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The Return of 46/1000


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Well, high school is over for me, and this summer is ripe for finishing my car. I've been working in secret on the car, so I haven't posted much.

Basically this picture below should do some quick explaining for you guys.


Left is where I was as of last year, and right is where I'm shooting for this year.

This year I picked up a few goodies and did a little work:

2.0 built block - Mahle pistons, Eagle rods, BS delete

Semi-built head - new valves/valve seals, Supertech dual springs and retainers, BC272/272 cams, FelPro PermaTorque HG and A1 Technologies L19 headstuds
FIC 1600cc's

Comp Stage IV 6 puck sprung clutch
ACT Streetlite flywheel

Dual Walbro 255LPH pumps
FP race manifold
Holset HX40 7-blade w/BEP bolt on housing
Spearco 3.5" thick core with custom intercooler piping
Converted to E85
GM MAF w/Translator
NRG AFPR/push-loc fuel lines
GrimmSpeed prototype air oil seperator cap w/lines

... And also tucked the wiring harness as best I could, resprayed parts of the engine bay, and coated the subframe in Rustoleum hammered paint.

Right now I have yet to mount the oil cooler, new Mishimoto 3 core half rad, and install the battery amongst other things, but we are very close
to seeing it finally start. Will update this thread, and hopefully have a video of it running soon.

Just need to get it running and driving before I start college in the fall! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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MORE PICS!!!!!!!!!!! Don't be a dirty little tease...


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She's not really in presentable condition right now, as she is covered in dust and grime. Here is a shot from this fall prior to pulling the motor though.



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that valve cover looks like mine /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

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The car looks fantastic.


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Put in a Mishimoto 3 core pass Civic half size radiator, and had custom brackets made for it. At this point, I have yet to hookup the drain line, relocate the battery to the trunk, wire in the fan, install the oil cooler, add fluids, and start it up. Looking good.

The HX40, FMIC/piping, and radiator are a tight fit, but it's just right!


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Do those radiators provide adequate cooling for cars that road race or is that a drag only type of setup?

Very clean setup on the car BTW!
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Quoting Chim55117:
She's not really in presentable condition right now, as she is covered in dust and grime. Here is a shot from this fall prior to pulling the motor though.


Dang! How do you keep your garage so clean?
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^Him, just like me and others have an OCD about organization and neatness in the garage lol /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rofl.gif


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Little update from today:


Long day... Replaced the axle seal, then replaced a leaking thermostat gasket and the water pipe o-ring. My alternator is toast and needs to be replaced.

Bolted all the intercooler piping on today, and most hoses are there. This is pretty much what the completed bay looks like except with a little more tucking. Yep.

Oh, and my power steering pump won't be free hanging.

Weld exhaust pipe to downpipe
Install axle carrier bolts w/washers
Reinstall new alternator and PS pump
Plug in MAF/alternator grounds
Hook up oil drain

Prime oil pressure

Base tune set.

Start up.
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I like the color scheme you've chosen for the engine bay, it's like no BS, just business


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Up in the air!

Today I relocated the battery to the trunk, and replaced the faulty alternator.

To do...

Axle seal replacement
Weld/make V-band downpipe extension
Axle washers + bolts

Alternator wiring/grounding issue trouble shoot
Install stainless braid drain line (old line had kink)

Bucket (2)
Few sets of NGK BR8ES plugs
Replace some fuses

Sunday? Tenative start date?
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Clean car and nice set up!

Can you take a close up picture of the clearance on the turbo and radiator? Just looking for ideas before for my holset.


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Hey nice build, I'm wondering a couple things about the battery relocation. Did you route the wire inside or outside the vehicle, I've heard that the large gage wire used gives off radio interference if it goes through the interior. Also, How do you plan to secure the battery box?


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Thanks for the kind words.

Here's a picture of the clearance between the turbo and the intercooler piping. The core is a Spearco core with the trapdoor style outlets. We had to cut into the front core support slightly, cut off the old radiator mounts, and weld our own in. Very very tight it.


The battery box is going to be secured by a strap, and the wire is run inside the car.


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I guess you already got it figured out, but what if you had an elbow welded onto the turbo, clocked it and ran the lower intercooler pipe where the other half of the radiator isnt?


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That's actually exactly how it is currently run. So I'm not quite sure what you mean... Haha.

Replaced the axle seal, filled the trans, t-case, and rear diff, put on my new stainless -12AN drain line. Huge, I know. The VR-4 is leak free. It doesn't leak oil, coolant, gear fluid, or anything.

On the downside, I tried to prime the car tonight with the MPI fuse removed and the fuel pump wiring unplugged, and the starter won't engage. Time to trouble shoot wiring tomorrow!


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Yes it is. That's my boss' car. It's actually a Conquest TSI.