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rear diff top bolts?


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for those who have replaced the stock 3 bolt rear diff on the vr4, how did you access the
two bolts on top of the rear diff? can it be done with out dropping the whole
rear subframe? i only have taken a look and have not tried to get to the bolts.
it looks very inaccessible unless the subframe is removed too.

which side of the 3bolt lsd rear diff takes the longer axle shaft?

thanks in advance.


Staff member
You can loosen the rear subframe and let it hang by 2 of the 4 bolts holding it up. This will drop it enough to reach in there and undo the bolts.

The double splined LSD half-shaft goes in the passenger(right) side. However, BOTH HALFSHAFTS are DIFFERENT, so you need to get LSD specific half shafts for both sides.
Here is more info on the half-shafts.
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I did mine without having to undo any subframe bolts... There was lots of swearing involved though!

Buy yourself a ratchet-spanner, makes it a whole lot easier!
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Ratchet spanners are awesome.

But, if you unbolt the subframe from the rear diff cover (2 bolts which you have to remove anyway) you can lower the rear end of the subframe down (it will pivot heaps on the sock front bushes) and the top bolts are easy to undo - you can even get a ratchet in there.