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Nate Crisman - #139/1000 - [email protected]

Fisheye Hoodpins

Galant VR-4 org Post #: 817747 posted 08/05/09 09:38 AM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
1992 Galant VR4 - #139/1000

    Stock 6bolt oem shortblock..from a low mileage dsm.
    Ported 1g head w/ Ferrea springs & Ti retainers
    HKS cams: 272 Exh / 264 In
    90 DSM oil cooler & filter housing
    Stock HG & ARP headstuds.
    Balance shafts removed.
    90 water pipe
    Jay Racing alternator relocation
    Unorthodox aluminum crank pulley
    JNZ Finishing powdercoated valve cover
    Prothane engine mounts


    T3 tube header - XS Power
    Tial MVS 38mm Vband external gate
    PTE T3 .63 a/r turbine housing (ford style 5 bolt outlet with no wastegate hole)
    JMFab 2.5" T3 stainless o2 housing
    BR 3.5" Stainless turboback exhaust


    4" aluminum intake pipe with K&N filter
    Precision SC5031 turbocharger (50trim/3"inlet/2"outlet)(T31 turbine wheel/.63 ar T3 housing)
    XS Power 24" x 12" x 4" FMIC core. (inlet endtank flipped & rewelded with 2.5" cast elbow)
    2.5" polished aluminum custom ic pipes
    knockoff tial bov
    1G DSM NT throttle body
    JMFabrications intake manifold (2006 race version)


    NOS single fogger wet nitrous kit w/ bottle heater & blanket
    750cc FIC Injectors
    Denso supra fuel pump
    Aeromotive FPR
    -6 aeroquip pushlock fuel lines (using stock return line)
    Russell -6 billet fuel filter

    DSMap speed density software on Ostrich eprom emulator
    GM 3 bar map sensor and GM Air Temp sensor.
    Innovate LC-1 wideband o2 sensor w/ gauge.
    AEM Tru-Boost gauge controller
    Datalogger cable / Palm M130 / MMSD "speed density logger"
    JMFab coil relocation bracket
    Magnecore wires & NGK BPR7ES plugs

    TRE Stage 2 tranny rebuild
    ACT2600 PP
    OEM DSM disk
    Clutchmasters aluminum flywheel
    SS clutch line
    Welded center diff
    4bolt DSM rear
    5 lug DSM hubs

Suspension & Brakes:
    D2 coilover suspension
    ES poly bushing set
    SS brake lines
    Fresh stock brake pads
    Slotted brake rotors
    ABS, 4WS, front swaybar removed

    Aftermarket steering wheel
    1G DSM Shifter Assembly w/ leather boot
    2G DSM shift knob
    89 dash pad
    carpet dyed black


    Carbon Fiber hood
    lightweight bumper cover brackets F&R
    Exel 17x7" wheels
    Kumho Ecsta 215/45/17 tires
    Prime 16x7" wheels (dragstrip use)
    Hoosier QTP's 26x9.5(dragstrip use)

    POR15 undercoating on chassis bottom, all suspension members, and subframes.
    POR15 on most engine mounts, brackets. I really went nuts with the stuff and coated anything that could rust.

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 821146 posted 08/17/09 09:25 AM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
Performance #'s
11/21/09 10.802 @ 131.28mph - 1.671 - 7.021 @ 105.85
3050lb - Hoosier QTP's - 116 octane gas - ~40shot of nitrous - 29psi - 23-26* timing.
Intended as a "test run" and was planning to hit the brakes after 3rd, but I ran it out.
Launch was bogged badly, about 2 tenths slow (worth ~.400 of ET)

11/21/09 11.082 @ 125.92mph - 1.585 - 7.144 @ 100.88
3050lb - Hoosier QTP's - 116 octane gas - ~nitrous off - 28psi - 23-26* timing.
Good tune & setup. Lifted in first gear after launch. Without the lift & harder launch would have been a 10 on motor.

10/07/09 11.104 @ 123.36mph - 1.492 - 7.103 @ 98.60
3060lb - Hoosier QTP's 116 octane gas - high 11's A/F - 22*timing - Boost: 28psi falling to 24psi

09/20/09 11.410 @ 120.96mph - 1.621 - 7.344 @ 97.40
Hoosier QTP's 93 pumpgas - mid 11's A/F - 15* timing - Boost: 28psi falling to 24psi.

08/16/09 12.220 @ 115.97mph - 1.796 - 7.929 @ 92.08
3200lb - Street tires - 93 pump gas - 10.8 A/F - 12* timing. 20psi boost 1-3, 30psi & fuel cut in 4th gear: MBC acting inconsistent.

08/14/09 11.958 @ 119.59mph - 1.824 - 7.793 @ 95.29
3200lb - Street tires - 93 pump gas, 10.8 A/F, 12* timing, 25psi boost. First night at the track with the car

My plans for the car for 2010 are in limbo. If I want to keep running the car at the track I'm going to need a rollbar, harness, and scattershield. If I decide install the safety equipment, my 2010 goal will be a 9.99 and 140mph.

For 2009, I was happy to achieve all my goals, even if the fastest pass on nitrous was sloppy and could have been quite faster. The 11.0 @ 126 without nitrous was not clean either. Given more runs to fine tune, Im confident the car had the potential to go 10.8 @ 127 without nitrous and maybe 10.3 @ 133 with nitrous assuming a 1.45 to 1.50 launch.
    2009 Goals were:
  • 11's on pumpgas/street tires
  • sub 11.5 on pumpgas
  • running a 10 in any way/shape/form
  • 130+mph 1/4 and 100mph 1/80
  • Beating my 2002 yellow 1G AWD "racecar" performance ([email protected] 127.75 & similar setup )

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 821159 posted 08/17/09 09:37 AM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
History of #139/1000:

This VR4 was built from a shell purchased in Maryland in May 2009 from username "GVR4139". The rebuild took aprox 4 months May-Aug 09. #139 was registered and on the road in NJ the second week of August 09. Gvr4 #931/2000, my previous daily driver, was sacrificed for mechanical parts to rebuild #139. It actually was originally concieved as more of a body swap since just about the entire drivetrain, electrical, fuel, brake, suspension system came out of #931. In the end it was more of a restoration/modification build that got a bit out of control.

The car was previously owned by "TurboTommy", who parted it out in 2007 selling the chassis to "GVR4139", who sat on the rolling chassis for about 2 years collecting small parts but the car never received any drivetrain parts while he owned it.

Pictures of #139 after I brought it home; showing what I started with:

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Galant VR-4 org Post #: 821171 posted 08/17/09 09:57 AM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
Weight Loss:

Current Weight: (assuming ~4 gallons of fuel & no driver)
2910lb street trim - 17" wheels & Kumho tires, full exhaust, 4 seats, nitrous bottle removed
2800lb dragstrip - 16" wheels & Hoosier tires, open downpipe, pass seat removed, full nitrous bottle

Parts removed entirely:
40-EST Complete A/C system
39.5 rear bumper support
39 spare tire/jack/tools/carpets
*38lb passenger seat (removed for dragstrip use)
29.5 front bumper support (prev owner cut for fmic install, so I don't have a # for oem support)
*23.5 BR 3.5" catback (removed for dragstrip use when allowed)
22 ABS pump
14 Cut up wiring harnesses to remove wiring for AC, cruise, ABS, alarm, power antennea, and unused engine harness plugs. Includes ABS and cruise computers
12 rubber mat on the inside of the firewall under dash. heater core needs to come loose to remove the biggest part.
10-EST 4 wheel steering
10 -EST charcoal canister, intake brace, emmissions stuff
9 power antenna
8.5 remove front swaybar
8 rear bumper foam
6.5 remove balance shafts
6 rear tow loops: pair
3.5 exhaust heat shield
3 ABS rings on front hubs
3 front and rear brake rotor shields
2.5 thick foam block under the radio & center console area.
2 foglights

Total: 339.5lb weight loss from "un-needed" part removal (dragstrip trim)

Parts modified/replaced that alter total weight:
-23.5 D2 coilover shocks
*-17 Hoosier tires & 16" wheels (17lb lighter than current street wheels)
-17 Carbon Fiber hood (oem 40lb/ CF 23lb)
-15 lawnmower battery instead of full size batt
-15 aluminum flywheel
-8 non cruise control throttle cable
-5 plastic radiator fans
-5 Aluminum intercooler pipes
-4 89 Dash pad
-4 JMF intake (10lb oem/6lb JMF)
-4 unorthodox underdrive crank pulley
-2.25 Cut cast drivers side engine mount bracket above PS pump
-2. complete T3T4 setup swapped from 16G setup (tube header and o2 housing are much lighter than stock cast parts, though bigger turbo and external wg offset most of the weight loss)
-1.25lb cut bent end off drivers side engine mount
------123lb removed due to mods (dragstrip trim)

*+28lb nitrous kit (full bottle is 25lb)
+15lb larger FMIC core (xs power 28"x12"x4" core is 23lb) (gain from stock)
+7lb 17" wheels & tires (gain from stock wheels/tires)
+.5lb prothane engine mounts (heavier than stock rubber/steel)
------ 50.5lb added due to mods: (dragstrip trim)

Total current weight loss: ~412lb

"To-Do" list of weight loss:
  • -20lb manual seatbelts
  • -10lb interior sound deadening floor tar (winter project when it comes off clean with little mess)
  • -15lb manual rack & ps delete
  • -30lb sunroof rails, motor, & electronics (assuming the glass weights ~10lb)
  • -20lb CF trunk without wing
  • -45lb JMF custom fuel cell effective loss (will make it possible to go down the track with only 1 gallon of fuel vs the stock tank that needs about 4 gallons to keep the pump submerged. 24lb of fuel weight. The cell weighs ~12lb, the stock tank is 32.5lb.
  • -8lb Single piston front brake calipers and smaller dia oem rotors
  • -16lb light wheels, both 17" for street use and 16" for dragstrip use. (current wheels are heavy & cheap)
  • -30lb race seat for drivers side

There is an honest 190lb of additional weight that could be lost, but all of them involve spending significant money other than removing the sunroof (which works fine) and swapping to small brakes.

Adding in a chromoly 6pt rollbar with swingouts will add about 80-100lb.

Measured Weight as of 08-16-09:
(before coilover suspension, hoosiers, and rear bumper support removal)
3204lb with driver/helmet/laptop. Fuel gauge on E, gas light on. Full exhaust & all stock seats.
2960lb without driver/helmet. (driver is a apparently a plump ~244lb)

All weights listed in LB as measured on a mechanical shipping scale unless listed as EST = Estimated since I didn't have the actual part to weight.

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Fisheye Hoodpins

Galant VR-4 org Post #: 821178 posted 08/17/09 10:11 AM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post      
Planned Future Modifications & Upcoming Projects: -

Stuff still on the "to-do" list for winter. Mostly cosmetic cleanup:

    Window tint all around
    Repainting the exterior black trim around windows.
    Repainting the black on the headlights.
    Vinyl work: window decals, race #'s, covering the chrome strips
    Paint touchup work on the bumper covers and ground effects
    Cleaning up the front bumper "hacking"
    Interior details, add nitrous pressure gauge to dash.
    Find an 89 glovebox for weight loss.

Things that are in consideration for 2010:

    contemplating larger T3T4 turbo, likely an SC6152
    contemplating Auto trans swap from 1gawd with a reflashed converter
    Rollbar, race seat, harnesses going to be needed to keep running the car. (really hurts it for street use..undecided)
    JMF custom oil/coolant catch cans (clean engine bay)
    JMF custom fuel cell (weight loss)
    Aluminum driveshaft & rebuilt the tail section.

Likely if I go ahead with the safety equipment to run between 11.50 and 10.0, then I will go ahead with more race oriented weight loss: removing the sunroof, stereo system, manual steering, small brakes to make up for the rollbar. I would also likely jump the turbo size another 100hp and plan on running bigger nitrous jets in the 75-100hp range.

Keeping the weight roughly the same and adding 100-150hp Single digit timeslip should be reasonable seeing it went 10.8 on a sloppy run.

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Fisheye Hoodpins

Galant VR-4 org Post #: 821273 posted 08/17/09 01:27 PM     Remind Me!  Send Private Message   Edit Post   
Misc Pictures
After having the windshield replaced do to the CF hood smashing it (prior to hood pin install)

Iphone pic from Island Dragway 9/20/09

Engine bay prior to coilovers, nitrous, 4" intake

Two shots from Englishtown in August 09

Images below are from early August 09 while the car was near the end of being rebuilt.

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