This is what I haveI've read the bushings are too big to fit in stock locationHow much do I need to take off for them to fit?Thanks
  22. WTB: rear subframe bushings

    Lmk what you haveLooking to replace mustache, subframe and sway bar bushingsShipping is to canadaThanks
  23. FS: vent shade rain deflectors

    I can get a quote for serious buyers
  24. FS: vent shade rain deflectors

    Just a feeler if anyone is interested in them.I have all 4 pieces.Driver's side has a crack in it. I used some crazy glue to hold it together.Right rear is a little deformed from the heat gun I used to remove it.Other than that, they are in pretty good shape for being 10+ years old...
  25. WTB: grill clips

    Hey all, just looking for a couple of these rare pieces.Snapped 2 when I removed my grill.I can paypal asap.Thanks
  26. workshop manual

    You might find something here:click
  27. Laptop in-car mount

    A heads up display would be pretty cool
  28. Laptop in-car mount

    That's pretty sweetHow much do those run?
  29. Laptop in-car mount

    I guess I won't be tuning enough to justify buying/fabbing a tableThe ends doesn't justify the means lol
  30. Laptop in-car mount

    Has anyone successfully installed a laptop mount for tuning purposes?I like the ones the cops use or even some service vehicles.Where would be an optimal mounting spot?I was thinking of making my own. Mounting it to the passenger seat rails some how would provide the sturdiest foundation...
  31. FS: Brand new GT500 hood vent SOLD!

    Would you sell for $80 shipped to canada?Thanks
  32. WTB: 1g head

    I got one that fits your criteria$65 will get it to your door (it's $30+ just for shipping!)I can send pics
  33. best way to remove rear ball joints?

    Penetrating oil OR heat...not both lol at least not in that order
  34. U joint

    1g dsm uses the same part
  35. Best paint for hood?

    Thanks for the repliesI'm more worried about the high heat from the engine distorting the paint.Should I be worried about using regular flat black paint?
  36. Best paint for hood?

    I'm planning in painting my hood. I primered it and it's all ready to goI want to do it flat black and I removed the under-hood insulation already. I was thinking some kind of high heat paint ie engine or even BBQ lolWhat are your experiences?Thanks
  37. Tuning

    I just did my test on Saturday and rocked it!!!Basically, once you get all the settings keep it in open loop mode.Watch all the videos on the ecmlink page and take notesGood luck
  38. Help installing Ford horn

    So basically I grabbed this horn from the scrap yard.Notice there is only one plug and I assume it gets grounded from the centre mount.Now, here is what I haveThere are 2 connectors going to the horn. One wire is constant "hot", The other is ground.When I try to install...
  39. Bondo'd door cladding **pics inside**

    I used about one and a half of the small tins. In total, I'd say about 2-3lbs each door. I don't think there's too much weight on those clips
  40. Bondo'd door cladding **pics inside**

    Finally got around to doing this.Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.Keep in mind this was my very first body work attempt.This one was between coatsAlmost doneThe only thing I had issues with was when I sanded the cladding itself it's fibrous. So here's always pieces...
  41. Spring startup! **Vids inside**

    No comments? LolEven constructive criticism? Don't be shy guys
  42. Spring startup! **Vids inside**

    Finally started up my car yesterdayHere are a couple of vids my brother tookThe throttle cable came out of the sheave midway through the vid lolclickI'm trying to figure out what that whistling sound is. It happens as soon as I let off the throttle and the rpms
  43. FS: Three-Speed Stickers

    $5 for 2 shipped to Canada? PayPal?
  44. Galant VR-4 shift knobs...

    Here are some:click
  45. Has anyone "bagged" a galant?

    Cost is def a deterrent Maybe some decent coilovers IS a better alternative
  46. Has anyone "bagged" a galant?

    ^thats the ticket!Didn't go through the site to extensively but I wonder how it corrects camber?
  47. Has anyone "bagged" a galant?

    Tossing around the idea of air ride for my g-rideHas anyone attempted this? Or successfully installed air ride?Thanks for any input
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