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FS: Auto Swapped Galant VR4 - South Jersey - $4000 OBO


Galant VR-4 org Post #: 1190285 posted 09/30/14 08:06 PM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
Selling my Auto Swapped GVR4 project. I posted this a long time ago before I had the car done and said I would re-post once the car was running and driving. Well, now the car is running and driving!


-60mm 7 blade HX40 (pro) with bolt on housing and 2G manifold. Turbo has like 100 miles on it, bought it new

-Real Kelford 272s

-Head: Head studs, valve springs, retainers, MLS head gasket

-EVO 8 MAF and brand new AEM dryflow filter

-VRSF FMIC, big trans cooler, aluminum rad tucked in between upper and lower supports, etc.

-Somewhat custom intake piping to make things fit properly

-Sinister 10" converter (a little more loose than stock but not extremely loose, stalls to over 3k easily)

-IPT welded center diff in trans

-4 Bolt auto LSD rear

-Hurst promatic ratchet shifter with kiggly mod (manual shifting trans)

-dsmlink v3

-FIC 950s brand new. still have the paper

-Punishment Racing o2 housing (new)

-Aeromotive FPR, walbro 255, -6an feed and return

-BRAND NEW tires and alignment

-New innovate LC2 (hooked up to link)

-New ebay wastegate. I know. It was temporary.


Will come with a spare 1G auto trans and transfer case as well as a BRAND NEW fuel cell. Will also come with brand new alternator. ALSO will come with a full nitrous kit (bottle heater and all)!


The car is currently registered, insured, and is road worthy, however, there are some things I would take care of if I was going to drive it more than like 15 miles away:

1. The rear passenger side axle is installed without its clip. It hasn't moved at all and theres no way for it to pop out but I did buy the clip just in case. So far I've driven about 100 miles like this and it's been fine but the clip is supposed to be there. I bought brand new clips for both rear axles (hard as hell to find BTW, I have the part numbers if anyone is wondering). They just need to be installed. Haven't gotten around to it.

2. The oil pan has a leak. Maybe about 1 drip per minute. Nothing major. I wouldn't even fix it but that's just me.

3. Needs boost controller now. I borrowed my friend's Hallman and he took it back. Its running wastegate pressure.

4. Need to wire up a switch for overdrive. The ratchet shifter has 1-3 but for OD you need a switch. The switch puts the car in to 4th gear after its in 3rd. The wires are there just need toggle switch.

5. The fuel filler hose neck seeps a little. If you put more than half tank in, you'll get a few drips of gas every once in a while. I purchased a brand new fuel cell that I will give you with it. I originally was going to just replace the hose but the gas tank area is pretty rusted so I planned to just put the fuel cell in.

6. The car also has rust on the back end (mostly where the gas tank is which is why I got the cell).

It's definitely drivable but if you live far, I would plan to tow it. You can test drive it at my house of course.

Finally, the car has rust along the pinch weld on the rocker? panel. Mostly towards the rear and it doesn't seem to be structural. It's mainly towards the rear jack points.

As far as performance, I was in the process of tuning the car for high boost (was aiming for about 25 on pump gas) but I ended up maxing out the fuel injectors (which obviously isn't right since they are 950's and should be good for like 500hp). Turns out the alternator is on the way out. It isn't providing a constant 14 volts. So I ordered a brand new alternator but haven't installed it yet. So for now, the car is driveable but isn't at its full potential. It feels quick though, I would estimate about 350hp. Once the alternator issue is fixed, I don't see why this setup can't make 400hp.

My goal for the car was to break in to the low 11's. I had dreams of going 10's if I was feeling risky and wanted to spray the shit out of it! Never got around to it.

The car will load up on the converter to about 3200 rpm if you sit there for a few seconds. The car comes in to full boost at like 4500 so it's kind of a slug out of the hole. I haven't hooked up the nitrous kit but I bet a 50 shot out the hole will really wake it up.

I ended up buying a house with a friend of mine and need the cash to do some maintenance (chop some big ass tree down). Can't afford to insure two cars right now especially a toy.

Make me an offer! The quicker you come and get this off my hands, the more generous I will be when it comes to accepting offers!

I attached a picture of the worst rust spot on the car. Also, in the picture of the rear seats, they look messed up but they are just covered in saw dust from sitting in my garage. I can take a more clear picture if someone is actually interested.

I have the front bumper sitting in my garage. It is cut for the FMIC but it's not a complete hack job. Also have the dog legs sitting in my garage.

2011 335i: BMPTuned on Cobb, Alpina TCU Reflash.

92 GVR4: HX40 Pro, Auto Swap, Nitrous. Stock motor/trans.

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 1190288 posted 09/30/14 08:09 PM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post   
Anotother pic.

2011 335i: BMPTuned on Cobb, Alpina TCU Reflash.

92 GVR4: HX40 Pro, Auto Swap, Nitrous. Stock motor/trans.

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