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Street GoCleanUrRoom's VR4

1989 JDM VR4


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Boost Solenoid Del
Cat Del
Feal 441 w/ Swift Springs
Low mile car, pretty rough exterior but a beautiful interior. Going to build for a mid-power street car.
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Latest updates

Strangely I've been having clutch disengagement issues, which is so rare and unheard of in these things. Put in the OEM clutch without replacing the JDM flywheel and it ate it for breakfast. Pressure plate was reminiscent of a chicken meal deal; that is in 5 pieces, all varying in size. Live and learn I guess. Bought the ACT stuff, Lightweight flywheel, HDSS clutch kit bam all in good to go. Still no disengagement. Next is the pedal assy and if that fails shim the fork through the fork port with a cut washer to test. If that fixes it I'll get a new 2G fork and ball and throw that in. Been about a month dead in the water, so got some new MOTUL oil from my local dealer in Woodinville. Looking forward to driving it again!
After owning my Galant for a few months, everything started going bad all at the same time. The suspension started to get super bouncy, so I ordered some Feals and got those installed (see pics, had wife do it while I watched ;) ) so those are nice. Then on my way to work the clutch stopped disengaging. No good. Get it towed to my buddies garage, take out the trans and see a spring popped out of the clutch. Put new one in, all good. Works great for a few days then on my way to a meet, right behind a beautiful 3kgt no less, shift into 4th and pedal drops to the floor and stays there. So I've got a new master and slave cylinder on order and will hopefully get that done this week. Hopefully she'll run ok after this because I miss driving it.


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