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Recent content by Stevenoly

  1. 3 inch exhaust

    If you weren’t interested I was just letting them know I was 🙂
  2. 3 inch exhaust

    I’d possibly be interested. Could you send me details shipped to 98275.
  3. LinkECU Users?

    I very much appreciate that. With initial setup of LinkECU G4+ is it worth it to pay and have a shop set it up initially (possibly on a dyno) and just hope I can make friends enough to have them walk me thru it. This is all a bit premature as my car is completely stock as it sits, but I don’t...
  4. LinkECU Users?

    Would you say ECMLink would still be an easier/more cost effective option for those of us with dual bord JDM ecus?
  5. LinkECU Users?

    Are you using the plug and play VR4 specific link ECU I see around posted for about a grand? I appreciate the offer of the other ecu, but if I go down the road it may be similar money to get the stand alone setup And of the functionality is better. I’m completely stock at the moment, but trying...
  6. LinkECU Users?

    Interested in this as well as I’m looking for a solution for me as I have an ‘88 which I believe means I have a dual board ecu and ECMTuning isn’t an easy solution.
  7. FS: 3-Bolt LSD - $100 (WA) *SOLD*

    I know this sold but any chance you or the buyer has an extra good condition rear axle? I’m in Mukilteo.
  8. FS: K-Sport coilovers $625

    Are these still available? Price shipped to 98275
  9. WTB coilovers

    Hi all,I’m interested if someone has a good condition set of Feal coilovers or something equivalent.Need it shipped to 98275Thanks, Steven
  10. FS: Konig Feather's 16x7 4x114 (n. seattle area)

    Long shot from the dead but are these still around?
  11. FS: 91 galant OEM wheels (white)

    Did these get scrapped? Any idea on shipping to 98275?
  12. FS: 16x7 BBS wheels with Dunlop Direzza DZ101 Tires

    Bumping an old post, but are these still available? Would you ship to 98275?
  13. Rear 3-pont Seatbelt Install

    I’ll try to disassemble some things and see why may be there. As it is a 1988 I’m not sure what I’ll find. A picture would greatly help me out if/when someone has time.
  14. Rear 3-pont Seatbelt Install

    After opening the seat belts I see now that there is a bolt mounted in the tab so I need to find the nut that fits. Just for clarification, where does the retractor mount? Looking at it not in the car (and never having been in a USDM car) I’m a bit confused.I’m grateful for all the help.
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