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Well-known member
I bought some stuff from John the other week and everything went very smoothly. I would definetly do business with him again.

Very good to work with. I bought most of the fuel related items he had for sale. Great communication and a nice guy.



Well-known member
+1 for John. Good Communication and Fast Shipping. Great guy to deal with. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


Well-known member
Great comms, quick ship, good deal...just like it's supposed to work. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif


Well-known member
Just got some stainless brake lines from John. Fast shipping, very nice items. Went smooth.

I got 2 gauges from the Teeter. One had a minor flaw prior to shipping & I got a killer deal because of it.


Well-known member
Got an intercooler from him. He gets the thumbs up in my book.

Getting a set of door panels from john. this guy has good communication and is quick to ship
+1 to john for a good guy


Well-known member
I have "known teet" a long time and have bought a thing or two from him in the past. He is an asset to the Galant VR4 community in the US of A.

Teet hooked me up with a 93 Grille, bought a couple parts from me. Definitely a Good Guy to deal with

Terry Posten

Well-known member
Great guy to deal with. Prompt replies to PM's, quick shipping WITH tracking info.


Well-known member
I bought a bunch of his handmade glassware and they all showed up in great shape.

Thank you again,


Well-known member
Teet has been a great person to deal with for the last ten years or so, deal with him with absolute confidence.


Staff member
teet is the man ! he hooked me up with some free center cap holders. i've been looking for these for a year now !


Well-known member
I had another great transaction with John. He shipped fast, and the piece of handmade glass I bought from him was packaged well, and arrived in perfect condition. Thanks