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Nully from Denmark' Galant 2.0 gti /vr4 1992

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Vr4 2.0 DOHC Turbo engine.

All pipes of stainless steel (polished)

Samco Silicone hoses for all tubes.

Forge BOV.

Forge Bleedventil for adjusting the pressure.

Greddy Oilcatch tank, m 1 x K & N crankcase filter.

Act coupling to 400 bhp and 450nm

Fidanze flywheel

One two-pipe 2.5 "exhaust with racerkat.

Mocal Oil cooler with steel tubing.

Large Intercooler from vr4.

Air Flow Meter from vr4.

Custom made control box

NGK Spark Plug Turbo 9 Er.

K & N Stainless Fuel Filter.

K & N open air filter.

Both balance shafts removed

New oil pump new main bearings kevler belt


Hp Std. 350 / Nm Std. 400 at 1.4 Bar

Currently traveling. 1.4 Bar

Must be measured?


Summer 18 "Toora

Winter 16 "Mirage

The car does not run winter driving more


Summer: 215/35 -18 Delticom

Winter: 205 / 50 to 16 Nokian


Adjustable suspension height and hardness ... 80mm

Mounted caliber, discs and pads from Vr4. (MUCH BIGGER)


Panaasonic HU.

Pioneer and rear speakers.


Dampers in Carbon to the hood.

Special homemade front bumper with lower lip

Vr4 Cooler Helmet w. luftindtagfra an Evo third

Vr4 Fog lamps and ordinary lamps.

Full skirt From Dynamic fourth

Mitsubishi Oil cap and radiator cap.

Strut bar for

Clear toothed belt cover

AMG spoiler


Autogauge watches

Oil pressure.
Oil Temp.
Water Temp.
Air / fuel.
Shift Light.
Udeinde temperature.

Leather interior from a Rover


Battery in luggage compartment


OWNER of Mitsubishi Club Denmark

My shop parts for lots of Mitsubishi models

And my own website.

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