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Recent content by dustyduff

  1. FS: Door striker Covers Available to order

    Link is broken. PM me pricing options please.
  2. Jay Racing Alternator Hardware Question

    Awesome....just the info i was looking for. Thanks bud!
  3. Jay Racing Alternator Hardware Question

    Anyone know the bolts and spacer sizes used on the 1g kit? I lost the tension rod bolt/spacer and need a replacement.Appreciate any help.
  4. FREE: rear bumper, trunk lid, windshield (FREE picked up ONLY) NJ exit 72

    Ed: Long time no talk. I might be interested in that windshield. My current one has a few chips. Can you double check it for me and get back to me?
  5. EAST COAST MOD -- October 3rd 2015

    Yeah, the rain is certainly going to put a damper on things. I have no problem going there in the rain, but a substantial downpour and big winds? I'm going to have the car ready and may have to play it by ear depending on what the weather looks like. If the forecast is accurate, I'd be...
  6. EAST COAST MOD -- October 3rd 2015

    Glad to still see you around too Shane. It's a shame you're out towards the western side, because I figured you'd be one of the few who would definitely be here. Hoping we can have a turnout like with did a few years ago with almost 10 cars. Took me a while to shake some demons loose from the...
  7. EAST COAST MOD -- October 3rd 2015

    I haven't been active for a while since my car has been parked for the past year, however she's back and running (for now). Any east coast guys plan on attending? I'm not going to miss this years event. In previous years we met up as a small group and drove to the event together. I'm only...
  8. East Coast MOD 2014 Photo Dump

    Wish I could have made it this year as well. Had too much going on with the family. I'll definitely be there next year.
  9. Rebirth of #1759

    Quoting tektic: Do you mind if i ask what that is you made the spark plug cover out of? I feel like I've seen that somewhere before but cant place what it is.I've had if for so long, even I have a hard time remembering where I got it from. I believe it was an old RRE spark plug cover, but...
  10. HIDS????

    Dont throw HID bulbs into your headlights. If you definietely want hids do a retrofit with 93' headlights. Your money could be better spent elsewhere. I already had basic maintenance and tons of other things accomplished before I did the retrofit.
  11. Rebirth of #1759

    GSTwithPSI.....thanks for the comments bud. The only exterior change is going to be to remove that front lip.I did have some cooling issues with the half radiator, however that was due to the old motor having blown headgasket (found on tear down from spun bearing). My 255 fuel pump was...
  12. Rebirth of #1759

    Quoting GSTwithPSI: What did you replace your chrome stripping with? I noticed yours is black.To perfectly honest, I don't have a part number. When I had my car at the paint shop, I had them purchase new stripping in black versus chrome. It suited my build for black/white theme better...
  13. Rebirth of #1759

    Thanks Terrance......I never updated the thread after the rod bearing failure, but the new 2.3L is in and tuned to about 28lbs. Car is running strong right now. I still have a few more changes I'd like to make (headlights are staying though ). I'm hoping to get it to the dyno and track...
  14. FS: Jailbroken PS3

    I actually have 2 jailbroken PS3's for sale now for anyone interested. Keeping one for myself, but since I bought XBOX One and PS4, I have no need for them anymore.
  15. #476/2000 in Oklahoma

    Nice to see you finally make your way to this board Mike.......For those that don't know, he's pretty active on DSMLink and is not new to 4G63s.Welcome to the forum....saw you pics/posts on DSMLink.
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