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Where to find a taller evo 3 5th gear


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Hey my car is currently in the shop and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could source one of these.

TRE says hes out of stock and won't have it for another two weeks.

Shep says hes out of stock and doesn't know when he will have one.

Jack has yet to respond to my email or my phone call.

are there any other shops that would stock it?

Also, what else is needed to install the evo 3 5th gear?


JNZ: no
DSM graveyard: no
magnus: no
extremepsi: no
english racing: no
dogbox: no
TMZ: no

Lol ughhh reallY!
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Try Dogbox racing Click Me
They dont have one listed but it's worth a shot. If not I'd just wait for TRE to get theirs.


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Yeah man I would just wait. These things can't be rushed.


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Lol gotta love quoting haha


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You can try click also his sn is twicks69 very cool local guy. If he doesnt have it he can more then likely tell you where to find one.
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Quoting R34P3R62:
Salvage yards would be the best bet if all else fails.

What salvage yard has an evo3?


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^^Not in the USA /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/banghead.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rofl.gif
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Canada? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rofl.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/hsugh.gif
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according to vfaq, DSM is .666 and GGSX is .690



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^Now we know why DSMs fail soo much... .666 for a gear /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rofl.gif


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jacks eventually got back to me and had one in stock. Its en route to turbotrix for the rebuild. act 2600 w/ streetlite, 4 spyder center, and evo 3 5th is the only goodies i could afford for now ^^


Sorry I didn't see this post until now; my account was deleted due to inactivity.

Regarding the 5th gears, I keep these in stock at all times including some other rare JDM parts for Evo 1/2/3's as I have a direct account with Mitsubishi of Japan. I also still have my main account with USA Mitsubishi, so anything in the USA I can get as well.

I order regularly from Mitsubishi of Japan and can get rare parts that are not available in the USA for the GVR4, Evo 1-10, and any other JDM Mitsubishi. Shipping is a bit slow as it comes via slow-boat, but the parts are normally in stock and I can get them.

I also am able to get 3000GT VR4 5-speed and 6-speed parts, JDM GVR4 parts, etc.

Here are a few JDM parts that I keep in stock currently:
Evo 3 2nd Gear Double Synchro
Evo 3 3rd Gear Double Synchro
Evo 3 4th Gear Double Synchro
Evo 3 1/2 Shift Fork (steel)
Evo 3 3/4 Shift Fork (steel)
Evo 3 3/4 Shift Rail (Forged rail end - interchangable with late 91-early 92 DSM and all GVR4 late 91-92)
Input Shaft (Evo 1)(requires Evo 1 1st/2nd gears, and Evo 1 reverse idler gear lever)
Input Shaft (Evo 3)(requires Evo 3 1st gear)
1st Gear (Evo 1) 2.571 Gear Ratio (20% taller than DSM 1st)
1st Gear (Evo 3) 2.750 Gear Ratio (12% taller than DSM 1st)
2nd Gear(Evo 1) 1.600 Gear Ratio (5% taller than DSM/GVR4 2nd)
Evo 1/2 3rd Gear (large diameter single synchro design) (4% shorter than DSM/GVR4 3rd)
Evo 3 3rd Gear (double synchro design) (4% shorter than DSM/GVR4 3rd)
3rd Gear Subgear (required for Evo 1/2/3 3rd gears)
Evo 3 3rd/4th Hub/Slider (accomodates double synchro 3rd/4th Evo 3 gears without machinework)
Evo 1/2 3rd/4th Hub and Slider (accomodates large diameter single synchros on Evo 1/2 gears)
Evo 1/2/3 3rd/4th Gear Hub Springs
Evo 1/2/3 3rd/4th Gear Hub Keys
Evo 1/2 4th Gear (large diameter single synchro design) (4% shorter than DSM/GVR4 4th)
Evo 3 4th Gear (double synchro design) (4% shorter than DSM/GVR4 4th)
Evo 3 10% taller 5th Gear
Evo 3 5th Intermediate Gear
Evo 3 Reverse Idler Gear
Evo 3 (2G) Reverse Idler Gear Rail
Evo 1 Reverse gear idler lever

Along with many, many more parts.

Let me know if I can help!
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Quoting Garfield Wright:
Doesn't the ggsx have a taller 5th gear?

if this one will work its not an easy gear to find. Good thing I kerry92gvr4 is gonna have one soon. PM him if this works


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according to ASA...

input shaft gear - MD743980
intermediate shaft gear - MD743319

it also says that the tooth count is 21/34 (out/in) ... that makes .6176
does the evo3 have a taller final drive?

so in a gvr4, is it shorter or taller? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dunno.gif


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If you fit an Evo 1, 2 or 3 5th gear into your VR4, you could in theory raise your maximum speed by ~21 kph.