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I had a great transaction with Darren King at today. He was very helful, informative, and communicated with me in a very quick manner. I would recommend him for doing business. I bought a head gasket from him and he shipped it same day. The babe of the day isn't bad either!


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I just got some axles back from him and was goin to start a good guy post but you beet me to it. He is a great guy to do business with and I will definitely do business with him again.

I absolutely agree. He has been cryogenically treating my parts for years and is always prompt, friendly, and fair with his prices. His engines look like works of art, (see CheekyChimp's). I hope to work into one of those beauties someday!

iLLeffeKt vr-4

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bump for a good guy.
just got some turbo bolts from them, super quick shipping and kept in touch the whole time with me.



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I'll add to this. I got a short block and head from him couple years back and numerous things since. Nothing but great service and product. Darren's a good guy.


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Darren King: the quality of his products is surpassed only by the quality of his service. A1 thru and thru.

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I got my ACT 2100 clutch quick and fast from Darren last year, he is the man.

iLLeffeKt vr-4

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just purchased some ARP head bolts from Darren. got them quick, and great communication. awesome guys to deal with.