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Spare engine - should I buy?


A 4G63T engine just came up for sale. According to the sales ad, the engine comes from an ´94 Eclipse with 124k km (77k miles).

The ad contains a picture of a tag used by junkyards in Denmark. The tag suggest that the motor has been dismantled in ´09 and that the condition is “B2” (May have small scratches and scuffs - otherwise fully usable).

I have a fine running USDM GVR4 but I live in Denmark and 4G63T's are very rarely for sale. I am therefore considering buying this engine as a backup or maybe one day build a powerful street engine. In order for this purchase to make sense to me, I want to make sure that this engine is the right one for me.

I'm not sure exactly which engine the seller is selling and apparently neither is he.
The intake manifold resembles something JDM of older date which I can not get to fit with ´94. Which could lead me to believe that the engine does not necessarily come from an Eclips but maybe maybe some JDM import.

I have been sent pictures of turbo and injectors - maybe it can help identify the engine.
Turbo: 49177-01900

Will this engine be the optimal candidate for a future build or backup engine?

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Photos are not coming through for me.

As long as it’s a 6 bolt I don’t see why it would be a bad idea to pick up a spare engine. I plan on picking up a spare drivetrain in the future for reasons. I’d rather be able to build out a spare at a comfortable pace rather than feel the burden of watching my car sit while I wait on machine shops and builders.


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I believe the 93 & 94 engines are 7 bolts. Unless they swapped it with a 6 bolt.


Is it correctly assumed that as long as it is a 6-bolt motor then it is the right motor?
I'm wondering if there could be internal differences? Strength of the block, crankshaft, pistons, camshafts ect? Even the
cylinder head?

I only want the best candidate, I would rather skip that deal than buy something that is not the very best /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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If it’s a 4g63t and 6-bolt. You should be good. Specially if your after the block and head for rebuild.

I feel like there may have been some compression ratio variation in 1g units, someone correct if I’m wrong on that. For sure the compression rations are different from 1g to 2g and 1g turbo vs 1g NA. If it was a NA 4g63 then there are things that would certainly need to be changed in order for it to work.
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All turbo 6 bolts are 7.8:1, n/a cars were 9:1. As long as it's a turbo 6 bolt you're good to go.


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This engine is probably from appearance a European spec Eclipse. My memory is fuzzy on this after 25 years, so I don't remember all the turbo differences. They Euro spec engines were slightly different than the US models (specifically the non-turbo engines had a higher compression ratio).

I think it will work. Even if you have to swap some of the electrical components to make it work together. I would go for it given the lack of availability.