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SOLD>>FS: 91 Black Galant VR-4 1218/2000 Yuma, Az SOLD


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These cars are 23 years old, so it's not going to be perfect.

Nice to see an original owner, low mileage example. Although I would suggest putting up more high quality pictures and of other areas such as interior, underneath, trunk, etc. and some detailed information...things such as do you have original receipts, sticker, etc...You are going to have to work hard here with this crowd to begin with, but on something like this, well... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif


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also get the engine bay detailed. for 10k it should be spotless.... nice car and GLWS it is a nice car, but waaaay more pictures are needed. bring it to a shop and put it on a lift and take underbody pictures as well. pull the fender bottoms to show no rust there as well. these things will def help the car sell.


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Looks clean for sure. But looking at the engine bay i'm sure it needs a lot of maintenance. So for 10k, I hope that is all included. Especially the oil leaks.


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I would highly suggest a professional detail and throwing it on eBay.


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I don't get it. A one owner, rust free GVR4 with low miles pops up and the guy gets beat over the head for asking 10k. That's right, there's been 10 others just like it posted within the last few months.

And detail the engine bay? Come on, we all know when someone cleans the bay on a DD they're hiding something. I'd much rather buy a car with the bay in this condition because you can see what's going on, if anything.

To the OP, good luck with the sale man. I'm sure you'll miss her once she's gone. Sadly, you'll have better luck getting your asking price on Ebay though. If you mention that a GVR4 is a DSM on here you'll get some pissy comments but some of these guys sure act like DSMer's.


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I wish these cars were worth that much. I never understood why a Civic Si, MR2 and a few others generally have asking prices of 5K with high mileage and average condition.

Maybe its because the GVR4 was just never well known in the US and it was never a main stream tuner car. They have never been seen as a collector, but maybe its about time. The numbers are only getting smaller and I haven't seen a low mileage example in a long time. Mine was younger with lower mileage in 1998, but that is a very rare example now days.

Is it worth it? Beauty and value is in the eye of the beholder and you can't really place a dollar number on something like that.


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STOP selling clean cars for 3k. Sell them for 5 or 6k and if everyone does that then the worth will go up. Unless I'm trying to buy then sell it to me for 3k.


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Bruce, thanks for posting more pics. I hope you get your asking price, and i don't see why you can't. Cars like this don't come around too often. Great condition, clean title, low mileage, original owner... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ooo.gif Good luck with sale and be patient, it will sell.


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Quoting Turbro_Negro:
STOP selling clean cars for 3k. Sell them for 5 or 6k and if everyone does that then the worth will go up. Unless I'm trying to buy then sell it to me for 3k.

This exactly.

OP good luck, if you don't have to sell wait for your asking price.


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The guy's apparently not an enthusiast. It'll probably get traded in for a $500 credit at a stealership.
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Nice car, great ad! Impressive factors surrounding your car...

Original owner

Low mileage

Maintenance records

Shows very well inside and out

Key fob

Window sticker


Southern climate (no rust)?

Here's to hoping it goes to a good home.

Blacksheep, here's your chance to snag a rust free og gvr4.


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The interior looks very very clean!


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I paid $3,800 for my 1992 Nile black Vr4 with 83,000 miles many years back.. Then 2 years ago I paid $3,900 for my 92 Summit white Vr4 with 143,000. Both cars were in very good condt, and had not had the snot beat out of them. So I think 10 grand is way off. This car should sale for around $5,000 to $6,000. Good luck with your sale.


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I've seen alot of low-milage DSMs pop up on Craigs recently. Unfortunately, a lot of them are asking outrageous prices like twice as much as they are worth. But they may be worth that much to SOMEBODY, so I'll offer my 2 cents and shut up. Good luck with the sale!