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Torque Solutions Bushings


Well-known member
Tomorrow I am going to order the carrier bushings and the shifter cable bushings from Torque Solutions that are specified for the GVR4.

Driveshaft Carrier bushings - click

Shifter Cable Bushings - click

My question is, Torque Solutions also offer Shifter Base Bushings for the 1g click ... Do these go on our cars as well? They aren't listed under the Galant section



Well-known member

I can't remember what brand I have cause they went in so long ago, but the kit should work for both cars regardless. Gives an extremely solid feel.


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Instead of making a new thread - I'm putting a shell back together and it has no driveshaft carrier bushings. I'm just looking at the studs under the car and the big holes on the carrier bearings where the bushings should be.

My question is, if I buy these bushings, are they all I need? Are there any oem washers or spacers that I need with them?


Well-known member
Ugh I hope not because I got the bushings yesterday and I'm doing the job tomorrow. lol...

I seem to have that same question no matter what I do to this car... which is why I'm creating a huge excel spreadsheet that details what I've done and plan to do, and what part numbers are needed with links and pictures and such. Nowhere near finished yet

I'm curious as well. Going to cross my fingers hopefully someone responds asap so I can do this tomorrow or at least order the parts tomorrow :p


Well-known member
They do have OEM spacers available for making the driveshaft perfectly straight.

I personally didn't use any when I installed mine, and I have no noise or other indication that there is a problem.

Try it and see what happens. You can always go back later and add spacers if it isn't aligned properly - you don't need to pull the whole driveshaft to do it or anything.


Well-known member
I'm having TTR install these parts as we speak. They mentioned to me that if I did the shifter base bushings then it would clunk around while I was shifting. I wasn't too keen on this, so for right now I'm only installing the shifter cable bushings and the driveshaft carrier bushings.


Well-known member
Anyone use their exhaust mount bushings? Wonder what size we need...