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US 8G Galant to JDM 8G VR4 Conversion

I found a full JDM 8G VR4 half cut and my buddy has an 03' 8G Galant ES for sale. I want to buy his Galant and do a full conversion inside and out. I need to know exactly what the differences between the two cars are. I know the main parts. 4g64 to 6A13TT. FWD to AWD. Left hand drive to right hand drive. I need to know the specifics. Are the chassis codes the same? If not will the new engine fit in the engine bay with custom mounted motor mounts? I know the body kit is different, but are the body panels the same? Will the JDM dash fit without major fabrication. Are the interior trim panels different? I can handle the project, but I need to get an idea of how much needs to be changed so that I know what to get off of the half cut. I don't want to buy the whole thing. I think the best place for info would be mitsubishi shop manuals for the 03' Galant ES and an 8G Galant VR4. If anyone knows where I could buy these, please let me know. I imagine the JDM VR4 manual is only in Japanese, but I can read and speak Japanese. Also anyone know if this conversion or this engine swap been done before? Thankyou.


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This site primarily deals with the sixth generation of Galants.


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Quoting CarRacer:
This site primarily deals with the sixth generation of Galants.

He will samurai chop you in half and then brand you with the mark of the beast. Watch it.


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I can tell you that you should get the whole clip because it you want to do a swap from left hand drive to right hand drive you need the firewall and the dash and all of the dash reinforcement.


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I'm a member on both sites... OZVR4 won't have info on the swap, ClubVR4 you gotta pay for info. The american Galant Sites will give you more info, like galantceter etc


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Let's not forget the 8G the US got was a watered down piss weak excuse for a Galant too. While the Jap models got multilink suspension up front like the 7Gs, and much newer more powerful and compact 6A13 twin turbo V6 the US 8G reverted back to macpherson struts up front and had the heavy lethargic 3.0 6G72 SOHC V6.

Also, how exactly do you go about converting a car in such a way that it would originally be released for the Japanese domestic market?


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I thought mitsubishi quit making Galant after 92 /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dunno.gif