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SOLD: '96 SPYDER GST $1,700 Fayetteville, NC

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For sale my 1996 Mitsubishi GST Spyder. Car has a salvag title due to damage sustained on front end however car has been repaired. Several cosmetic issues exist:

-Top Torn
-Blinker lights inoperable
-Bald Tires
-Door dings
-Few other minor issues I cannot immediately recall

Motor runs very strong and is extremely quick. I have a host of mods to include:

-full 3" Stainless Steel Turbo-back exhaust
-upgraded 14B turbo, w/ Intercooler piping
-Greddy Type RS Blow-Off Valve
-B&M Shortshifter
-Apexi Turbo-Timer

There are other modifications too numerous to mention.

If interested please call me at 910.229.8200 or PM

This car needs to go!!

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I figured once I recieved a few pm's I'd get into the nitty gritty but here goes:

-5 speed manual red w/black top (B&M Shortshifter)
-RRE Flywheel and stainless clutchline
-Zero rust (NC car) all maintenace performed by either me or my buddy the local Mitsu dealer mechanic
-Mobil Synthetic 10w30 always
-Serviced regularly at prescribed intervals, Timing belt/Balance Belt replaced appx. 10,000 mi
-Pulls hard and very reliable

*Host of other misc parts
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