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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 1229784 posted 06/27/16 11:11 PM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
Been MIA for awhile due to some personal issues. Deaths in the family,  job changes, and some anxiety issues.  Decided to get back into a Galant. And will be handling the old messages and partout I started. 

Seen the for sale ad on the board.  Contacted the buyer. Texted back and forth. Decided to pass.  Then the price was substantially lowered.  Made an offer and we started working out the deal. Originally the offer was for everything listed included in the price. Then it changes because the seller would be losing to much money, so we work out a deal we're both good with. By this time all "known" issues with the car were discussed.

Car,  tranny,  tcase, injectors,  turbo,  rear seats. There were other items that were mentioned but ended up getting dropped from the list because a ecu was sourced to get the car running so it could be driven and loaded on a trailer. A 90 gsx ecu. Most likely from the talon/ eclipse shell he was selling on here.  Most of the parts I assume came from there too.

After money exchange and shopping arrangements are made. Which was overly complicated because of the shipping company I used (never again). I keep in contact with seller. After days of waiting for a scheduled pickup and delivery date (about 4 days). During this whole process I've been waiting for more pictures of the parts and ask for pictures of the car before shipping. Never received any.  Due to multiple excuses.

Car ships. He tells me he didn't get all the parts in the car but will FedEx them. Because he had to rush one the driver called.  All seems well. Car arrives and driver calls while I'm at work. Fiancé can't drive a stick so I come to get it.  Arrive. Driver initiated small talk about the car.  Explains to me that the car ran really rough. Died a few times. Took forever to restart.  I wrote all this down to keep records. Battery was drained.  Jump the car to get it off the trailer and it's running terrible. Check engine light on.  Bad vibrations through the whole car. Stalling. Terrible idle. Ecu was for a 90 gsx. Figured it was most of the problem. Plus the trans issue.  Open the trunk.  No clutch no turbo.

Contact seller tell him.  Ask about the parts. Said he would send them out Saturday.  It was Thursday.  Figure everything was good. Contact him Sunday (mothers day). And again on Monday.  Says "yeah I just sent them out". No tracking number or anything. Try contacting him repeatedly and daily.  Figure I'm screwed.  10 days later responds saying he lost his phone. Ok.  Ask him to ship them asap.  Says he will call me the next day. No call.  No response.  The day after that he responds saying he will make it to FedEx or Ups tonight and send tracking number. 3 days no contact.  Then a rape.  That it was his first day off in 2 weeks. And could not make it before they close.  He would go the next day before they close. 2 days later tells me he will call when at store.  Nothing. Never anything.  No response.

A month goes by with nothing at all. Till I hop on the board and see his new thread about his new vr4 he bought. Message him and he says he doesn't have them and will refund the money and pay for shipping for the car back.  Plus my cost of shipping. Explain I've already been working on the car and bought parts. Ask for the parts.  He says they were stolen. Ask how come he didn't tell me.  Said he was hoping to get them back to send them.  Suggest he just refunds a bit of the money back.  Asks how much I want back.  I tell him and he tells me how he can get the turbo for this much and the clutch for this amount new.  I told him ok. That's what you can get the turbo for.  Tell him what they go for locally. Offer an amount. No response.

Eventually get a response. Tells me his buddy wants to buy the car. Cannot get a suitable  date.  Change my plans trying to compromise the best I can. Still no.  Offer to have them pay.  I'll ship keys and title. Pick up whenever they can. No.  Offer just to do the refund.  Will not respond. When he does don't have the money but will. Never an amount. And time-frame is 2 to 3 weeks.

Here I sit till this very day going back and forth with nothing resolved. Won't ever agree to anything. Still active on the boards. Apologies for the long post. Just wanted to be accurate. And I know once it's read I'll probably never get anything. But I will take it down if I do.

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 1230052 posted 07/06/16 12:14 PM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
All I'm going to say is there's two sides to the story and I made a effort to make this right but u couldn't come to a agreement.

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 1230068 posted 07/06/16 08:47 PM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
You stopped responding. Dialogue is still open. All I asked for was the parts or money back. You offered to buy back the car. And then when we couldn't align a date you quit talking again.

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 1230106 posted 07/08/16 09:34 AM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post   
Two days of texting since his post and I finally get a response.

564/2000 back under the knife...
90 ggsx stock atm... Wrecked. Parting out
89 Jeep cherokee (daily)

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