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What happend to FP X-cams?


Well-known member
Particularly the FP 3 and 3x cams? I don't see them for sale on their site any more, but they have this 4R and 5R thing (looks like for use on super high revving engines). Anyway, I figured the 3 or possibly the 3x would have been more appropriate for my build. I have a 2.3 block and head with OS valves. Going to need to get some springs. I don't see dual valve springs anymore either, just these beehive things. Like I said in another post, I've been out of it for a while.

I guess I'll just give them a call, but thought maybe someone on here might have some insight into this.



Well-known member
Beehives are the new thing. There factory on evos and with the evo swapping out to titanium which is heavier there ceramic alloy retainers can be used as well. My buddy swapped his out when he went to 272's on the evo and they tested thew spring pressure and it was only like 2 or 3 more pounds on the set that the upgraded Brian Crowers so I have a set I'm going to use with the 280's I bought with the sets shimmed up and all matched.